Mayan Calendar – 21 Dec 12 – What does it really mean?

Mayan PyramidHappy Winter Solstice 2012!  This is the beginning of a new era!

If the end of the Mayan long count calendar giving birth to a new cycle of time is not enough cause for celebration … then the rising of the Winter Solstice sun in conjunction with the center of the galaxy, should have you ready to pop that champagne bottle open!

On December 21, 2012, The Winter Solstice and end of the Mayan long count calendar, the Sun will align with the center of the Milky Way Galaxy, an event that only happens once every 25,772 years.

Many people have mistakenly interpreted the Mayan calander end as prophicies that the world will end, which is not correct, as you will probably know by the time your read this!

Many doom and gloom stories are circling the Internet, news and media at this time.  Please do not give in to such fear-based thinking.  This is an exciting time in our world, and we are all a part of it, of something very special. 

If these stories of catastrophe and apocalyptic ends resonate with you, then be sure to hug your loved ones even tighter, love the earth a little more and have gratitude as much as possible.  The future is literally in the collective hands of all of us.

Celebrate this wonder, Celebrate This Solstice 2012, Celebrate the coming of what many are calling the Golden Age of Humanity!


The Mayan Long Count Calendar – How does it work?

Mayan ArtifactThe Mayan calendars were created with a sophisticated comprehension of time, the seasons, and the cycles.  This system has proven itself to be vast and accurate, time and time again among those who study its code and synchronicities. The Maya observations of celestial cycles inspired a complex system of interlocking calendars of various lengths.

They have 17 different calendars, some of them charting time accurately over a span of more than ten million years.  The calendars are simply cycles of time, within cycles of time within cycles of time and so on … There are longer counts than the 5,125 year period of time that began on August 11th 3114 B.C and ends on December 21st 2012, an important detail to the Mayan Code.

At 11.12 GMT, on the 21st December 2012, during the December Solstice the Sun touches the Dark Rift, which is located near the Galactic Center.

According to the Mayas the Dark Rift is the cosmic womb.

It is the place of death, transformation, regeneration and rebirth.

This moment shows the end of the long count calendar, and it will then click over to read “,” (pronounced “thirteen b’aktun”) for the first time in 5,125 years.  A b’aktun is a period of 144,000 days (about 393 years) in the long count calendar.

Although the ancient Maya kept time in a very different way than we do today they were basically just counting the days, just like we do … only with bigger cycles and spans of time.  Intimidating at first glance, intriguing the more you get to know about it.


Apocalyptic Expectations – Should we be worried?

Shift in perspective 21st December 2012 unicorn

Although the ideas surrounding this event vary, from alien invasion, Atlantis rising, solar flare explosions, magnetic pole shifts, collisions with asteroids, Planet X, tripped out DNA transformation, ascension and the end of humanity as we know it …

Know that science does not expect anything more than another day.  The sun will rise, the sun will set and the sun will rise again.

The idea of prophecies that the world will end on the Solstice 2012 actually upsets many Mayan elders who do not support these claims, although many are just as uncertain as we are.  The Ancient Mayan people did welcome all new cycles, often with a bang, just as we welcome-in the new year.

The bigger the cycle, the bigger the celebration and this rebirth is certainly one worth celebrating!  You can even do something as small as acknowledging the warmth of the sun or connecting with the heart of our mother earth in honor of this important event.


Cycles of Rebirth & Transformation

Mystical EyeRegardless of what this new era brings with it, one thing is certain – Our world is changing, transforming … as it always does, moving, becoming, living, dying, rebirthing.  Sometimes change can be frightening and chaotic, but only if we cling and hold on to tight.

Change is inevitable and exciting, as it brings with it the opportunity of fresh ground to explore. 

The way we will respond to these changes on a personal, collective, and social basis will create the future, as we are all co-creators whether we know it or not.  The key to the success of humanity is to be strong and love and support one another.  Rise above fear with love.  If you love the earth, she will love you back.


Spiritual Lightworkers UNITE!

Mayan Calendar by Auqin

Mayan Calendar by Auqin

The global spiritual community is joining together at this time to celebrate the birth of a new era, envisioning a world of love, peace, sustainability and unity with the earth (our mother).

Many visionaries and spiritual leaders of our time say that the alignment with the heart of the galaxy will open a channel for cosmic energy to flow through the earth, cleansing it and all that dwell upon it … raising us all to a higher vibration.

I hope so, because one thing that I never fail to do each day is greet the day with gratitude for all miracles that surround us.  I love this place and I want to live in my higher frequency, recognizing the choices that keep our great Mother safe, happy and clean.

The Mayans believe that we are the gateways between the heart of the earth and the heart of the sky and that in our hearts they will meet.  This is where earth and heaven become one. We are the bridge that unites heaven and earth, as the esoteric inner stars of our spiritual bodies align.

With the co-creation of our new world, waves of love are being transmitted. 

Love love love!Open your heart to receive them.

Open your heart and know that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.

Open your heart and awaken to the truth.

The future will be defined by the way you live your life and the collective conscious creation that we all share.

We are all connected.  We are all important.  We are all loved by the creator that unites us all, that lives within us all.  The divinity is within us. 

May you welcome this great birth of a new era with love in your heart, global vision and a vision of your own future.  What direction do you want to go?  This New Year 2013 will be ringing in a way we will never see again in this lifetime, maybe the next.  Have Fun, Make Love and Be Happy!

And so it is and so it will be.

by Nadia – Psychic, Life Counsellor, Metaphysician

StormJewel says:

Thanks for this inspiring article Nadia, I’d just like to add the next 3 days in particular are thought to be very powerful and a great time to set an intention or put the foundations of what you want into action.

Take some time over the next 3 days to think about this, ideally meditate on what it is you are looking for in life and physically and spiritually, and this will really help you to get a boost in getting what you really want and bringing new changes into your life.

Today I’ll be joining the world peace meditation at 11.11 GMT, I hope you will join me wherever you are!

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Blessings and Happy Winter Solstice to All!

StormJewel  xxx

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