How to Live Life as An Empath?

Being an empath means you can feel and sense what others feel. You have an affinity to sense how others around you feel. You can sense joy, love, anger, happiness, grief and even pain. However at times being an empath means you feel an unnecessary load of emotions. An emotional overload can hurt you not only mentally but also physically. It can make you feel drained, cause stomach pains, palpitations and even severe fatigue.

Living as an empath can be empowering if you know how to manage your gifts. You can help others and also enjoy your gifts without the unnecessary hurt and pain brought about other’s emotions.

Finding Out You Are an Empath

Before you can ever manage your empathic gifts, you first need to discover if you are an empath. You need to assess yourself if you have that gift of sensing other’s feelings and emotions. So how do you do this?

1. Do a self assessment – First write down instances that you feel you have felt other people’s energy around you. Evaluate how you felt in those times. Find out how you reacted

2. Check your emotions – You feel a certain way because it is really coming from you or is it coming from others. Have you ever felt upset because there is a negative person around you. This may happen when someone who is not even mad at you is near you and they are carrying negative energy, their energy can be passed on to you.

3. Consult psychics – You can ask guidance from psychics to know more about yourself. You may already be an empath for years and you don’t even know about it. You may need another empath’s guidance to fully know yourself.

4. Medidate – Has being quiet ever made you feel at ease and being in crowd made you feel overwhelmed? You might need to zero in into your headspace and check if the emotions you radiate are really coming from you or from others.


When you have the gift of seeing into others, you might need to learn how to manage your empathic tendencies. If left unbalanced you may end up absorbing too much negative energy around you. This can cause you pain, sorrow and even physical tiredness.

1. Breathe – Your breath is life. And yes as simple as taking a deep breath can really help you center yourself. It can help you let go of a negative energy coming into your psyche. I can help you release bad vibe.

So take a long deep breath and slowly exhale it. Repeat this several times. You can also try counting up to four as you inhale. Hold your breath for seven counts and count eight counts as you let the air out in a long exhale.

Repeat this exercise several times until you can feel the negativity going away.

2. Block negativity – You need to learn to sense negativity and then block it off. Have a mantra when you sense a negative person getting into your space and think of your happy thought. Envision goodness surrounding you.

You can also imagine a white circle wrapping around your body. This is your protective barrier. Allow it to wrap around you can use it as a shield against negative energy.

3. Meditate – Your mind needs to be nurtured and cleared out. Without meditation, you will running full of loaded emotions. Clear your mind. Breathe. Seat in a lotus pose and listen to meditative music.

4. Avoid negative people – I know this is not the best resort because there will always be negative around us, but as much as possible avoid vexing people. If you can step out and breathe off the interaction do so. Don’t confront them. Don’t let negatrons consume your energy. Surround yourself with vibrant people.

Avoid people masking as your friends and all they do is just complain and complain. They can caue you to become negative as well.

5. Find time to create happiness – The best way to live as an empath is to be full of happiness. Your happiness can help dispel negative energies that can bombard you from all around. Choose to create simple moments of joy. Enjoy a hobby. Eat the food that you like. Exercise. Find joy.

6. Declutter – Unnecessary mess can wreak havoc into your mental space. If you are an empath, you need clean lines and a minimalistic space. Avoid having too much this will just cause you unwanted stress.

7. Have a me-time – Spend time alone. You need it. Read a book. Find happiness in simple things. You are given the chance to sense the world around you, but you also need to spend time with you!

Being an Empath Can Be Empowering

Being an empath can help you discover the world around you. It can help you leverage your status at work. It can be useful in knowing how to adjust to different people. I can basically make you a better person.

Just don’t forget to protect your psyche and enjoy life!

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