7 Simple Steps On How To Be A Telepath?

Telepaths are people who can communicate with others despite the distance and space between them. They have the ability to send messages to someone they want to talk to even if that person is far. At times, telepaths can even tap into the inner thoughts and feelings of others.

What is Telepathy?

Telepathy is the ability to communicate with others who are not physically present with you at the moment. It is one of the powerful psychic gifts that has mystified man since the beginning of time.

We often wonder if others can hear or understand us even when they are far. During ancient times, when electronic communication was not yet invented, man sought out telepathy in order to send messages to their loved ones who are in miles and miles away.

How to Develop Telepathy

Most Telepaths are born with that skill. They can easily sense and hear others and are often given the gift of clairaudience or clairsentience. However, one may seek the gift of telepathy if he or she is willing to give it the time and effort to acquire this skill.

Telepathy is one of the higher psychic skills. It is difficult to learn and develop. But with patience and practice, one can learn to communicate over space and time.

To develop telepathy, one must learn to FOCUS. It requires much focus and concentration to send thoughts over to someone who is in a far distance. A lot of energy and willpower is required to telepathically communicate your ideas.

Here are the steps to developing telepathy

1. Focus – The first and most important step in learning telepathy is learning how to focus. Our mind tends to wander about and think of a myriad of thoughts and thus being able to push a thought over space can be difficult.

In order to get a high level of focus to develop telepathy, you must first learn to focus on objects. Try looking at a piece of an item like a ball or a book. Look at it for a minute without blinking. Focus on it and see it in your mind.

2. Zone out – The next step is to learn how to block out the other physical senses. Our senses push thoughts into our minds and thus it is harder to focus when we feel stimulation from our eyes, ears, nose, mouth, skin and body.

To zone out, you may opt to listen to white noise and also use an eye mask to cover your eyes. Try to block out any thoughts coming into your head. Now, once you have done so, try to focus on a particular item.

3. Meditate – Meditation is key to almost any psychic ability. It is the ability to be calm and be able to at peace. Meditation allows your mind and body to be in sync. And when you are in sync, it easier to transmit telepathic messages.

4. Visualize – Visualize the item you focusing on in step one. Now see being in your head and then being pushed out. There is a string connected from your head and the item, for example, the ball. Try to focus on the ball and see that it is floating near your head. Then try to move the ball while it is still connected to your mind and the string.

Now you have learned the first steps in learning how to push messages out of your psyche and into space. The next step is practising with a partner.

5. Practice with a partner – Now you have learned to send messages out from your mind and into a distance, this is now the time to learn to send it to SOMEONE.

Find a partner. This person can be both physically present or not. You must first start the session by focusing on a certain object just like step one. And then try zoning out. Once you have done that do a few breathing exercises and try to meditate.

Now you may both begin visualizing something. Take turns sending the visualization to your partners.

Find out if you were able to send the message by asking your partner if he was able to pick it up.

6. Write this in a journal – Write down your visualizations. Also, write down if you were successful in a session with a partner in sending telepathic messages.

7. Practice – The most important step is to practice. You must repeat steps 1-6 several times in order to strengthen your telepathic muscles.

Mentalists are one of the best examples of telepaths and they practice hard and often to develop their skills.

Psychic Powers

Developing telepathic abilities can help you gain more and more psychic abilities. Many psychics can communicate over time and space and this allows them to see and know things better than a normal person can.

If you can learn, even a little telepathy, you can also influence others better. Telepathy can also give you the ability to reach other to people and pets who you may not have the ability to communicate with personally or digitally.

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