Five Minute Stress Busters

Have you ever felt so stressed before? Stress as many scientists say causes many sicknesses and premature aging. But you can fight stress. And the good news is you can do it even in five minutes. Try these simple tips that can help you ease your stress and brighten your mood.

Easy Stress Busters

Stress causes your stress hormone cortisol to rise. This makes your heart beat faster, your blood pressure increases and your body goes on fight mode. When you are constantly stressed you can feel headaches, muscle pain, have poor immune system, your skin can break out and you can even have a sudden heart attack.

Fighting stress should be on the top of your list. It does not need to be expensive. All you need is a few minutes of your day to get rid of stress.


Meditation can be done even in short amount of time. Five minutes of breathing and getting your mind at peace can do wonders for your day. It can help you ease your stress and energize you.

Try sitting down and listening to your breathe. You can even meditate while you are on your commute to work.


A five minute walk even around the office or your school can do wonders for your peace of mind. It can not only stretch your legs and muscles but it can also cheer you up.


Singing improves your mood. It is a simple and easy way get feel good endorphins running into your system.

Eat a Chocolate

Chocolates are high in flavonoids and also have the chemical compound similar to the one love gives you, phenylethylamine. Phenylethylamine gives you that happy feeling when you fall in love. Also dopamine is released when eating chocolates. Dopamine gives you a high and a boost in your mood.


A five minute dance routine is a sure fire way to fight stress. Move you body and give it a good swing. Dancing not only gives you a quick work out, it also makes you feel excited and happy.

Drink Some Tea

Tea is good for the body. Certain types of tea like chamomile and lavender can be very relaxing. Lemon tea is energizing. Tea is both for your mind and body.

Give Your Self a Massage

Massage your temples and shoulders. Massage your lumber area. You need it.

Drink More Water

One of the most common yet neglected reasons why a person is stressed is because of dehydration. If you are dehydrated you feel tired and irritable. So drink up and be energized.

Spray on Your Favorite Scent

Scents have the strongest link to our limbic system, the most primal part of our brain that also links to our instincts and memory. A feel good smell can surely increase your happy hormones.

Eat Some Sugar

Low blood sugar can make your irritable. But eating too much can make you crash too. If you feel super low, try some honey, it not only helps you get your mood up, it also makes you healthy.

Long Term Stress Busters

Quick fixes work, but addressing your stress and it’s main causes should be the priority. Long term solutions should be sought out in order to function well in your daily life. If you do not resolve your stress, you may suffer from health concerns as well as mental issues.

Fix Your Schedule

Are you feeling stressed because you feel you never have time to rest and relax? Is the demand of life wearing you down? Well you need to get an organizer or at least an organizer app to fix your life. You need to write down the important stuff and learn to say no to the things you don’t need to attend to.

Get Your Health In Check

If you are unhealthy, you will feel stressed. You need to get that medical check up and know if you are in your tip top shape. If you are sick, get help. See a doctor. If you suffer from pain, find out why.

You need to eat the right kinds of food, exercise and heal and mind and body.

Eat Clean

Stop eating chips and too much sugar, they cause you to feel up and down. Don’t drink soda and minimize caffeine. You need to try to eat more greens. Eat fish since Omega-3 is a super mood booster. If you are a vegetarian, try flax seeds and chia seeds.

Have a Home Team

Find a support system. Talk to people who can help you face your stresses in life. Don’t be afraid to go to a psychologist as well. Talk to your mother. Talk to your partner. Talk to your boss. If you never tell people around you how you feel, they can never help you.

Many people feel

Practice Gratefulness

stressed because they think they are entitled to this and that. But if you practice gratefulness and selflessness, they you will value everything that you have and let go of the things you don’t have any more. If you practice gratefulness, you not only help yourself find peace, you also help others to grow and become more compassionate.

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