Angelic Guidance – How to Talk with Angels

Did you know that Angels can help, protect and guide you? In this article find out how to communicate with your angels, and more about these divine lightworkers.

Who and what are the Angels?

Angel Tranquility by Sheila Wolk

Angel Tranquility by Sheila Wolk

Angels are divine messengers of God … high spiritual, egoless beings of radiant light and unconditional love, who co-exist with us, occupying a non-physical dimension.

They vibrate at such a high frequency that although they occupy the same space as us, we usually cannot see them.

Angels are truly everywhere, including historical references down through the ages.

Angels can be found in every religion and every culture.

Angels transcends many cultural belief systems. Their existence predates a monotheistic God and evidence of belief of these celestial beings can be shown through the writing and drawings of ancient civilisations.

Angels are an extension of God, radiant messengers sent by God.


Why do the Angels care about us?

How to talk to Angels

How to talk to Angels

The angels are pure unconditional love and wisdom, important in the heavenly realm. The angels are androgynous, as they are beyond the need for sexuality because their masculine and feminine energies are perfectly balanced.

They desire to share love, peace, harmony and compassion with all humanity.

Heaven’s personal counsellors and guides, the Angelic realm creates a bridge to the divine. They sit with God and listen to humanity’s prayers, taking direction from God to help those in need. An invention or idea is an answer to a prayer or a need, delivered by an angel.

Heaven finds the perfect match for hearts in need and the angels act as the messenger of the holistic spirit.

The angels love to help us because they love us.

They want to help us as it gives them great pleasure to be of assistance, especially in times of need, but they will not interfere most of the time without permission … Except at times of extreme danger, the angels will not intercede as you work through crucial learning experiences.

How to communicate with Angels

Serafina Aizza For True Love

Serafina Aizza For True Love

They always come to help, as they are always present. The more that you work with your angels, the more you will realise this. We are never alone and humanity is loved.

Angels are the loving presence of God … Often you can feel their presence!

The way you call on your angels is not as important as the sincerity behind it, the true desire within your heart that will ring the bell.

Angelic guidance is as unique an experience as are people … no duplicates.

Ways to connect

Angel Ring Necklace

Angel Ring Necklace – The seven planetary angels are depicted within the enamel. On the back is their names, planets and days.

If you need help, just ask.

You can ask out loud if you wish, write a letter to heaven, sing a song, speak in your mind, pray or meditate … however you feel comfortable.

If you are open to receive guidance, then you will receive it … The angels will indicate the perfect way to deal with the challenge, the problem … the lesson.

Some people like to wear a pendant or talisman to help keep the angels close to them, or have angel figurines in their home or altar.

You can find lots of lovely Angelic Gifts and Angel Jewellery in my shop!

What happens when I talk with my Angels?

Snow Angel

Make Your Own Angel Keepsakes or Snow Angels!

The angels are divine communication and this will not always be expressed in the same way.

Angels speak to everyone in a unique way, as everyone has there own unique language that will be understood and recognised. Although your conscious mind may not recognise the specifics of the angelic language, your subconscious mind will immediately hear it.

The angels respond rapidly whenever we ask for assistance, as long as the help you seek is for the highest and greatest good.

Angels are a gift from God, to be of assistance to our higher true soul’s purpose while helping us be of assistance to all of creation at the same time…

The angels help keep us in a place of love, protecting us and being there for us, anytime we need them.

So anytime you feel the need, call upon the angels and you are sure to receive angelic guidance, as long as you pay attention, welcome it and listen with wide open eyes and an open heart.

 by Nadia

Nadia has been studying and working with spiritual subjects for over 20 years and is a reiki healer and angel communicator.  

StormJewel says: Nadia thanks so much for this fantastic Angelic Guidance article!  StormJewel, Maria and Evie work with guardian Angels, so take a look at the email readings page if you are keen to get a reading from one of these ladies.  

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