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Thank you so much for all the GOOD FEEDBACK!

The ladies of StormJewel’s Psychics would like to thank all of you for the love and support we are getting!

We appreciate all the kind words and wonderful feedback you have given us. 

We hope that you will come back for more readings

so that we can help you further in your Life Journeys

So toast to all the wondeful people who made the time and effort to write what they feel about our readings.

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StormJewelHola StormJewel,

Thank you very much for doing this. It is considerably more comprehensive than anticipated and represents great value – on my levels. I realize you’re using a computer to generate many of the elements – likely with your intuitive talents – yet it still has a personal feel.

I really like how the report provides encouragement for challenging areas, highlighting the gifts of deeper internal work and commitment to growth. Too often the astrological reports and community focus on the negative without providing consideration for transformation. Your report is a refreshing antidote.

The relationship with Kels is new and is at a friendship stage with the added dynamic of employer/employee element. So, time will tell what path illuminates. I will use this report to provide perspective and insight to serve the highest capacity.

Many happy days ahead for you and your relations.


Hello StormJewel,

Thank you, I found this reading helpful. It matches what is going on and how I perceive things/certain people, and it also matches what someone else told me and also some horoscopes that I read regularly. So I’m happy about that because it tells me that since you all match each other more or less that I can expect the predictions to come true.

Kind regards,


I met StormJewel in Cusco while travelling for a couple of months and she offered to do a tarot reading for me then.
Louisa did my reading with lots of professionalism, she Is really passionate about tarot and cares a lot about her clients.
The reading she did for me was extraordinarily accurate, she gave me lots of clarity in the areas of my life where I needed it. What I liked about her is that she didn’t pretend to offer answers but rather focus on offering guidance. This was quite refreshing and gave me back full control over my everyday life.
I would like to recommend Louisa as a serious and professional tarot reader to anyone looking for conscious and accurate tarot reading.
Louisa is also extremely kind and serious and her predictions came true a few weeks after the reading. I’m glad I got to meet such an amazing tarot reader.

Hi there

The reading was great and honest. All subjects that I questioned were answered to the fullest of her ability and she was incredibly honest with reference not being able to define timeframes. Whilst she said my job change/loss would be successful she didn’t actually say what field of work I would be in – this would be the only negative I would have to say.

Have already recommended her to several friends and let them read my reading (one was my boss – not sure if that was a good idea or not!).

If she could possibly confirm what field of work I would be in that would help, but yes, definitely a good reading and would use her again.

Kind regards



Stormwell’s reading is very detailed and thoughtful.
She presented her reading in a very clear and easily understood way.

After ‎her reading, I felt literally all my questions were answered and I felt lighter and the love that went into it.

It is a very good reading.



Thank you so much for this, especially turning it around so fast – it’s awful waiting to hear 🙂

I truly appreciate the depth and clarity of the reading, it resonates very deeply with me, and I know my guides HAVE TOLD ME THIS BEFORE, and they must want to slap me upside the head, but it just re confirms the direction I know I ought to be travelling in.

And thank you for the romantic advice, it allows me to get some sanity back in my life!

Thank you, it really is deeply appreciated

With love


Dear StormJewel,

Thank you for getting my reading over to me. Wow, a lot to go through and take in. We are actually packing up to move right now as we have found a house closer to London to rent while our farm and land sale goes through. I am a property developer and so the university course will hopefully enable me to change career. As the cards state, a lot of change. I particularly like the hermit card, that sounds great!

Thanks again for taking the time to do my reading.

With much appreciation and kind regards,


Dear Stormjewel,

What a wonderful reading, thank you so much, all seems so very accurate. JC having had recently a divorce and feeling guilt/regret/sadness at the moment, me having a big issue always wanting to feel in control, even though knowing this is not possible. We had a two-month short passionate relationship a year ago, stayed in touch about once a month since, and have recently ” restarted” something that, for the moment, looks more like friendship. But is this really the way to go, me knowing what I want, him not so much. When you talk about the Five of Wands, it makes me think of his issue with a childhood trauma that is very much of a problem for him today, I know we would have to speak to each other a lot about this if we ever get together again.

Thank you for giving me clarity about the different options, it’s very interesting, but is there any possibility for you to tell me what you feel about the time frame if I decide to give a future with JC a chance, you give me the option to persevere, but are we talking years or months..? I would be so relieved if you could tell me something about this… It could very much help me in making a decision whether to leave or not…\

Have a wonderful day and thank you once again, you are extremely gifted and thank you for sharing this gift!



Thank you so much StormJewel, that is so interesting and does bring me comfort. I will definitely contact you again for another reading in the future when I have other questions 🙂

Kind Regards


Thank you for all your help, StormJewel. I got my reading at the other email. I am very satisfied and will be back!


Dear storm jewel,

Thank you so much for the reading. I felt a strong connection too, as I was reading, my eyes filled with tears.I’m honestly very touched at how much effort you put into it and even going over the word count etc. That was very kind of you. Words can’t explain the pain I’ve been through when my ex-boyfriend betrayed me. Your reading has given me the reassurance I desperately needed…that life will get better. I will definitely take aboard all the advice you have given me. I hope meditation will help me accept my life & help me let go of him. This is my third reading with storm jewels psychics and I look forward to more in the future.

Thank you for helping me. I hope you get the email.

Love Amina x


Thank you for the reading. It all makes perfect sense. There could never be a relationship as he has moved half way across the country. You have given me the answer, one that I knew, to move on. It feels somewhat liberating. Thanks again.



Hi Storm,

I want to thank you for that very insightful reading. It really hit home. I write cozy mysteries, but they’re like Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series – funny and light. There is a strong romance theme for the protagonist through the two books I’ve written, so what you wrote about romance fits perfectly.

I am self-published on Amazon (I have two books on there, my pen name is Kathleen Grasso if you’re curious- ironically, they are about a young woman who becomes psychic after hitting her head). I was contemplating writing the next one and then sending it to agents instead of self-publishing. My hope was getting someone to sign me for the series. After seeing your reading, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. You saw about 6 months before some success and that actually would be about the time I finish the 3rd book.

I was heartbroken that selling my books turned out to be so difficult. Advertising is extremely expensive, but it’s the only time I sell anything. When I read about other indie writers selling 1500 books in the first month, it hurts. All in all, people have been leaving positive reviews so I should try to focus on that and move forward.

I will heed your advice and take a break. I feel like I need to get myself back together and motivated again.

I wish you the very best with your children’s book. Amazon does provide a wonderful opportunity, but the hard part is advertising. There are SO many indie authors on Amazon that it’s hard to get noticed. On the upside, they’re forums are of great support and there are some huge success stories.

Thank you again. You’ve given me hope which was what I needed.

If there’s any questions you have about self-publishing on Amazon, don’t hesitate to ask. I’d be happy to stay in touch.

Take care,

Dear StormJewel,

Thank you for a lovely read. This has helped a lot. Thank you
Nasrin xx



Wow! I feel like this is extremely accurate right now. I wish I had given more detail in my original question, because I wasn’t sure how much detail to give for my reading.

The very small company I worked for was just acquired by a global company and you were right, I have been taking it personally and I am trying to see if all of the hard work and effort I have put in will ever actually pay off. You were right to see the death card as the old company no longer exists and it has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me as we are being asked to take a giant leap of faith by hanging in there!

Thanks for your insight, I will definitely use this service again, except next time I will provide additional details!


Thank You!!!

Thank you so much! I greatly appreciate your insight on this relationship with Dustin! I really like him and feel as though I’ve been letting other factors cloud my judgement. You were correct on him having a son as well…I’m assuming it is Nicole his son’s mother being the one messing with both of us right now. Thank you so much!


Hi Stormjewel:

I had received your reading, and man, were they accurate, I had also ordered a second reading with Maria, they were additional questions I had after I read her reading a few weeks ago, and I had not received that.

To clarify things, I ordered two times in a row on Dec 1st, one for Maria and one for you. Different set of questions.

Also, I will keep you all updated on my situations with the girls.


Hi StormJewel,

Hello storm jewel thank you for the name compliment 🙂 and for the reading you were pretty on pointt for my reading I believe but I am a bit confused as to what path to choose still on which guy is the one in the reading that things will work out with but I hope it’s who I’m hoping it’s about. But overall great reading! Will definitely be back for another someday!


Dear Storm Jewel,

Thank you so much for my reading. I’m so happy with it and thank you for sending it today as well.
I was recommended by a web site I’m sorry I can’t remember which one.

Thank you very much. I will be in touch again for another reading.

Kind Regards

Dear StormJewel,

Thank you for your lovely reading, it helps a lot. If you don’t mind I have two questions, maybe you can answer them:

First of all, I have been in a relationship with sven – does that make a difference to the reading or might it mean that there is a chance of reconciliation? Secondly, you have not seen any other men coming into my life have a bigger relevance, correct?

Thank you a lot and warm regards,

Hi StormJewel,

I am sorry to hear you weren’t well, but am glad to hear that you are getting better! Thank you so much for your guidance! I feel as if my soul has been given light again. Your words have already helped tremendously. Your gift is amazing.

Thank you!

Dear StormJewel,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for your kind and helpful reading. It provided me with a lot of clarity and confirmed feelings I had been experiencing with both career options. Many things in your reading resonated with me. Thank you once again!

Much love,


Dear StormJewel,

I hope you are feeling better. Thank you so much for your reading. I am sorry for being unreasonable and asking you such detailed questions for a 500 word reading. Next time Ill save up and book a comprehensive reading with you. Thank you for your kindness and answering my questions in great detail, I appreciate it.

Thank you for teaching me so many things, I will be optimistic regarding my job situation. Yes you are right, I loose hope sometimes. I tried everything, I have been volunteering at a health department and made contacts there and asked all of them, asked all my friends, like you suggested I need to come up with a innovative way and identify the contact who would help me overcome this obstacle. You are absolutely right in my field it is all about whom you know.

God bless you immensely, thank you for all you do. It was so nice interacting with you, you are so warm and wise. I wish to learn more from you in future.


Hi StormJewel,

The reading is so greatly appreciated; everything resonated with me so completely. You hit the nail on the head with my fiancé, he is actually diagnosed with bipolar II and can swing with various moods.

I just wanted to ask a follow up question to my job/career outlook. I am actually currently unemployed and have bounced from job to job recently. I suppose I’d like to know if there is anything additional for me in that aspect.


Chanary Kim

Hi StormJewel

Thanks for your comprehensive reply and additional hints to aid meditation – really appreciate it!

I am more than happy for you to use my reading if it is of help to you.

With best wishes


Dear Storm,

Thank you very much
Your reading is on point and verified everything that’s in front of me , it’s just sad but a reality I have to face.


Dear Stormjewel,

Thank you for my reading- I agree with everything in it! I really appreciate the empowering insight you provided, I feel much more uplifted 🙂

Thank you again! I will definitely be back!



This is great, thank you so much!

Really enjoyed the reading.


Dear StormJewel:

I was again amazed by your reading. It is honest and accurate, detailed and thoughtful.. I read again and again to get guidance and faith of what I was doing. I like how you honestly told me you cannot see the far furure. Your 3 years prediction actually good to help me to clarify my doubts and guide me to continue my “fight” for my life. I love the reading so much!

The main concern of my April exam which is near the corner. Your reading brought me confidence to jump in my study to go for it. I hope I can pass!

I want to give special thanks to your blessing for my son, who is currently struggling with his love life. I showed him your reading and he did get some guidance to move on to a better love.

As for John and me, you really see the problem that held us back, John’s daughter has two little sons without marriage. He is helping her to raise the two young grandchildren, financially and physically. Can you help me to see if this can change in the near future that John can be with me without their holding him back?

I cannot say enough how much I love and appreciate the reading. I also feel the energy you have meditated for us. I will be your loyal customer to have you guide me through the tough periods of my life.

Best Regards,

Dear StormJewel

I just wanted to send my thanks and gratitude. I had a reading done by Evie back in 2016 and it was a true blessing. She hit the nail on the head with my love life and to this day, I still look back on the reading. I just returned and ordered a reading with Maria and am just as excited! Many thanks for all that you do!!



Please let Luisa know that I am so stunned and appreciated her reading. I was very inspired and happy with it.

I love the reading and will come back to get more advice for sure.

Best regards,

Hi StormJewel,

Indeed our relationship has been between the both. I have sought the seek of help of twin flame healing and had a tarot reading done before the healing and it seems like we are meant to be but would need to put in lots of hard work in order for the marriage to be a happy one.

Had received the cups of three card, the lovers card and lastly the ten of wands in the reading before healing was done.

Best Regards


Thank you! I just read through the info for a second time. The little black dog is Shorty who passed in 2003. He and I had a very special relationship.

I have always felt that my conception occurred on Valentine’s Day. Even the part about my birthmother sitting in a deck chair and making the decision to put me up for adoption seems realistic as she was in denial for many months about her pregnancy.

I am not sure who the grandfather figure is and I never had a parrot.

I think there is the possibility that my birthmother did see me one time when my adoptive mother took me to visit the nun-social worker from the foundling home I was adopted from. I believe my birthmother worked across the street from it and I remember my mom telling me that the nun asked her not to bring me to visit in the future. I was an infant at the time.

Obviously I have much to mull over!
Thank you for a very interesting reading.


Thank you so much. This offered a lot of clarity. Please let Storm Jewel know I was very happy with my reading. I found it to be very accurate and helpful.


Dear Jewel,

Thank you so much for the reading.. the reading for relationship is spot on.. there has been both talk about creating a family and also almost a breakup plus my family does not approve.
I’m so lost.

Best Regards

Dear Marie,

Please send my warmest and sincerest thanks to Stormjewel for her reading, and tell her that I’m most impressed at such a speedy delivery! More to the point, I’ve read it and find it so reassuring, positive and extremely hopeful! No doubt, I will re-read it many times over, as it gives me a great sense of comfort and peace!

Thanks again for a wonderful service,


Hi StormJewel

The reading was amazing very helpful, it has so much detail covered it reminded me to focus on my self something I’ve forgotten about the links were also very helpful.. Thanks for letting me know about the follow up question I honestly can’t think of anything extra to ask or that’s on my mind

Many thanks


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Email Psychic Forecast by MariaHello Maria!

Thank you for your email reading it was very accurate and reassuring as I have just gone through a divorce. I will definitely be asking for an in-depth reading by you in the near future and certainly, recommend you to friends.

kind regards



Hi Maria,

This is the best reading I have ever had. It astounded me and I am so grateful to find you. Would you please let me know if I can continue more reading later on? Like anything in life whenever I need guidance? How can I do that with you? Please let me know.

Thank you very much! English is not my native language so I just can’t describe enough how much I appreciate this reading. Hope to talk to you soon.


Hi Maria,

I received an email reading from you on Friday 23rd Oct, and I would like to leave positive feedback but at this moment I don’t think I can. I have never had an email reading before so I suppose I went ahead with some scepticism. Out of the 3 readers on the site, I felt drawn to you, to do my reading without researching your background at all. My question to you was about a situation that I am in with a guy that I am interested in( more a love situation). The response from you was so nice and positive, in a sense that it was almost a bit fairytale, which made me feel nice. However, there are some issues around my situation which was not highlighted at all in your response. The very next day (Saturday) the way this guy is talking does not seem like will be in his future as you described. I have been having readings for years and clearly understand that things will not change in a day. But for some reason, from your email, I was hoping to feel alot more positive from this, but i am very unsure. I would still like to thank you for your time on this
I would like to ask do you offer in-person/telephone readings?



Thank you for the astrology report! I’m looking forward to receiving Maria’s psychic reading. She is always so accurate and wonderful.


Dear Maria

Well that was crazy. My husbands name is James!!! and you called that out! We’ve been trying for a child and we are in our second year of marriage.



Hi Maria,
Thanks for your reading, once again it has resignated with me. The guy with the eyes is Leonard Sullivan, and my heart is perhaps a little guarded as he is 6ft 5 and very handsome, I am 5ft 3 so I find him very intimidating, and I am naturally very shy. Also he has had a very colourful past he was engaged and that ended, then he was going out with someone else, had a child with her think they broke up early this year. So he has a colourful past and is in huge contrast to mine and would normally feel he was the kinda guy for me. But given an opportunity I will strike up a conversation with him and remain open. I am so happy to hear there will be a guy coming to my home as I do not plan to rent out any of my rooms to create a space for love to enter. Can you tell if this will happen before Christmas time ? I have a family wedding on the 18th of July 2020 and really love to be in a loving and comitted relationship by then. Plus in the May reading you were also very correct about documents getting lost in the post and I having to be very firm with the local County Council. So well done you.

Miriam x



A big thank you to Evie for her report. I think it was almost spot on. I have had 3 psychic reports now from various places all telling me the same thing, Evie confirmed things for me and I will take her advice. Can you pass on my thanks?



Thank you so much the reading was good. Honest and truthful. Evie was kind and gentle in telling me that my relationship would not return. Thank again.

Dearest Evie

Thank you again, the work you do to help people like myself and give us comfort when really needed is amazing.

It has helped me so much going into a new year, knowing what is to come . I did fill in the comments box at bottom of your page with review and thanking you but i dont see it so if there is another way i can do this for you please let me know.

Iona x

Hi Evie,

Thank you so much for my reading which I received no bother.

Oh my goodness I dont know what to say. The reading is unreal. You have our relationship 100%. I am in tears as you are so right. explaining your reading….. The ongoing issues are we have known each other just over two years, he has had two awful relationships in past and think he very wary of me being the same which I am nothing like the other people he has had in his life so he doesnt see why I like him and that I am not after his money etc like they were. My relationships have not been good as I have always been cheated on and I got left when I was pregnant and I am a single parent to a gorgeous son i wouldnt change for world (he now 19). Other than relationships my family,friends etc are great in my life. I have been very tearful recently when i am alone as i do hold onto the past and wonder what i did wrong but i know i should not do this. This morning I was crying because i was sad, tonight i am crying with happiness after your reading. I have always thought Richie was the one from the first time I saw him and we met and two people with past bad relationships it is hard to trust as you can imagine. I will do as you say and release the old sad past and very much look forward to my relationship with Richie. I honestly cannot thank you enough for taking the time out to help me in this way, you have the most amazing gift. Sorry that I have rabbited on and on but thought I would try and explain how right you are. I honestly feel a different person tonight.

With many many thanks and blessings

I wish you and your family a very happy 2019

Iona x

Hi Evie,

Thank You so much! Can you please let Evie know the reading is awesome? I really appreciate it.