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Meet Evie...  Evie is from the US and is here to bring you psychic guidance and insight and help you achieve your dreams.

Evie Says...

"I am a natural-born empath. I can use my intuitive and empathic abilities to answer your questions and give you a reading that I hope both helps and inspires you.  I offer tarot readings and Rune readings along with my intuitive insight.

My specialty is relationship and love readings.  With the help of my spirit guides, runes, and tarot cards, I will do my best to tell you what I see, feel, and pick-up energy-wise for your future.  Once in awhile, I do receive messages from those who have passed on.  This is not something I control however, so this only happens when it happens.  I trust in Spirit to allow this when need be.

Get a wonderful reading with Evie now or read on to find out more about her and read her testimonials and feedback.

More about my psychic gift

Evie MeditatingI have been reading tarot cards for over 25 years and it is something I enjoy very much.

Over the years I have developed my skills and learned to combine my intuition with the cards in order to better understand what Spirit has to convey to the person I am reading for.

I am happy and excited to offer Rune readings as well and this is something I have only recently begun doing.  I believe Spirit has lead me to this in order to better serve some who might desire a different kind of divination.

It is a wonderful way for Spirit to guide us.

My spiritual journey

I have been an empath and psychic my entire life.   When I was younger I did not embrace this or understand it. Spirit lead me on my wonderful journey to where I needed to go in order to both finally understand and embrace my gifts.

My goal is to help guide others to the best of my abilities and to help as many people as I can.  I am here to help guide you to your best and highest good.  This, in turn, raises me to my best and highest good.  So you see, helping you actually helps me as well.

About me

Psychic EvieI am always looking for ways to improve myself and grow spiritually so my hobbies are anything metaphysical.  I love reading, collecting tarot decks, learning about the metaphysical properties of crystals and stones. I'm also a writer and have two published novels.

I enjoy learning how better to raise my vibrational energy, so this is something I can help you with as well.

Meditation is something I also try to do as much as I can because it is one of the best ways to align oneself with the Universe and Spirit.  I also enjoy yoga.

My Spirit Guide’s Introduction to Me:

Early one morning, in January 2019 as I lay in bed, not quite ready to get up & start my day, I had a vision of a native American man. I’m not sure what tribe he was from, but I was wondering at first, was this some random “dead guy” coming to me for help of some kind, or to give me a message.
I soon realized this was my new main spirit guide. He was telling me his story. What happened to him in his last life when he was here on this plane of existence. His name is Crow. He is a shaman, and at this time in my life, I evidently need his specific areas of expertise.

He showed me many things about his life. When he was little, he was called Little Fox, because as he said, he was clever and could get in & out of places without being seen or caught. As he grew older, he later took the name Crow, which was his totem, or spirit animal.

When he was older, as a man he had a great battle with someone and his nose was cut, disfiguring him. What I saw was it was cut off, because he showed me how the shaman of his tribe saved his life by keeping an infection from killing him. The shaman soaked a cloth in some sort of herbs or crushed leaves. Whatever this medicine was, healed him. Someone later carved him a new nose that was either carved out of wood or bone which he wore with these straps that went over his ears and tied around the back of his head.

In my vision, Crow showed me a fire which he threw some kind of herbs or something in. It made this huge smoke cloud which he then fanned toward me.

Then, the scene changed. I was then standing before many tribe members who looked as if they were dressed in some kind of ceremonial clothing. They all stood before me in a row. They were praying or chanting something I didn’t understand. It was then I understood this was some sort of ceremony for me, as well as Crow’s way of introducing himself to me, as my new, main spirit guide. It made me feel a sense of peace. I feel this sense of peace whenever I have interactions with Crow.

What else I can help you with

I can help to guide you if you have a specific question and also if you want a general reading.   Whilst my specialty is love/relationship readings, I can offer insight and help guide you with whatever question you might have.

I also very much enjoy guiding people to learn how better to create their personal realities and attract their abundance.

Love and Blessings


Feedback and reviews of Evie

Evie's fantastic feedback:



Thank you so much for this. What a fabulous reading - Evie is concise but thorough, friendly, encouraging, perceptive and clearly very intuitive. She is spot on and also I really appreciate all the guidance and ideas on how to improve my situation. She's done a wonderful job, and I'm very grateful to you both




Dear Evie

Thanks for your reading, there were many points that I found interesting and you hit the nail on the head with certain issues.  I appreciated the practical advice from your guides and the micro-brewery as a business idea is interesting especially as I have recently been working on a gin distillery in a plumbing capacity.

All in all very good thankyou.

Jamie (UK)


I really enjoyed the reading. She picked up on some of the things that were join going around me and I hope the predictions come in. Spot on from what I could see and I am a tough nut to crack when it comes to readings. Fantastic - would recommend.
Nicola (UK)


Dear Louisa,
Its you who I have to thank for providing the most heartfelt and kind service : ) I hope you're having a brilliant summer. Below is my feedback for Evie:
Evie's lovely reading put a big smile on my face as all of her predictions were of the plans that I already had! So its most definitely given me extra motivation to pursue my goals and faith that they will all go to success. I certainly felt she connected to me so well whilst reading for me; and I am confident that I will be coming back to her for more guidance in the near future. Thank you immensely Evie! 🙂
Warm wishes,
SR x     (UK)


Hello Louisa

My reading was excellent, I think would have benefit from a much longer reading so I will be having another reading with Evie, please can you pass the message onto Evie, thank you so much for my reading you were on point, I still have reservation about LD not sure what she is upto but you are so right about the other person, once again thank you



Thank you so much Evie for my reading. I really enjoyed reading it. The spirit is spot on saying that i'm waiting for somebody:) I met somebody two years ago (5th july 2012) for two hours only but until this day i can't get him out of my head and i'm hoping that our paths cross again. Our meeting was like thunderbolt. I never felt anything like that before and i know he felt the same. So i'm hoping that he is that someone that is meant for me because he stole my heart!!!!

Thank you once again for a lovely reading.

Kind regards
Laura x


Evie, thank you very much for my reading last week. Although it wasn’t the news that I wanted to hear, it was the news I NEEDED to hear. I was holding onto a relationship that my intuition was telling me was only giving me half of what I need in a partner. It gave the strength to really look at the relationship and now his true colours are showing and I know our relationship has come to an end.

I hope that the positive news or message that was revealed by the Page of Cups presents it’s self soon. Now if she could tell me when I will finally meet Mr. Right, that’ll be my next reading though….there will definitely be a next reading!



Please let Evie know that i said "Thank you so much ". I had been feeling all that she had spoken. Thank you so much!! peace and blessing to you.  'L'



Thank you for doing such a thorough reading for me. You are spot on about me being a Knight. I'm a totally dedicated, hardworking, committed person that a gentleman and also takes care of those I love in all ways possible, especially my wife who is my Queen.


Dear Evie

Thank you for your reading.

The information was uncannily accurate. 

Although you were talking about events to come which can't be verified your description of the circumstances around these events were spot on and the characters involved could not be mistaken. 

(For example my daughter you described as achieving all her goals has always been self motivated and focused, has a PhD and is an astrophysicist.)

My partner and younger daughter also you had to a tee. 

Particularly poignant was your comment about my younger daughter moving back to the U.K. would mean her being able to spend time with a loved one that had been left behind. Her move back will hopefully mean a return of her son who was taken into care 8 years ago when he was just 5 years old. 

For many reasons your reading was pretty amazing especially to sum up my two daughters who are totally different, almost opposites, and my partner who is the most unique person I know.

I felt I had to contact you to give you feedback. 

Many thanks. Juliette.


Hi Molly

Thank you for sending through. Please thank Evie for me, this is fantastic! 



Hello Molly 

Please thank Evie for my reading. It has done my heart good to think that there will be good things in my life one day. Her understanding of my situation was very real and the cards were optimistic and her reading of them so uniquely personal to me, so thank you so much,

Rebecca. Xx


Dear Molly,

please excuse my earlier impatience.

What a lovely reading. All the recommendations online speak true.

Thank you

from the heart


Hello Molly

I want to thank Evie so much for her wonderful, kind and helpful readings. From the very beginning, she was kind, compassionate, completely accurate, positive, reassuring and so incredibly helpful. 

I greatly value all that she has told me, will certainly be taking the practical steps she has advised, and cannot recommend her highly enough. How can I supply a review so that others may also benefit from her brilliant work?

Love and Light


Psychic Email Readings with Evie

Thankyou for reading my page, I am here and waiting and happy to help!  I look forward to hearing from you.

Love & Light


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Concise -

1 Question

  • Approx 500 words
  • Best for Short Questions such as:
  • Does s/he like me?
  • Tell me about my love life in the near future?
  • Which career would i find fulfilling?

Standard -

2-3 Questions

  • Approx 1000 words
  • Best for more than 1 question or detailed advice and predictions
  • Indepth life guidance in One Area
  • Complex, love, life, spiritual or work situations such as
  • What does the future hold for my business?

    What are my strengths and weaknesses?

    Give me guidance on how can i be more successful and happy

In Depth -

3-4 Questions

  • Approx 1500 words
  • Best for very detailed situations and advice
  • Best for multiple questions
  • Best for Indepth life guidance

    in One to Two Areas

  • E.g. Should I get back with my ex?

    Why did we breakup?

    How is s/he feeling about me now?

    Is there anyone/thing else I should consider?

    What are our challenges and blessings?


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  1. Edwina on 21/02/2015 at 11:53 am

    Dear Evie
    Thank you for my reading. Very accurate especially with regard to a college course which I have already been looking into. Thank you so much xxx

  2. Clair on 25/03/2016 at 1:09 pm

    Dear evie ,
    Thank you for my reading .It was lovely to read I will be looking forward to the predictions happening .
    This is one of the loveliest readings so Thank you again .
    Kind regards
    Clair x x

    • StormJewel on 20/10/2018 at 7:43 am

      Thanks for your kind feedback, Evie was happy to hear about this! Blessings, SJ

  3. Liliana on 25/05/2016 at 1:34 am

    Thank you Evie, spot on about everything! LOVE

  4. Tania on 13/12/2017 at 4:47 am

    Dear Evie,
    Thank you so much for a wonderful reading! You clarified a certain issue for me and I can finally move on.
    Thank you 🙂

  5. I on 30/12/2018 at 9:52 pm

    Thank you so much for the 100% accurate reading about my relationship, I couldn’t believe it,you could tell me exactly what stage it was at right now and I am so excited for the next steps. It was like you personally knew us both. Thank you so much Evie. It has really helped me so much.
    many thanks and blessings to you.
    I (UK)

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