• Healing Reading With Rachel

    Healing ReadingAre you in need of spiritual, mental or physical healing?  Have you got important questions that you need answering?

    If so you could really benefit by receiving one of Rachel’s 1 Question Healing and Psychic Reading.

    Doing distant healing readings is one of Rachel’s specialties and she is a Reiki Master. These readings can be used to refresh both inside and out, help you move forward with life, give you a new sense of direction, and help you to encourage the flow of positive energies into your life.

    By connecting with Angel guardians, she will channel healing and loving energies and send them to you.  Rachel will also psychically answer 1 question for you by utilising a technique known as automatic writing, to provide you with a beautiful and inspiring reading that will uplift and heal you you.

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    More about the healing reading from Rachel

    Hi and thanks for your interest in my psychic readings via automatic writing and distance channelled energy healing!

    This is a beautiful reading & energy healing which is uplifting both spiritually, emotionally and physically.

    In order to read for you, I connect with both your energy and the most loving and powerful energies within this universe, including angels and ascended masters, allowing the flow and channelling of healing, renewing energies of purity and power.

    Some of these energies include Ganesh,  the remover of obstacles, Goddess laxmi, who brings prosperity and peace, Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael, together with many others.

    I channel both healing and refreshing energy to you and messages of powerful love and relief, and practical advice and coaching, to empower you to connect again  authentically with who you really are.

    With this reading/automatic writing is sent a powerfully loving healing session with instructions on how to receive easily and naturally.

    You will find this reading invaluable and as it is a channelled written message for you individually, you will be able to refer back to it to bring its power to you again and again.

    About your reading:

    When I read for you I quietly attune to your energies and into the loving energies of the universe, bringing light to the matter, enhancing my connection with crystals and candles. As the connection flows the words flow and I type your reading using automatic writing.

    With your reading, I channel healing and joyful energies to you to enable and empower you to go forward utilising your own energies and power to assist you with your own spiritual and earthly development, and to experience success, abundance, joy and love in all aspects of your life.

    As with all reputable psychic readers I work ethically and so cannot do third party readings, or read for anyone without their permission. I cannot legally read for anyone under 18 or answer questions with regard to pregnancy, illness, death, financial or legal matters. Please consult the appropriate practioner in this instance. To comply with legislation I must state that readings are for entertainment only.

    How to get the healing reading

    When you decide you would like a reading from me please sit back and relax and focus on what guidance you are looking for and then press the buy now button and fill in the online form with your details.

    • This is a 1 question reading, please ask a specific clear question to get a specific clear answer, so please ask what it is you really do want to know.
    • If your reading concerns another person please include their name and date of birth or age also.
    • Your reading also brings with it spiritual coaching, guidance, encouragement and intuitive practical counselling for the situations that you are dealing with.
    • I will channel a healing session for you, with instructions on how to receive it.

    I really look forward to working with you.

    Rachel xx

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    More About Rachel

    Healing Email Readings by RachelHi, my name is Rachel. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient, an energy healer and intuitive counsellor, based in the UK. I am a very experienced psychic, with phone readings, face to face readings, healing and distance healing; my favourite readings are email readings, as I can focus fully on you without distraction and I love how the connection works so beautifully.

    My focus is on spiritual coaching, healing, enablement and empowerment.

    I always aim to leave you feeling uplifted and supported, regardless of query. I work with angels and spirit, enhancing my connection through crystals, especially my crystal ball; I sometimes use tarot/oracle cards, whatever is right for your reading, but more as a way of seeing the overall picture and details rather than in a traditional tarot card reading.

    I also work with earth energies, candle magick and a lovely spiritual cocktail of energies and influences. I offer positive and friendly spiritual guidance as I receive it, to uplift you and bring clarity and blessings to you. I have had the privilege of many attunements, including Reiki Master and many more.

    I am constantly studying and developing to enhance and grow my connection and to benefit you. With my clients, I am continually amazed and delighted at how combining our energies with the beautiful powerful spiritual and angelic realms brings such joy, healing and purposeful empowerment. My aim is always to give my clients gifts of love, sharing the delight and amazement of what comes through for each individual.

    Thank you for taking the time to find out more about my readings. I look forward to hearing from you, and reading for you.

    Feedback on the healing readings

    Hiya. Hope you are well.

    Sorry to get back to you so late. After I read the reading I wanted to message you after I spent time to allow the healing. I am not a meditator so I was kinda procrastinating a bit :/, but I did finally find an hour just to relax without anything distracting me. I felt a weird sensation on the left of my forehead it was tingling and a very light pressure on the top left of my forehead like a non physical finger, if that makes any sense at all.

    I absolutely love the reading, but I swear you can read my mind, not long before I would write at least 5 things in a gratitude diary on my tablet and use eft by Brad Yates on youtube. But as I said im a really bad procrastinator I forget to do it then stop all together.

    Something you said is right, I am an empath, I do take on other peoples energy and I know this is something I need to work on as I also feel I do end up sacrificing my own self to please other or give others advice when I need to be giving it to myself.

    I seriously cannot stress how important your readings are, the words alone are healing and inspiring. You should start a youtube channel, I can imaging so many others will benefit from the gift you have.

    Thanks again so much for the reading it was very beautiful, and it does make my realise where I need to take action.

    Have a great day xxx   Leah


    Rachel’s Healing Readings – £17.99

    You will receive:

    • Distance Healing and Love
    • Caring Psychic Advice, Coaching and Guidance to improve your health and wellbeing
    • Answering of 1 question (optional)
    • Total word count is usually around 500 words

    Invest in a healing reading today to become receive uplifting healing and help you move forward feeling happier, healthier and more positive.

     Please note that these readings are currently on request – email me if you would like this!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This reading is NOT a substitute for consulting or diagnosis by a doctor or other healthcare professional, and if you are worried about your health we strongly recommend that you visit an appropriate healthcare professional if you have not done so already. Read on to find out more about what this distance healing session can do for you.

    Healing Reading Faq

    Will this reading help me find happiness?

    Yes these readings are intended to send you love and light, and show you how to continue to receive these blessings from the universe and the world around you.  When you can do this, you will find happiness a much more easy thing.  In addition to the healing you will be sent, the words you receive will also carry a healing message and vibration which you can use to improve your state of mind.

    If you have been depressed for quite a while, these readings will also bring you comfort and help, but we also strongly recommend seeking professional advice, perhaps from an alternative or complimentary therapist, medical doctor, or counsellor.

    We highly recommend looking into mindfulness practices as well.

    Will this reading cure my illness?

    The healing sent to you is for both mind, body and spirit, and the advice you receive will help you to learn to heal yourself.  Rachel is a Reiki Master and has lots of experience with healing and sending distance healing. You may find that any illnesses or problems improve as a result of this healing, and we hope that you do!

    That said we can make no promises about healing conditions and illnesses, and the primary function of this reading is to heal you on a spiritual level, and bring you comfort and support, and the power to feel this every day.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: This reading is NOT a substitute for consulting or diagnosis by a doctor or other healthcare professional, and if you are worried about your health we strongly recommend that you visit an appropriate healthcare professional.

    How do I receive the healing?

    This will all be explained to you in the reading but is very simple!

    When will I receive the reading?

    You will receive the reading within 72 hours of ordering.  Usually it will be a a bit quicker than this but as healing requires the healer to be in top form we allow more time so that Rachel can choose when the time is right to send you the best healing she can.

    Rachel’s Healing Readings – £17.99

    • Distance Healing and Love
    • Caring Psychic Advice, Coaching and Guidance to improve your health and wellbeing
    • Answering of 1 question (optional)
    • Total word count is usually around 500 words

    Please note that these readings are currently on request – email me if you would like this!

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