The 12 Laws of Karma That Can Truly Change Your Life

The 12 Laws of Karma

The 12 Laws of Karma

Karma is a person’s deeds, actions, thoughts and works. It also relates to the cosmic balance of cause and effect, wherein the life of a person is influenced by his deeds. Karma basically is known as the cycle in which one reaps one sows. But aside from the Golden Rule where Karma is cause and effect, it is also influenced by other laws.

But more than just being a Golden Rule to be followed, the Laws of Karma help us lead a life of happiness, fulfillment and kindness. Growing up and knowing different religions and philosophies I have come to to know that the 12 Laws of Karma are very useful and helpful in living my life. These rules can stand the test of time and help us grow as good and happy individuals.

The 12 Laws of Karma

Karma basically equates to action and behavior. There are twelve laws of Karma or twelve guiding principles to the way we live and act. These laws are practical and even essential in living our modern day lives. These laws are made in order for humans to be able to find balance in themselves and with others. Through this twelve laws we can attain peace, happiness and contentment.

1. The Great Law

The Great Law: For everything that you do there is an equivalent outcome. As the famous saying goes, “What you sow, you shall reap.”.

The Great Law: For everything that you do there is an equivalent outcome. As the famous saying goes, “What you sow, you shall reap.”.

The Law of Cause and Effect

For everything that you do there is an equivalent outcome. As the famous saying goes, “What you sow, you shall reap.”. If you sow kindness, you will receive kindness, if sow evil, you will sow evil. In order for you to receive the good things in life such as peace, love, kindness, friendship and hope, one must be peaceful, loving, kind, friendly and hopeful.

This law basically shows evil will always beget evil and goodness will always beget goodness. We may not be able to directly see the goodness that we sow but goodness spreads and eventually, the Universe will return our kindness to us.

2. The Law of Creation

Life requires our participation to happen. It does not happen by itself.

Nothing happens without our active participation in life. We need to take action. If you want to live an exciting and happy life, you have, yes YOU have to be the one to create it. We and the Universe are one and the same. The Universe has the ability to create and make things out of nothing, and thus we are also able to create life, beauty, happiness and joy.

This law also states that whatever surrounds us, gives us clues on what is happening within us. If our life outside is filled with chaos, it is also because our hearts is also filled with chaos. We must first find peace in our hearts to find peace in our daily lives.

In essence, this law pushes us to go and LIVE.

3. The Law of Humility

The Law of Humility

The Law of Humility

One must accept something in order to change it.

The Law of Humility points us to the way of acceptance, humility, letting go and growth. This law states that we must first accept a certain truth in order for us to change that in ourselves and in our lives. For example, if you are a negative person who is always upset and angry, you must first accept that in order for you to find happiness. If you continue to blame life and others for your discontentment and unhappiness, you will stay in your negative predicament.

This law basically teaches us first to be humble enough to accept something and then grow from that; and change our lives. It also teaches that for us to reach a higher enlightenment, we must not focus on our enemies or not to have enemies at all and treat all with peace. We all have flaws, we must accept them and grow from them.

4. The Law of Growth

– “Wherever you go, there you are”. – In order for us to find peace and grow, we can only change ourselves, we cannot change others; we cannot change the things and places that surround us but we can only change US.

The Law of Growth basically tells us that the Universe has given us everything that we need to succeed; and that it is up to us to make it happen. It states that if we want to grow, we must change ourselves first. We cannot control others around us, but we can control how to act and react towards them. We cannot really change our surroundings, but we can change our actions in order to be able to move to another place and space.

This law also states that once we change our hearts, we can change our whole lives. We can face any adversity with firm determination. We can be peaceful despite all the negativity people around us have, if we continue to keep a peaceful heart. When we change our hearts and minds we can put our strengths into achieving our dreams.

5. The Law of Responsibility

“Whenever there is something wrong in my life, there is something wrong in me.” – We reflect and mirror what is around us – and what is around us reflects us; this is the Universal Truth.

Similar to the Law of Humility, the Law of Responsibility asks us to accept our mistakes and grow from them. Our surroundings affect our minds and feelings but our actions and feelings also affect what surrounds us. If you put yourself in a negative predicament, then you will feel negative, but also if you are negative, others around you and your life will also be negative. The Law of Responsibility tells us to take action and change what needs to be changed, whether externally or internally.

We are not victims of circumstances, our lives are our responsibilities. We can always change; we can either leave the situation and grow or grow and change the situation. We all have the power to create change. We also have the duty to accept what we are given but grow from there and not stay stagnant.

6. The Law of Connection

“Past, Present, and Future are all connected.”, “- Each step leads to the next step, and so forth and so on.”

The Sixth Law of Karma states states that everything that we do, everything that is around us and every single moment are all interconnected. This law states that we need to move to get the ball rolling. That without movement no change will ever happen. It also tells us that every little step matters. The first step is as important as the very last. This basically tells us not to give up.

The Law of Connection also states that the past affects the present and the present will predict the future. Hence if our forefathers did something, it will affect our lives and what we do today will affect the life of our children and their children. This also means that what we do now REALLY MATTER because they all affect the future; ours and other’s.

Our actions, no matter how big or small have effects on this world, whether good or bad so we must learn their importance.

7. The Law of Focus

“One cannot think of two things at the same time.”, “If our hearts and minds want to find Spiritual Enlightenment, we cannot do it when we focus on greed, anger and negativity.”

“One cannot think of two things at the same time.”

“One cannot think of two things at the same time.”, “If our hearts and minds want to find Spiritual Enlightenment, we cannot do it when we focus on greed, anger and negativity.”

The Law of Focus is one of the most practical laws that we can apply to our daily lives. In our modern day and age, we try to do so many things, all at the same time. Multitasking is valued a lot. But this basically diminishes our focus. It stops us from doing something to the fullest. When we do not have a full focus on something, our hearts become filled with anxiety and stress. We become mentally and physically agitated.

The Seventh Law also states that if want to find enlightenment, we must abandon our focus on worldly things that focus on greed, anger and negativity. We must stop worrying about amassing so much wealth that we forget how to forge good relationships. We must forget anger to create good relationships. We must leave negativity behind so that we can live positively and help everyone around us.
Through meditation and the quietness of our hearts, we can find focus and peace.

8. The Law of Giving and Hospitality

Here is where we put what we CLAIM that we have learned, into actual PRACTICE.

In this Law, we will be tested by proving our morals and beliefs. If we believe in goodness, kindness and helping others, then we must show it and prove to EVERYONE AND EVERY SINGLE BEING. In all religions and philosophical beliefs and even in the very core of our humanity is the call to help and to give to others. Muslim, Christian, Pagan, Buddhist, Hindu, Jewish or any other school of thought tells us to help others who are in need. And if we really claim to be a part of one of these religions, then we must assist others.

The call to Give and be Hospitable is not just giving help to those close to us, but also giving help to those society has deemed as outcasts and are thought of as nothing. This law also calls us to help even the littlest of creatures. Stray dogs, stray cats, helpless birds and many others need our help. Giving them food and water can save their lives. Helping beggars and homeless people have a warm mean and not just giving alms allow us to be truly giving and hospitable.

9. The Law of Here and Now

One cannot be in the here and now if they are looking backward to examine what was or forward to worry about the future.

If we focus on either the past or future too much, we forget to enjoy and live in the present moment. We only cling to our dreams from the past or become obsesses about the future we tend to be filled with anxiety. Yes everything we do are all interconnected, but we cannot go back into the past, and we cannot yet into the future just yet. The only thing we have now is the present. The present is the only thing we have control of.

If we do good in the present, the future will be good and the past will be at peace. But aside from working hard now, we must also live happily in this present time. The Here and the Now will become our memories and it will also determine if we will be happy and strong in the future. So you see, living in the very moment you are in is essential. You must create now, work well now, live now and enjoy life now.

10. The Law of Change

History repeats itself until we learn the lessons that we need to change our path.

The Tenth Law of Karma is the Law calling us to CHANGE. It states that we continue the things we do now, things will never improve or change for us. Trials and obstacles happen to us to teach us something vital; however if we never learn from those lessons, they will continue to happen. For example, being careless about money. If we are always careless about our finances, we will keep on experiencing loss and debt and even bankruptcy. In love, if we keep on letting others abuse us, then we will always be unhappy and depressed. We need to learn from these lessons for us to change our lives and grow.

Change can be painful. Change is difficult. We cling to what we know because familiarity brings us comfort. Humans are creatures of habit. But without learning to embrace the pain of change we can never find true happiness and freedom.

11. The Law and Patience and Reward

“The greater the Reward, the greater amount of Patience and toll is needed to achieve it.”

We all dream of success and happiness but a lot of us fear the hard work that comes along with it. If we want good things to happens to us, we must be willing to work hard for them. If something is comes too easy, then it usually has little value. Relationships that last long and are happy require our efforts in order for us to be the right partner and just demanding to have a perfect mate.

We cannot just demand from the world to give us what we want, we must put our minds and bodies to work to achieve them. If you want to be successful at work and be promoted to the top, you must work hard; but not just work you must also do it with dedication and love

12. The Law of Significance and Inspiration

“One gets back from something whatever they put into it.”, The true value of something is a direct result of the energy and intent that is put into it.”. “Loving actions and contributions contribute and give life and meaning to the Universe”.

The Twelfth and final Law of karma states that what we sow we shall reap. That if we put a significant amount of effort into something, then we will derive much value from it. However we will value something very little, we will not be able to achieve much from it. This Law also states that if we put love into our efforts, it creates inspiration. Inspiration changes the world and makes it more beautiful. It brings about goodness beauty and truth.

When we are working hard and doing our best, we are inspired. When we are inspired by the things that we do, we normally get rewards both as material and spiritual rewards from them. Thus if we want benefit from something, we must be inspired enough to value our tasks. This inspiration and hard work will then bear fruit.

The Laws of Karma as Guiding Principles

I know that this article has been very long. If you have reached all the way to this part, I would like to thank you. This twelve laws are timely lessons that each and everyone of us can use to live a better and a happier life. Use this twelve laws to help you become enlightened, kinder and more attuned with life.


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    Hi – I’ve been searching for answers to my present situation and the 12 Laws of Karma pretty much answered all my questions – I’m going to print this off! Thank you!

    • StormJewel on 10/10/2016 at 5:52 pm

      glad it helped 🙂

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