Feed Your Hungry Soul

Take time for yourself. Go out and smell the flowers and lay down on the grass. Smile at the clouds and just be happy.

Take time for yourself. Go out and smell the flowers and lay down on the grass. Smile at the clouds and just be happy.

Have you ever sat in front of your computer, staring at it with super glassy eyes wondering what the hell you are doing with your life? Have you ever wanted to just stay in bed all day dreading the rest of the day as you open your eyes? Or are you the type of person who wakes up happy and bouncy knowing you’ll be able to face this day and whatever it throws at you.

Is your soul hungry? Are you bored to death with your life or are you angry, depressed or just plain anxious that you can’t even function well anymore. Well probably, you need to give your soul a boost. Maybe, it’s time to feed your soul.

Is Your Soul Hungry?

Do you ever just want to run away or do you go on Facebook staring at your friend’s posts about all the cool stuff they do? Have you ever wanted to really live? Probably, your soul is thirsty or hungry for life. As a saying goes, “If you’re not busy living, you’re busy dying.”. So if you don’t feel alive right now, then it just means that it’s time to make some changes and start living your life. Remember, you only have one life, don’t waste it, live it!

Symptoms of Soul Hunger

  • Lack of focus.

  • Always glued to the computer and social media.

  • Feeling lethargic all the time

  • Anxiety

  • Frequent attacks of boredom.

  • Constant daydreaming

  • Stress eating/ boredom munchies

  • Irregular and unrestful sleep

If your soul is hungry, you got to feed it. If you have ever been so starving and hungry and you saw a cheeseburger, wouldn’t you eat it? You’re soul needs nourishment too! It is time for you to feed it. You need to take time to show yourself some love. You need to live and you need to do it now.

How to Feed Your Soul?

Do that things that make you happy, relaxed and centered.

Do that things that make you happy, relaxed and centered.

Much like a hungry hippo, your soul, once it’s hungry is hard to tame. If your soul has suffered starvation for a long time then it all means that you need to go have a soul fest or even treat your spirit to a bountiful buffet.


I can’t stop writing about meditation. Meditation rocks. It makes you AWARE. Once you are aware then you start to live. Meditation basically allows your mind to breathe and to be free. Through meditation you can recharge both your mind and body. Meditation allows you to conquer your fears. It also allows you to manage your stress.

When a person is stressed out, he becomes like a scared turtle hiding in one’s shell. You tend to clam up and veer away from life. Once you meditate you connect your breath with your body and mind. What can I say, breathing is needed to live. And if you feel dead, you need to start breathing life again into your soul through meditation.


Have you ever felt that your gadgets and your phone and your computer are taking over your life? Have you ever felt exhausted even on your days off when all you did was veg out scrolling endlessly through social media or watching your favorite show all day long? Maybe, you need to unplug your system and literally hibernate away from all the blue-light-emitting stuff.

Blue light has been known to cause wakefulness. Blue light comes from the sun, TV sets, phones, computers and most of our daily gadgets. Too much blue light causes your brain to produce little amounts of melatonin. This in turn makes you feel restless and causes insomnia.

Have you ever tried going on a day without EVER looking at your phone? Moreover, could you go on a day without any gadgets and just live life? If you took about two seconds to answer this, then it means you really need some time away from technology.

Some people go camping or hiding out in the mountains to avoid electronic stimulus. But you can actually free a day or two of your days off to create a space where you don’t allow a gadget that emits blue light to function. Try spending the day reading, cooking, walking, doing art or even sleeping. This can help you relieve stress and also help you mind and body to feel more relaxed.


Traveling allows you to see new places, discover new things and get into a whole new perspective. It does not need to be be grand or you don’t need to go abroad to recharge your batteries. You can enjoy going to a nearby place. You can take a day tour to a nearby beach or park. You can bring a book with you and just enjoy being outside. On the other hand, if you are lucky enough to have funds to travel into another place within or outside the country, then enjoy getting to see new places.

When you travel, instead of taking tons of pictures and missing out on all the real action, try taking a few and don’t upload them right away. You travel FOR YOURSELF, not just to impress others.

Traveling is a great way to learn something new not just about another place but about yourself. It can really be life changing and can bring about memories that you will treasure.

Rest and Sleep

Sometimes your just feel so burned out and lost not knowing why but the truth is all you need is some R&R. Resting and sleeping are vital to keep you feel energized and allow you to function fully as an adult.

A lot of people take hours and hours of sleep from their bedtime to do more in their life not knowing that skipping on sleep is making them feel stressed and depressed. Without proper sleep, we feel not just tired but also agitated, irritated or even angry about the littlest things. Sleep decompresses our mind. It alleviates all the accumulated fatigue that we have endured through out the day.

One way to feed your mind and body is through napping. Napping a great and fast way to boost your energy and alertness. However getting enough rest and sleep is vital to function well and not get burned out.

Spend Time With the Elderly or With Children

You need to learn to appreciate the simple things in life and be happy and content.

You need to learn to appreciate the simple things in life and be happy and content.

As we grow older we tend to live life like we are on a race. We try and try to accomplish so much forgetting what is important. If you get a chance to talk to an old person, he or she will tell you that if he or she had more time, he or she will spend time with the people that matter.

Old people know much about life. They may not be very good with technology but they know much about the life lessons we need to learn. They have wonderful stories to share. They are like wine, they have gone through the years and have become wiser. Old people can teach you so many things, from love, life, loss, work, happiness and sorrow.

On the other hand spending time with children also teaches you what is truly important in life. We need to value little things and be kind to one another. We need to put our differences aside and just accept one another. Children also know how simple things truly matter. This we have to learn. When we spend time with kids, we get to see how they look at life. We get to laugh with them and experience joy that costs nothing.


Sometimes our souls become hungry because we try to accumulate too much in life without even knowing that we are already blessed far more than any other person is. We for take for granted the things that others are praying for. By volunteering we get spend time with others who are less fortunate than us. This allows us to see how blessed we are and shows us that we have the ability to also be a blessing to others.

Through volunteer work, we feel happy that we are able to do good things. As humans, it is innate in our system to feel good when we are able to help others. We can help men and women who are hungry and homeless or we can help animals who need love and care. We can visit kids at the hospital and read them stories.

Volunteering allows us to connect with our human need to care and show love. By volunteering we feed our souls one of the greatest things in life: LOVE.

When our souls are hungry, we feel lost and distraught. We become angry or depressed. We need to learn how to acknowledge that our souls need to be fed with love, stimulation, happiness, excitement, care and spirituality. Take care of your spirit and your soul. In the end of the day, when you feed your soul, you will feel happy and fulfilled.

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