How to Do Telepathy

how to do telepathyWhat is Telepathy and How do you do it?

Is it possible to transfer thoughts and feelings from one person to another?  Can you signal your friend in a time of danger?  Are you able to answer the phone, greeting the caller before the phone even rings?

Many people say Yes, you can!

Telepathy, a form of extra sensory perception (ESP), is communication between individuals without using any of the five senses.  The term telepathy was coined in 1882 by the Greek scholar, English poet and founder of the Society for Psychical Research, Frederic William Henry Myers.

Although a lot of skepticism surrounds this subject, many people are convinced of it’s existence.  Numerous scientific studies have been conducted to prove telepathic transmission of thoughts, feelings and other forms of language from well-established scientists and Universities with mixed evident findings and conclusions.

Telepathy is basically sending and receiving thoughts and information. 

Although it is not much different from other forms of ESP, telepathy is a form of communication, consisting of two directions, sending and receiving, like that of a telephone …  It is often connected to various paranormal phenomena such as precognition, clairvoyance and empathy.

Telepathy takes place all of the time without realising it.

TWhat is telepathyelepathic communication can be seen frequently with pets and their owners, says biologist, author and telepathy researcher, Rupert Sheldrake.

According to Sheldrake, telepathy is not at all supernatural, rather a natural form of communication that takes place all the time between humans and animals.  He challenged the scientific community with his ideas and research on telepathy, a subject that is not usually well-received in the world of science … It is very taboo!

Freud was intrigued by the subject of telepathy, although he was careful not to speak too much of it.  He advised his colleagues to do the same.  Freud’s theory on telepathy was that it was perhaps an ancient form of communication, although this was “off the record” of course.

In the past, telepathy was thought to be a normal part of life, such as in Native American culture.  Many other native cultures accept telepathy as a natural part of human existence to this day.

How is telepathic communication expressed?

Telepathic communication can be sent or received in the form of feelings, images, desires, intentions or words.  Often the emotional needs of the other person are received or felt.  This is especially true when someone truly needs you, such as in an emergency situation.

Distance is irrelevant, as telepathic communication can take place right next to one another or on different ends of the globe.

Who can feel telepathic communication most easily?

The most common examples of telepathy often involve twins, friends, lovers, pet’s and owners, mother’s and children… those who have a bond.  There is usually a spiritual connection between the sender and the receiver.  Although there are other vibrations of telepathy, more often telepathic occurrences happen when love is involved, through the heart of the individual

This emotional connection or energy creates an “invisible umbilical cord” that transfers information back and forth.  I know that I have experienced dreams of my friends when they are very upset or in trouble.

Try Telepathy for yourself

If you would like to experiment with telepathy try telepathically sending love with a message attached to someone in your life and see what happens!

Try this exercise daily if possible.  If nothing happens, try it with another person … Not everyone is receptive!  Some are better senders than receivers and vice versa.  You may need to try this with several different people, several different times before seeing evident results.

Good Luck & God Bless!

by Nadia

StormJewel Says: thanks for this excellent article on telepathy, while browsing youtube I found this great playlist teaching you how to improve your telepathy and have embeddded the first video here, give it a go and let us know how you got on! xx

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