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    Yoga to De-stress, Relax & Heal the Body & Mind

    Yoga to Relax and De-stressIf you’ve come to my psychic readings page there’s a good chance that you may be feeling stressed, unwell, worried about something in the current or future.

    My qualified psychic readers are great at revealing problems that can be solved in your life, as well as helping you understand other people’s actions and motivations, and my readers and clairvoyants can point you in the right direction for the future.

    However it’s important that you keep a clear head (as much as is possible!) and a healthy body in order to live a happy life, and techniques such as yoga or other forms of meditation like mindfulness, are excellent for giving you that helping hand in life, as long as you are prepared to give up a little of your time (and trust me its worth it!)

    What is Yoga?

    “Yoga” as is most commonly practiced today is “Hatha Yoga”, the physical aspect within an extensive system of spiritual practice. It uses a series, of poses, postures, breathing techniques, and lifestyle suggestions to achieve a state of balanced awareness within a person’s mind, body and spirit.

    This ancient practice has evolved in many different directions and though many share similar techniques, each style has unique characteristics. Many practice Yoga to build and refine themselves, yet it is also taught to people with illness in ways that address their particular needs. This form of Yoga Therapy is becoming widely popular and can be very beneficial for a wide variety of illnesses.

    Yoga is a vast system of self-cultivation and its many health benefits are just as profound.

    As with any physical activity, the best way to learn Yoga is from a teacher, but below you can find out a bit more about each pose and give a them a go!  Do be careful and don’t do anything that feels painful!