What Are Past Life Regression Readings?

Have you ever wondered who you were in the past? Have you had visions and dreams that you can’t seem to explain but you know are some sort of memories? Or have you ever felt connected to something or someone for some reason that you can’t explain? Well, maybe in your past life, you may have a connection to this thing or person, and thus getting a past life regression reading can help you understand you are better and heal your past wounds.

Past life regression readings are done in order for you to go back into your past life and be able to see yourself in a particular life that you have had before.

What Is The Purpose of Past Life Regression Readings?

Past life regression readings is a kind of reading done with a hypnotist or psychic who specializes in a past life. They are done in order to connect with your past, see your soulmate or heal from past traumas.

When you visit your past life, you can learn more about who you were. You can discover why a particular thing hurts you or why you are having bad karma in this current life. Healing is one of the utmost reasons why you should get a past life regression reading.


We all carry trauma. Trauma can stem from past events, our childhood or even our past lives. We need to heal in order for us to grow. We need to recover from all the trauma that we have experienced in order for us to grow and become the best versions of ourselves. Past life regression sessions can help you find that healing that you need.

When you connect to your past self and your past life, you allow yourself to see your mistakes and learn from them. You can learn to forgive yourself. You can also see things that have hurt you in the past and learn that you need not fear them. Healing stems from seeing yourself and instead of feeling the pain, you just observe that moment in the past and embrace the growth all those pains bring.


Don’t you ever wonder who you were in the past? Were you a princess or a spice merchant? A pirate perhaps? A dog or a cat? Have you travelled to distant lands before? We all at some point want to know who we were before.

And why are we curious about who we are? Well knowing who you are in the past gives you a clue into why you act the way you do now. It allows you to know why you have certain quirks and also gives you insights why you like and dislike certain things.

Dealing With Family Issues

When you go into the past, you may understand why you were put in the family you in now. At times it is to heal, at times it is due to karma. Some times are also things such as family curses that may have been inflicted on your family and thus your current family is suffering now and thus you must find the person who was angered in the past and ask and seek forgiveness in order to remove the bad vibrations flowing into your family tree.

Resolving Bad Karma

No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. At some point in our lives or our past lives, we had been a toxic person or was even evil. And with so, we receive bad karma. Our fortune become horrible in the present because we have done some really bad things in the past. Karma will always come to give a balance in life. So in order to remove the bad karma, one mast know one’s transgressions in the past in order to make up for them.

Through past life regressions, we can know the mistakes we have committed in the past and atone for them. We can remove the bad karma that we are experiencing now by doing good things and asking forgiveness to those we have hurt in the past.

Releasing Fears

Phobias and fears can step from the things that have occurred in our past lives. We can be afraid of certain things and moments because of something that has hurt us before. It can even the reason why we died in the past. Getting a past life regression reading can allow you to see from a safe place what happened in the past and learn why you fear a certain thing or event.

What To Expect In A Past Life Regression Reading?

Getting a past life regression reading can be both exciting and scary. Many people fear experiencing the pains they have felt in the past. But getting this type of reading from an expert and trained regressionist can be liberating and fulfilling.

The First Session

During your first session, you may need about two to three hours of time in order to relax and be fully prepared to go into the past. You need to fully clear your mind and go into the past. Your regressionist will put you in a relaxed meditative state and begin once you are fully still and peaceful.

Meditative Hypnosis

When you get a past life regression reading, the regressionist will put you in a meditative trance. This hypnotic state won’t be a full hypnosis. You will still be aware of your surroundings and your environment but you will feel light and airy. You will feel you body but you will know your mind and soul is going else where. Unlike an astral progression, your soul doesn’t fully leave your body, but it goes into a trance.

The Corridor of Lives

Once you in a trance, the hypnotist will now place you in the corridor of lives. This is a place where you will see many doors. These doors open into your past lives. He will then ask you to pick a certain door and step into it. Once you do, you will see a certain life that you’ve had.

Facing A Past Death

Many people take past life regression readings in order to know how they have died before. Do not be afraid with the moment you will face and see how you have died before; instead of feeling the insurmountable pain that you have experienced at time of your death, you just observe that moment. Being able to witness how you have died will allow you to gain acceptance with how you have died and also help you face death in your current life with peace and without fear.

Getting a past life regression reading can be good for those who fear death too much. It can be away to gain peace.

What To Do After A Past Life Regression Reading?

Once you have had one session, you may want now several sessions in order to visit more past lives that you’ve had. You may be asked to do some homework such as doing meditation, journaling and even getting reiki healing.

Getting a past life regression reading can allow you to heal, find peace and move forward.

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