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Whether you're seeking love and relationship help, education and career advice, general life path direction, or any other kind of psychic or spiritual question, me and my lovely ladies are here to help you!

What Spiritual Services do we Offer?

Prepare and find out what your year ahead has in store.  I offer personalised astrology forecasts, and also 1 year psychic readings to help you make the most of your year ahead.  

Get an amazing reading by email or video! Discover your future or find out answers and guidance to questions, issues and dilemmas. We are experts in love, spirituality, and general advice.

Want to know if you and your love are compatible? My Love astrology reports can tell you everyting about compatibility and potential.  I use your exact date of birth and location for maximum accuracy!

Why Choose Us?


In order to get the best reading possible, I think it's really important to have a good connection between you and your chosen clairvoyant.

  • To help you with this I have provided detailed profiles for each reader.
  • We spend time carefully meditating and connecting energetically before we start reading for you

There's lots of other websites out there, how do you know who is genuine?

Still not sure?

  • We really do love to help people and I know from experience that getting a good reading is a great way to move forward with your life, or gain clarification on important issues such as love, money, relationships, career or general guidance.
  • Think of us as your psychic best friends, here to offer caring and inspiring advice and revealing insights.
  • My ladies are tested for intuitive skill and the ability to provide empowering, high quality, loving readings - They undergo several tests before joining.

Or read on to see to see some of our excellent reviews and testimonials.

Happy feedback from our lovely clients

Dear StormJewel, Thank you for a lovely read. This has helped a lot. Thank you. N


Dear Louisa, I found myself in that reading - its accurate as it has described certain situations so well.
Could you please transmit my warmest gratitude to Maria? Tell her to send me some positive energies and to pray for me a little. My blessings to both you, her and the other people working with you. Thanking you. Anna


Please send my warmest and sincerest thanks to Stormjewel for her reading, and tell her that I'm most impressed at such a speedy delivery! More to the point, I've read it and find it so reassuring, positive and extremely hopeful! No doubt, I will re-read it many times over, as it gives me a great sense of comfort and peace!


Dear StormJewel, Thank you for a lovely read. This has helped a lot. Thank you. N


Thank you so much the reading was good. Honest and truthful. Evie was kind and gentle in telling me that my relationship would not return.


Many thanks for the reading. I appreciate your honesty and vision. I wanted to let you know the person from my past is a man. When we got involved years ago, he told me he was seperated. Many months later, I found out the truth and so did his wife. Thank you again, for your honesty and kindness. Take care.


Hello Maria
I received your reading and I wanted to say thank you. I am very impressed and admire the time and thought that you put into the
responses. It is greatly appreciated. I have been on this journey of awakening for a few years now and every word you mentioned resonated deeply with me and provided me with the spiritual clarity and insight to
keep moving forward. I know the universe has been guiding me toward a spiritual calling and it is becoming clearer by the day. I am impressed with the results! You have a beautiful talent and I thank you. K.M.

Thank you so much StormJewel! I greatly appreciate your insight on this relationship with Dustin! I really like him and feel as though I've been letting other factors cloud my judgement. You were correct on him having a son as well...I'm assuming it is Nicole his son's mother being the one messing with both of us right now. Thank you so much! 


Thank you so much. This offered a lot of clarity. Please let Storm Jewel know I was very happy with my reading. I found it to be very accurate and helpful.


Evie, That's exactly what I wanted to hear. Thank you!The universe and the psychics I have consulted for the past 2 years have been confusing me much. Now, I can finally let go........


Please tell Maria that her reading is excellent and unbelievably accurate!! It's a great help. Thank you. Jane


I've been reading her email reading on my question over and over, and I can't believe how similar her psychic insights are to what other psychics have told me as well(Only Maria's are much more detailed).
Maria's email reading re-assured me and gave me confidence to go ahead with my plans for America. Maria also confirmed the connection I felt about the man I'm meeting in America, and her reading gave me re-assurance about the future. Could you please pass to Maria my many thanks for a wonderful reading?
And to let her know that she was really accurate in what she told me about everything including my mum! God bless, Vanny 🙂
Vanessa from Melbourne, Australia

Who is StormJewel?

Hi, I'm StormJewel, aka Louisa.  I'm passionate about the tarot, spirituality and helping people and aiding them in becoming the best they can be or shaping the future to their best advantage.

I've been practising the tarot and psychic development for over 27 years now. I'm also the owner of metaphysical shop
StormJewels Gifts.

Me and my small team have provided thousands of psychic readings over the last ten years, helping people all around the globe, from the UK, to Australia, USA, South Korea, Germany, Japan and many more countries.

As well as being a tarot reader, I'm a nature lover, children's author, lightworker, digital nomad, traveller, lover of adventures and social anthropologist.