How to Enjoy Life Even with Little Money

Are you obsessed with money?

Are you obsessed with money?

Money makes the world go round or so would many people say. But money is not everything. I know everybody would like to have good fortune and abundance in his or her life but there are times that life does not bless us financially but blesses us with happiness from the people around us.

Having little money can get you down and stressed out. To be honest having no money is one of my greatest fears. But I have realized that life can still be happy and enjoyable even if you don’t have a lot of money.

Money is Money

What is money? Money is a piece of paper or even a digitized code corresponding to a specific number. Money is a number game. And if money makes you happy then you will never truly be happy because numbers never end.

Money is not evil nor is it good. Money is basically a tool people use to mobilize themselves. But sometimes too much greed or clinging too much to money makes us feel stressed out and troubled. But I say, we can live happily even if we don’t have much money.

Enjoying Life No Matter How Much You Make

Learn that simple things matter more than money

Learn that simple things matter more than money

Life is beautiful, as one cliché says. But yes it is indeed beautiful and we can always enjoy it whether our wallets our fat or not. Here are some things you can do even if you don’t have a lot to enjoy life.

1. Meditate – Being one with your soul allows you to take hold of your thoughts and feelings. It allows you to be strong and withstand any problems. By meditation, you learn how to take control of your stress, anxiety and any troubles that you may have. Meditation also helps you to see beauty and goodness in little things.

2. Take a walk everyday – When you take a walk, you commune with your mind and body. You not only do a light form of exercise, you also talk to yourself as you walk. There is always something you get to learn and see in every walk that you take.

3. Go and get some free tastes – Malls and supermarkets always have free samples of the food they have. By trying them out you can at least savor something new. It’s free and there is nothing wrong with trying it out.

4. Be a kid – Nothing beats being like a kid to boost your spirits even if you don’t have much money. All of us were once kids. We played and ran and skinned our knees and we always had big happy smiles plastered on our faces. To be a kid, you must learn to enjoy life at it’s very roots; you must see things as simply and beautifully as they can.

You can still try those fun little things. You can try running with your dog, playing football, drawing, coloring or even cooking. Use your imagination. Be playful again.

5. Volunteer – It does not mean that you don’t have money that you can’t help others anymore. You can always help by giving them one of the most precious and priceless things in world: time. By volunteering, you get to see that you can make others live better through the work of your hands. Nothing is more satisfying than helping those who are in need.

6. Appreciate the simple things – I know you must be getting bored of eating canned food and instant ramen and microwaving frozen dinners and frozen pizza, but some other people are homeless and don’t have anything. See the beauty in your life. Pretend to be an actor or actress in a movie and see that you are living in a beautiful and well written story.

7. Stop complaining and start doing – Well if you really feel that money is something you need, then you must work for it. Try having a part time job to make some extra cash. Stop being such a sour puss. Nothing will change by complaining. You will only make things worse. Start cultivating a positive spirit and change your life.

8. Budget your money well – Sometimes we feel we don’t have money because we do not know where our hard earned salaries goes to. The money comes in on pay day and just vanishes a day or two. By creating a budget, we get to learn how to allocate our money.

9. Spend time with people you love – We often long for luxury and vacations and material things, but sometimes we forget that our friends and family do matter. Make time for them. Get to know what they are up to now. Laugh and tell stories with them. This will really make you feel less depressed and happier.

10. Give yourself the pep talk – No one or nothing can ever make you feel better but yourself. No matter how much or how little money you have, if you feel miserable then it means nothing. But if you convince yourself that having a little money is temporary or is not your destiny then you can change your outlook. You can stop resenting your job, your house or your situation by giving yourself the motivation to do things that make you grow.

Is Money Really That Important

Spend time with your friends, family and pets!

Spend time with your friends, family and pets!

To be honest, yes money is needed and it is important. But it is not the ONLY THING that can make you happy. There are so many things in life that we can give ourselves free of charge. We can smile at other, we can dance in the rain, we can smell the wind and we can live. Money is important to some extent. It gives you the capability to buy the necessities. Through money, you can also help others.

On the other hand, we should not tie our life to money. I have learned that working too much to make more money makes me less happy than spending time with my family and laughing with them.

I hope to one day have a world not motivated by money, but by art, inspiration and love. We need more of these things. We need a world not obsessed by the cars we drive or the size of the houses we live in.

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