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Sample Psychic Email by Maria

Email Psychic MariaQuestion: My partner and I have been experiencing blocks on every level and we have found ourselves short of money. When will things get easier for us?


Dear David

Thanks for choosing me to read for you.

As I read your question I can feel the immense pressure on you right now in terms of making your sure your relationship survives this little blip. It is a little blip I am being shown from spirit.  I am also being shown that there have been problems with a red car, which as I will explain later be resolved with financial help in the form of a friend who owes you a favour.

I also have some money tips I’ll throw in at the end as a little extra for you as they have really helped me. I have calculated your numerology for this year and you are in a year 3 which is in fact the worst year for finances so I am not surprised this relates to your questions.

It is however a good year for romance but a year where you may start things and not finish them. Next year is a year four, we’re nearly into 2013 and this is better but hard work is needed.

As I shuffle the cards I can feel your energy being lifted in the next few days and I want you to know that there are no bad cards in this spread for you.

I feel in the next two weeks are extremely significant for you and will have somewhat of a spiritual awakening in terms of how to tackle the debt in your life right now.

Your partner also appears to have a last name with a Scottish connection as I am seeing the letters MC or MAC very clearly.

I would normally advise someone in the situation you are in to perhaps try and downscale a little or make some small sacrifices by maybe shopping at a cheaper store however David, I do feel that this situation around money is short lived and you actually have access to some that you may have misplaced.

I am being told that the fact you have found yourself a little short is a complete surprise to you as you are usually quite good with money.

Your partner I feel David has been suffering in silence around work and you feel that you are to blame for this. Has your partner gone back to work after having a baby perhaps, a little too soon? Do not feel bad she would not have gone back to work had she not felt like it.

Spend some quality time together and ask her to open up to you about any troubles she is having at work as she really just needs to talk to someone about it and both of you will feel better for it. If you can both get out to a natural place this should help you reconnect and make it easier to discuss any things that have been kept hidden.

Also I pick up someone who is a Pisces around you and this person who was once vibrant has gone a little quiet. This will pass in the next 7 days.

I am also picking up a connection to Dorset in terms of work and I feel that one or two of you are away from home for work sometimes, which may have caused a strain on the relationship. I am being shown that you have not enjoyed a holiday for some time however there is a short break away being shown to me.

I am picking up that one of you works in Media and I feel that this may be you. This is your year for recognition and I am being shown Radio Presenting for you.

I also feel that both of you have been wishing a lot and praying a lot and wondering why things have not been answered by the universe. This has been heard by the angels and there is a very close person who is no longer with us on your side of the family possibly and uncle or older sibling who passed very suddenly who is very much around you and I pick up a name which looks like or sounds like Sean. He is there to guide you and is actually laughing because he said that you are a little worry head about things.

In the meantime may I suggest that you visualise yourself debt free, you have to really believe this whilst doing it and not feel stupid. Imagine a number that is realistic on your bank statement. Imagine the feeling of being debt free focus on this and not on being in debt and I think this will help.

I keep getting victory and success cards for you so I really don’t think this situation will be forever. I know its hard but I feel that its you both but I really see positive things for you.

Now for my finance helping tips:

A citrine crystal in your purse really helps finances, since I found this out I never ever have a purse without one. It’s the money crystal and also the colour green is helpful as its the representative colour of money. Burning green candles and keeping your wealth corner of your home clear may help too.

Recently I have found myself a little short of cash when last year was so fruitful. I have realised that I had moved my bed into the far left corner of my flat (far left corner is the wealth corner) and it was blocking the energy so blocking the money!!! I moved it back double quick as it had been like that for a few months and I saw an improvement in my finances.

I really do hope this helps.

Stay positive as there are some people within spirit who are guiding you. You only have to talk to them to allow them to guide you and it will be given. An older female person in spirit is telling you not to worry about Christmas as it will be very abundant this year and the problems you are experiencing now with finances will ease off after July a little. Wearing yellow will really life your energy for those low days you have been experiencing.

Love and Light


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