Here are some real life examples of recent email readings by StormJewel.  Each reading was published with the express consent of the the client!


Career and Life Path Reading for Lidia

Question - Hi StormJewel,

Nice to meet you. I need help with my career in a bad way! I’m actively trying to get out of my organization and field (higher education).  I’ve been an academic advisor and teacher at the same place for 10 years and I’m miserable. I no longer want to work with students as I have found nothing but mostly disrespect from them and the college I work for, I have no faith in upper management or the college's mission.  I think I’m deliberately trying to sabotage myself at work, which I know is not a good thing. It’s not the worst job, but I’m not fulfilling my purpose, and I’m beyond bored in my profession and have no interest in “bettering” myself in my current role, nor transitioning to another department.

I’m very creative and screaming for that. I’m in the middle of revising a 400+ novel and want that to very much be my dream. It’s intensely competitive and while I’ve received some accolades, I received rejection on my current project from faculty workshop leaders and editors. But I want to continue to finish it and shop it in the future.

In the meantime, I know becoming a novelist is going to take so much work and luck frankly.  I also am realistic and know that I should also pursue something else to pay bills while this novel is in progress. Work is terrible right now and at least it’s lighting a fire in me to learn other things so I can get out.  This summer I signed up for a host of things: more writing workshops, a CPR class, a digital marketing class, and building a WordPress website for a blog. I’ve even contemplated attending barista school to make coffee, so I can apply to work at bookstores (which is also competitive). I just want to add more skills to my set, as I do feel the end is coming at work.

I was advised by another psychic to look at freelance/online work.  I have for quite some time and it’s been a wasteland out there. I’m not qualified for any writing assignments I see and have been rejected to those I have applied.  My other big issue is where I live with no option to move.  My fiancé and I are stuck in this town with bare bone opportunities because of his job that he needs to stay in till he retires (at least 7 years). I've tried to get him to look at us moving but he can't. This also depresses me because I do want to move badly (I’m a restless spirit who doesn’t like being tied down to one area for many years).  I’ve applied to the limited positions around town (editing, library work) and have also been turned down. It’s hard to be optimistic with rejection left and right.  Plus, it doesn’t help that I’m over 40 and feel the window closing in on me with opportunities.

Any guidance on this situation?  I do strongly feel something will turn this summer or fall but I’m not sure what will happen.

Much Light,

Lidia (Name changed for privacy)


StormJewel's Psychic Email Reading Reply....

Hi Lidia!

Thanks again for your patience, and lovely to meet you too! Let’s see what we can find out to help you!

Firstly I just drew one card to find out about you now, partly to check I have tuned in correctly and we see the Queen of Cups.  This is a great card to see, as it shows you putting love and creativity into something, the Queen looks lovingly into a special and unique cup, in which something is growing, incubating.  So this makes a lot of sense and also is a good omen that you are on the right track.

I know that you really aren’t enjoying your job but I thought I would ask if there is anything you can do to make it a bit better whilst you are still searching for a new job.  Here I got the playful and mischievous Page of Cups, who looks amused at a fish poking out from his cup. He often reminds me of someone who is in the theatre.

And we also got the King of Wands who is a master of inspiration and vision.  So my feeling is that you are being asked to try to see things from new eyes, perhaps viewing this experience as a novelist doing research, pretending you are an actor in a play or cultivating a playful feeling, and knowing that this experience could end up as good material in a future book.

Advice on becoming a Novelist

I asked for some advice on your book and got the Queen of Pentacles, which asks you to keep pragmatically working away at it.  Just like a garden it takes a lot of time and diligence to make everything grow beautifully, but given time and love it will be done.

I asked for advice on the process of actually becoming a novelist and then getting published.  For the novelist we see the King of Cups reversed. Generally the King of Cups is about being balanced with emotions, neither becoming overwhelmed by them nor repressing them.  In the reversed position I would say that this card is here to remind you that at times you may well feel overcome with emotion, especially with constructive criticism and feedback, to try to keep yourself grounded and remember this is part of the process. (I have also written a book that I haven’t yet quite finished but have received feedback both good and bad and I know it can be heart wrenching!). 

In terms of getting it published we see the Five of Wands.  The Five can indicate some difficulties but not something that cannot be overcome, it asks you to open yourself up to feedback and to many different people’s advice and perhaps trying many different ways to get it published.  In other words don’t give up! There are many different people out there, some who will help you, some who will be less helpful, but you can learn and persevere if yet again you remember this is part of the process.

Other Work

I asked if there was any other creative thing you could focus on and got the Two of Cups which is about couples coming together and also healing through love, so if that gives you any ideas then consider it (A matchmaking service? A couples therapy book? Making jewellery, gifts/cards or writing poems for lovers?).  Or it could be about going into a creative partnership with a friend or colleague.

In terms of freelance work we get the Two of Pentacles and Four of Pentacles.  I would say that this might be encouraging you to keep going and to try applying for various types of jobs, and also to not worry too much about the pay when you are starting out.  From personal advice when I was short on cash I started with very cheap projects to get some good reviews (I think it was on Elance), and so I did some underpaid proof reading of an essay and some other thing before I got a slightly better paid job doing blog comments for someone.  The pay wasn’t excellent and I bargained upwards because most of the other people applying were non native english speakers, and this probably worked in my favour because the employer was worried that I wouldn’t stay in the job for the ‘low’ money but actually the extra £200 a month made a big difference to my life at that time and didn’t take me too long each day, and it taught me a new skill.

The Two also suggests approaching things in a different and novel way and I found this article which I skim read but basically I think is encouraging you to reach out to people outside of platforms like Elance.

For instance I used to have a blog where I was paying writers better than they would get on say or Elance so I guess if you googled, “writers wanted” or tried other ways of prospectively approaching people, you may well have better luck as the Two suggests. I have used this kind of prospective strategy previously in my life in job searches and it has worked though it did take time and perseverance.

I asked if there were any more skills you should learn or anything you already know that you should learn more about.  I got Four of Cups and Four of Pentacles. In a way, seeing two Fours relates to stability and so there may be a subtext to not actually spread yourself too thin in doing all this new skill acquiring, especially as the new skill answer was the Four of Cups which is often about apathy, boredom, not being sure you want something.  Or given that you seem to have so much energy, it could also be about offering inspiration and energy to those who are feeling apathetic in their lives!

And the card for the skill to focus on is the more positive Four of Wands, which is often about the formalisation of something you already have in your life, presenting it to the world. 

The Four of Wands can also be about celebrations with family and friends, weddings, public rituals, ceremonies and so on, so if this strikes a chord with you in any way then you could explore this further. (Flower design for weddings and parties? Writing speeches or love letters for people?)

Obstacles and Blessings

In terms of general obstacles in your career search we see the 10 of Swords and Queen of Swords which is a lot to do with ending things that need to be ended.  And knowing how and when to logically assess your options and what is viable and what is not.  You already know that you really want to end your job so it might just be about that and the difficulty in doing so, but again there could be a caution about over stretching yourself with learning new things, but if you feel good then don’t worry about it!

In terms of your blessings we see the 7 of Swords and the Devil.  Both these cards in their own way are about doing things Your own way and avoiding things that make you feel trapped.  So there is a message here that starting your own business might be the way to go, or as the previous psychic suggested, going freelance, but as I have said perhaps trying a different approach.  You have a strong ability to be self motivated and be your own boss, is what these cards are saying and asking you to make the most of and develop.

Regarding your fiancé I know that you say that there is no way he can leave his job, but I did ask if you can change his mind and got the Magician and Strength.  These are powerful cards that suggest that you have the ability to harness resources to make something magical happen, but not through fierceness or force but rather a gentle type of strength and persuasion, so it may be possible that if you come up with the right angle you could some how change his mind, or get him to commute perhaps?

It did occur to me that maybe its possible for you to do a job where you get to travel and the cards I drew for this were the Sun and 6 of Cups.  This does give me the idea of you having some kind of job where you go out into the world (perhaps to hot places?!) and then return home (6 of Cups). Perhaps like some kind of sales job or regional manager, or maybe just a travelling artisan of some sort! 

These are also both very kindly sorts of cards so it is possible you could do a job where you go to people's houses and cheer them up in some way? Talk to them or bring them things they need maybe?  Perhaps those who are housebound or elderly, or single mothers?  This might ease your wanderer spirit and your desire for a job that involves different things, and could also provide inspiration for your novels!  Maybe there is some way that you could even get funding for a project like this, if there is nothing being offered like that in your area.

What Will Happen?

I drew two cards to ask about what may happen in Summer and Fall.  We got the Page of Wands (Summer) and Knight of Pentacles.  (Fall).  The Page does indicate a new opportunity, something inspiring and interesting (and also there is a possible connotation of travel again as we see sand dunes in the background).  He is at the start of his journey but its a good place to be, he is happy and enthralled.  The Knight of Pentacles is also a traveller but unlike the other Knights he is stationary, but he looks into his Pentacle (the suit of practicality, security, jobs and money) with determination.  There are leaves from his helmet and his horses head.  So this does seem to indicate again something just starting but with lots of potential to grow and flourish.

Final Advice from Spirit

We are out of words but finally I wanted to draw two cards of advice from spirit and got the Three of Pentacles and the Queen of Wands.  These cards are very good to see here and are a message of encouragement!  The Three asks you to remember that new things take time to build, but that the process has already been started, the foundations are there, and to keep going and keep on with an open mind. 

The Queen of Wands asks you to continue with your positive and sunny optimistic disposition, (I know you actually said you feel a bit low about things but yet you are able to give off a different vibration as I sense it from your question and your energy), so keep putting that out there, (chakra and love meditations or affirmations could be great, gratitude lists may also help, I use an app to remind me to write one every day, and after less than one month of using it I felt a lot more positive!). Cultivating this magical, inspirational and queenly energy is important because as well as being good for you, it will actually help to attract the opportunity you need, as people will be drawn to you by your magnetic and happy energy and this will bring you good connections and good luck!

I do hope that helps dear Lidia, very best of luck to you! I feel sure that you can do this if you just keep persevering and think about what I have said!

Brightest blessings and love, feel free to keep me updated!



Lidia's Feedback

Thank you so much, StormJewel, for the comprehensive reading. I do feel so much better now! Thanks for the very thoughtful read, and sure hope you are feeling better!

Much light,

Spirituality Reading for John

A Reading for John by StormJewel

Question - I would like to ask if there is scope for me to develop the intuitive side of my personality. In the last couple of years or so I feel I have become more connected and in tune to nature and my surroundings. There has been no epiphany just a gradual increased awareness and I have become interested in matters of a spiritual nature. I am just your average ordinary man and don't know how or if I can move forward in this area.

Dear John

What a beautiful question! Thanks so much for choosing me to help you with it. Firstly I can tell you that there is scope for everyone to develop their intuitive side, and the fact that you are thinking about it, wishing it, feeling more connected with nature and with the general oneness of everything, shows that you have already actually started that path!

It doesn’t matter about there not being any epiphanies, one way is not better than another, and in truth a slow awakening can be very powerful and frees you from feelings of ego or striving that may come through a sudden ‘epiphany’.

I have drawn 5 tarot cards for you, and three of them are Major Arcana, which is extremely symbolic of transformation and change, especially as there are much less of these cards than Minor Arcana in the tarot deck.  All of the cards are very beautiful and spiritual as I will explain to you, and so are very wonderful to see in a reading concerning spirituality and growth!

The first card I have drawn for you is Judgement.  This actually is often associated with some kind of epiphany, a kind of moment where you realise what your calling is in life or your way to a deeper connection with nature, spirit, energy the universe or whatever way in which you like to think of this greater energy that connects us, however it doesn’t need to be an overnight kind of thing; what you have experienced also fits this card.  So the message here is that you are definitely on the right path and to keep going with your feelings and appreciation of the connectedness of things. 

Practically speaking, this can be a great time to share your experiences with others in a group.  Perhaps there is a local spiritual group you can join, or it not, there are so many forums on the internet so you could try looking there.

Next we have the Queen of Cups, another very beautiful, loving spiritual card. This could either represent a teacher that you might meet, likely a female, who will help to guide you, or it could simply be recommending you and asking you to practice self love and compassion meditations, and to also practice mindfulness and other guided meditations. 

Mindfulness asks you to be aware of the feelings in your body, so when you have a thought or emotion, see where it is coming from: The heart? The head? The stomach? The gut? By becoming aware of these things you will start to have a better understanding of what intuitive feelings are as opposed to those that come from intellect or wisdom.  Many times our wisdom and intellect coincide, but when you feel like in your head you want to do something, but in your stomach or gut it feels wrong, this is an example of intuition speaking.  The reverse is also true. On the other hand feelings from the heart can be related to fear, and sometimes then the message is to push through your comfort zone.

Finally we get the High Priestess.  This is perhaps the most psychic and spiritual card of the whole deck! Its really quite amazing that we have drawn all these cards and is such a strong message that you are on the right path and to keep going!  The High Priestess is the archetype for hidden knowledge, for the psychic, for the clairvoyant, so it really does seem as though you could have a very good talent for divination if that interests you.  Why not buy yourself an oracle deck, and even a tarot deck? Oracle can be easier to get started with, but go with what you feel.  You can do things like pick one oracle card every day and contemplate its meaning at the start and end of the day.  You could even note them down in a journal.

The oracle deck I use is very deep and beautiful and is called ‘Earth Magic’ by Steven D. Farmer.  You can also search around and look for one that calls to you (Oracle) if you decide to try this.  If you decide to try the tarot I personally recommend the deck I use – Rider Waite, because it is easy for beginners and yet when you are ready for it, it is also wonderfully deep and complex.  After more than 20 years I am still learning and will always be so. 

You might also wish to try other divination methods such as the pendulum, runes, and even a crystal ball.  Research and experiment.  You can also read up about many other things that interest you.  Just to give you some ideas you might like to know about - spirit guides or astral projection, tree hugging (many trees will ‘speak’ to you – in the sense that you can sense their energies if you give time and space to feel and ‘listen’) If you feel shy to hug them, just put your hand on one and stay there in silent contemplation, sharing and openness.

The High Priestess, like the other cards in your reading, also encourages you to listen and pay attention, to your body, to your inner feelings.  Meditation and being in nature is great for that, as well as paying attention to your dreams.

I’m way over the word count but I’m very touched by your question and your energy so I will tell you what else I got for you!

As some advice I got the 9 of Cups which is about counting your blessings.  I have an app on my phone called gratitude which prompts me to write about all the nice things of the day or anything I feel grateful for.  You can also just use a notebook if you prefer, the app just helps me to remember to do it! 

I drew one card of message from Spirit and got another Major Arcana and yet another powerful spiritual card, The Empress.  This card could be seen as mother nature herself, and in a way, like the Queen, she is all about growing and nurturing.  So again its reassurance that this awakening that has occurred is going to keep growing and developing, and the more you feed it with meditation and other practices, the more you will notice things changing. Personally I am a big fan of Qi Gong (Similar to Tai Chi) and both those practices will not only help you with your spiritual development but also your health.

Finally I couldn’t resist drawing an oracle card for you and got Cave – Sanctuary.  My take on this card today is that it is asking you to go into the nature and perhaps make a very small ceremony.  It doesn’t have to be anything fancy (unless you want it to be) but could involve finding a lovely little area in nature, setting your intention (eg to develop your spiritual and intuitive side) where you arrange some stones and leaves in a pattern, and/or bring a crystal (quartz is a good one) or burn some incense, and/or say a couple of words, or whatever calls you.  It can be as simple or as complicated as you like, but perhaps start simple and then either way hold this ceremony and intention in your heart.

Anyway I do hope that helps dear John, these very powerful spiritual cards show us that you are very much on the right path, and ready, and that there is a very strong scope to develop your intuitive side!

Blessings, Love and Light to you!



Feedback from John

Hi StormJewel

Firstly I wanted to say thanks so much for my reading and particularly for going above and beyond what you needed to do. That was a really kind gesture for which I am very grateful. You have also given me lots of practical ideas and ways in which I can proceed and also the reassurance to carry on trying different things and that I am not labouring under a kind of delusion.

Without boring you too much my problem is that my job is quite demanding of my time and energy but I will do what I can. I have read with great interest your reading twice now and wondered perhaps maybe when I have hopefully made further progress at some point further in time if you would mind me asking for a further reading. Or do you prefer to just do "one off" readings?

Anyway thanks again for all your help and guidance. I wish you well in your own endeavours.

Best wishes



Reply from StormJewel

Dear John

Thanks so much for your wonderful feedback! I am so happy to hear that the reading has given you both the practical and emotional inspiration and guidance that can help you move forwards in your spiritual journey. 😀
Yes it can be tricky to do other things when a job takes so much time and energy, but this is a good reason to encourage yourself to meditate! :-). If you feel physically or mentally tired in the middle of the day its actually really good to rest even for 3-5 minutes, rather than just have a cup of tea or coffee.  So something I used to do whilst working in an office was go to the toilet for a few minutes, close my eyes and imagine a healing, rejuvenating light coming into my head with the in-breath, then back out with the out-breath.  Then with the next in breath go further, say to your chest, and then out again, then in and down to your elbows, and out, or similar, until you have done it in your whole body.
I got this trick from a meditation by Paul McKenna from many years ago and it is tied to our body rhythms and I believe is supposed to make you much healthier and live longer!  I know it certainly would make me feel good in those tired moments, for just 3-5 mins of visualisation! And I still do that sometimes even though I don’t work in an office anymore!
Yes we welcome repeat readings!  The only time that we don’t is when people keep coming back to us in a short time with the same question (this tends to happen occasionally about love issues where someone wants a different answer to what we have given) and in that context is not healthy for the client or the psychic and is a waste of their money as well, so we ask people to try and use the advice already given and/or wait until something has changed.  But if people have a new question, or things have changed since the last reading, then we very much are welcoming (and do have) repeat customers, so please feel free to come back if you would like more guidance!
Bright Blessings, Love and Light to you!

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