12 Month Psychic & Astrology Forecast

Yearly Psychic and Astrology ForecastThe future holds the promise of achieving new plans, dreams and contentment, and your future starts today!

But have you ever wished that you could get a bit of insight into what the year ahead has in store for you?

Well now you can as I have put together a great psychic tarot and astrology yearly forecast and horoscope package!

    • 1 Year Psychic Email Reading by Maria
    • 1 Year Personalised Horoscope, specifically for your date, time and place of birth.

Pick one or the other, or get both together for an excellent discounted bargain price!

These insightful readings will give you help with:

    • Understanding the new things, opportunities and challenges entering your life
    • Your emotional, physical and spiritual peaks and troughs
    • The best times and ways to do and learn new things, find love, plan and do new projects, focus on spiritual development, or whatever you would like to do.
    • Insights into the highlights and significant events in your life
    • A clearer idea of how you can achieve your hopes and dreams in the year ahead

1 Year Psychic & Numerology Reading With Maria

Using Tarot, intuition and Nature Oracle cards – Maria will provide a 1 year psychic forecast of your upcoming year as well as advice – approximately 2000+ words of detailed info!

Whilst the main purpose of the psychic reading is to give you an overall picture of the year ahead, and guide you through it, if there is a particular aspect of your life that you would like the reading to try and focus on – eg love or career, then you can make a note of this.

Here’s a bit from Maria to let you know what you can expect from her psychic year ahead reading:

Would you like to know what the year ahead has in store for you?

I can provide details of the highlights of your year, starting from now.

Also included in your psychic reading will be advice of your strengths and challenges for the year to come, to help you to know what to work on, look out for, and what to make the most of.

I am also working with Oracle cards which allow me to provide you with beautiful, inspiring and apt spiritual wisdom and guidance, in order to gently help you to be your best self.

Why Get a 12 Month reading from Maria?

– To get the most from the blessings in your year ahead, and to be prepared for what is to come. 
-To know what, who or where to focus your energies, and what to avoid. 
-To help you understand and process events in your life.
-To receive guidance and wisdom which will help you to achieve your goals and dreams.
-To bring you wonderful inspiration.

Get Maria’s Yearly Forecast Reading for £69.99

Or get it together with the Astrology Report for a big saving of £15!

Get your 12 Month Forecast Now

Or read more about Maria

Money Back Guarantee

As with all our readings this is covered by our 100% money back guarantee. We are confident that you will love your reading but if you aren’t happy with it simply let us know that you would like your money back and I will refund you in full.

Yearly Personalised Astrology Horoscope Report

12 Month HoroscopeThe highly indepth (approx 60 pages) yearly horoscope looks at the influence of each planet as it enters your life, helping you to understand what and why you will be thinking and feeling throughout the year and advising you of the best way to make the most of the positive aspects and counterbalance the unsettling forces.

Rather than offering a month by month horoscope and guessing the significance of certain times, this report stays true to what astrology is telling us, and shows you exactly when each planet will be affecting you and for exactly how long, so you can make your own mind up about how that fits into what is going on in your life.

Some influences will be short and only affect you for a few days or a week, while some planets will affect you over a much longer period.

Here’s an example of the yearly forecast you will receive, using a small sample of the famous actor Ryan Gosling’s horoscope:

Begins Dec 13 2022, Ends Dec 16 2022
Peak Dec 14 2022
The planetary energies attract each other, require effort, allow entry of new information. 

This transit brings your sense of spirituality, and your ideals, to your desires and actions. You may find that you have new spiritual insights at this time, and also a more disconnected energy than usual, perhaps a sense of confusion in your life. You are tuning into energy that is essentially beyond this physical plane. This can therefore be a very mystifying period for you.

Begins Dec 15 2016, Ends Dec 18 2022
Peak Dec 16 2022
The planetary energies attract each other, require effort, allow entry of new information. 

Your aggressive urge is primed for action at this time. This week-long transit stimulates your outward-directed activity, assertiveness and also pure animal passion. You are full of vibrant energy, and may need an outlet such as sports or another form of physical activity to relieve the tension building inside of you.

Your will is strong right now, and you may find yourself more argumentative than usual, so beware of quarrels, or possibly accidents. You may find great clarity in knowing exactly what you want in your life during the brief period of time this transit is in effect.

Begins Dec 17 2022, Ends Dec 12 2022
Peak Dec 20 2022
The planetary energies flow together, open into new possibilities, new connections. 

This week-long transit affects your urge for freedom and spontaneity. Feelings of restlessness may come up for you during this relatively brief period of time. You may be very conscious of your urge for freedom, or your need to find your own unique individual expression of yourself.

You may have new spiritual insights or your will to be different may be more powerful. You may also be more impulsive than usual under this influence.

Begins Dec 29 2022, Ends March 04 2024
Peak Dec 14 2024
The planetary energies flow smoothly; the connection is easy and beneficial. 

The time is ripe for slow growth in progress toward your ultimate and far-reaching goals. You may feel frustrated by the slowness of the necessary approach, at this time, but your mind is full of caution now and it may be cleverer not to go forward any faster than is possible in terms of practical reality.

You are capable of great deliberation and persistence at this time, and more conscious of your duty to others as well as to yourself. It is a good time to make plans for the future, as these will be realistic and workable.

Question: Are these Horoscopes done by hand? No, we use sophisticated software that uses data written by an experienced and talented astrologist – we have a licence to provide readings from this.  By plotting your exact birth date and place, we are able to draw each relevant transit and collate it in a report for you.  We have tested all available software and have found these reports to be the best available and remarkably accurate!

Make the Most of your Year with our Readings — Special Offer & Bonus!

As you can see the horoscope offers indepth analysis of the emotional, physical and spiritual currents you will be experiencing, recommends action and cautions against certain behaviours when needed.

If you use this powerful tool in conjunction with the tarot and oracle forecast from StormJewel, you will have a step by step blueprint of how to really get the most out of your year ahead, get where you want to be and what to expect from your life in the coming months!

Get the Yearly Astrology Report for just £19.99

OR get the Astrology Report AND Maria’s Yearly Psychic Forecast Package for a great price of £74.99 saving you £15!


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Psychic Reviews and Testimonials

Here’s just a few of our great testimonials and feedback:

Dear Louisa,

Thanks very much to you and Maria for a very insightful reading once again.
Maria has been spot on, on a number of things.
Both Anna and Maria coincide on this year better things happening.

[some words cut out to maintain privacy]

lots of love



Dear Louisa,

Wow, before I would say what a coincidence but now I see everything happens for a reason.
Thank you for this lovely and interesting report. It was very enlightening. I can definitely relate to it and I found myself agreeing with it more and more.
I’ll be re-reading the report a couple of more times 🙂

I did really enjoy it and I was smiling all the way through.

Thank you, love and light to you also!



Hi Louisa,

Thank you very much for the reading and for horoscope…both very helpful:)
I look forward to working with you again, kindest regards

Dear Louisa,
I found myself in that reading – its accurate as it has described certain situations so well. Could you please transmit my warmest gratitude to Maria? Tell her to send me some positive energies and to pray for me a little. My blessings to both you, her and the other people working with you

Thanking you.

Dear Louisa,
How can I express to you, how much Maria’s psychic insights in to my situation meant to me, in one small message?
I’ve been reading her email reading on my question over and over, and I can’t believe how similar her psychic insights are to what other psychics have told me as well(Only Maria’s are much more detailed).

Maria’s email reading re-assured me and gave me confidence to go ahead with my plans for America. Maria also confirmed the connection I felt about the man I’m meeting in America, and her reading gave me re-assurance about the future. Could you please pass to Maria my many thanks for a wonderful reading?
And to let her know that she was really accurate in what she told me about everything including my mum! God bless, Vanny
Vanessa from Melbourne, Australia


Much thanks for the absolutely accurate and spiritually confirming reading I received from you last week.


Hello 🙂 I had your year reading this year. I enjoyed it very much and I would like another round. 

S. from Japan


When will I get my reading?

Please allow approximately 4 days for your reading and horoscopes.  You will usually receive the email reading and 1 year horoscope in two different emails.

I’m from outside of the UK, can I order?

Yes that’s fine, we provide email readings to people all over the world.

How do I pay?

You can pay using card or debit card, or your PayPal account.  To pay by card simply click the buy button above, fill in the online form and enter your card details on the secure PayPal page.

What info do I need to provide for the horoscope?

Date, time and city of birth.  This is so we can get the horoscope exactly personalised for you.

What if I don’t know my time of birth?

That’s fine, we will use the sunrise chart method to make the best guess at what your chart should be (that’s what I used on Ryan Gosling’s horoscope above!)


Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes.  Even the best of psychics are not 100% accurate, partly because the future is something that can be changed and partly because interpreting the future is a complex process!  That being said, we get great feedback about our email readings but we know that in rare cases even the best psychic may unwittingly have difficulties connecting to a client, and very occasionally a reading may not be to your liking.  In the unlikely event that this is the case, please get in touch and I will refund your reading.


Why haven’t I received my reading?

Sometimes over enthusiastic spam filters block our emails so please check your junk box, if you still don’t see it please get in touch.


Get yourself a reading now for an amazing preview into your year ahead!

12 Month Psychic and Numerology Reading – £69.99

12 Month Personalised Astrology Horoscope – £19.99

Psychic & Numerology Reading AND 12 Month Horoscope Special offer£89.98 £74.99 – (£15 Saving!)

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Or take a look at the other excellent email readings that we offer.

Or see my love astrology compatibility report


Money Back GuaranteeAs with all our readings this is covered by our 100% money back guarantee. We are confident that you will love your reading but if you aren’t happy with it simply let us know that you would like your money back and I will refund you in full.



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  1. Saylor-Slaughter on 01/09/2016 at 12:05 pm

    I wanted to post a good review, for stormjewelspsychics.com

    Hi, my name is Cara, I googled ‘ help from psychics’ just recently, and emailed, hoping to get direction, on how to proceed, and let her and the team know, I was a. ‘newbe’, to reaching out learning about options for psychic services. Specifically, in general the process. Additionally, this site, is easy to facilitate, and I particularly am looking forward to the ‘newsletter’, I signed up for, to receive. Also, great feedback, with direct emails back, letting me know my inquires were received. Thank you, and I would highly recommend this site, and tell anyone who asked, how wonderful and caring, I felt … just from the feedback I got back, nearly immediately. I am sincerely impressed.
    Cara S.

    • StormJewel on 05/09/2016 at 6:16 am

      Thanks Cara!

    • StormJewel on 20/10/2018 at 7:44 am

      Thanks for your kind words Cara! Blessings and hope your journey is progressing well!

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