• About StormJewel & Why You Can Trust Us

    Hi, I’m StormJewel and thanks for stopping by my psychic portal!

    StormJewelI live in a little house (StormJewel’s Gifts) in the Enchanted Woods where I sell all manner of esoteric, unusual, magickal and mystical items, from alternative and magickal jewellery to tarot cards, runes, spell supplies, psychic divination tools, Pagan and Wiccan things, angels, dragons and much more.  (I can also be found in East London!)

    Why do I run this psychic site?

    I really enjoy helping people, and I feel that psychic advice and guidance can be a powerful way to help people get where they want to be in life.

    We all have the power to change our lives for the better, but sometimes we need a little help to show us the way, or a deeper understanding of someone else’s thoughts and feelings – this is where psychics can be invaluable.

    A clairvoyant reading is usually about some kind of healing, and that’s why it’s important that my psychics are not only gifted, but kind, caring and skilled in counselling and advice giving.

    Anything else motivating you?

    Yes! I used to work in an office every day, working for an adventure travel company.  I love to travel but the office work and long commute eventually really got me down.

    My life changed with many long months away and amazing experiences of volunteering and traveling in countries within Africa, Asia and South America persuaded me to change my life and follow my passion of wanting to help and empower people and help them follow their dreams.

    So I quit my job and went back to university to get a masters in Social Anthropology at Goldsmiths in London, and happily I got a distinction 🙂

    I started StormJewel’s Gifts from my interest in esoteric and spiritual things, and progressed to this site from my love of tarot reading from a young age.

    My goal is to earn enough continual money from my online activities to allow me to live and work for groups and local communities (for little or no money) in a developing country like Cambodia or Malawi, helping disadvantaged people to empower themselves.

    What Now?

    I’ve gathered the finest psychic email & text readings team who have proved just how excellent they can be through rigorous testing, and providing detailed psychic readings and warm, sensitive and friendly advice on any issues in your life, whether it be family, love, money, relationships or any other kind of difficulty or query about your present or future.

    Want more info?

    Why not read my top 5 reasons to choose us or take a look at my team’s glowing testimonials on the individual reader profiles or on the left hand side of every page.  Or read on to find out more us.

    Why trust my psychic email & text team?

    Psychic Unicorn

    I’ve always been interested in the power of the mind and spirit and I’m a reiki healer, and have been reading the tarot cards for 10 years now (and have also just started to use the pendulum), so I really do know the importance of having psychic readers you can trust to be honest, insightful and sensitive. That’s why I rigorously test my readers.

    My readers have had some really amazing feedback, which you can check in their profiles, so do give them a try, I think you will be pleasantly surprised by how good they are!

    I know that many people really like to get a sense of their psychic before they choose, so I try to provide detailed profile info to help ensure that you choose the best reader for you.

    There’s also lots of interesting articles and resources on this site for you to read, including learning meditation, living a more spiritual life and how to get the most from your psychic readings.

    Furthermore I do regularly offer special offers and competitions to win psychic readings so if you are looking to save some money why not get my occasional emails to make sure you get the best deals and be automatically entered into the competition each month, or like us on facebook!

    If you have any questions, comments or feedback please do contact me and I’ll be happy to have a chat!

    So please give us a try!

    I recommend:

    Try an email reading with my gifted psychics.

    Or a try a psychic text reading for a quick question!


    StormJewel xx