Video and Phone Readings with StormJewel!

After 10 years (and well over 3000 hours, or 126 days straight!) of providing tarot guidance, meticulous care and advice by email, (and 27 years of reading the tarot) I've decided that now is a great time to offer you my readings by phone and video calls, so that you can get the empowering info that you need to bring clarity and achieve your goals and dreams.

Why should I get a reading by phone/video?

I've sometimes said that I believe that whilst phone readings do have their place, email readings are often better as they allow the psychic or tarot reader to go into more depth, without distraction or needing to elicit excessive details from the querent.

I still believe that emails are an amazing way to receive really thoughtful readings, but having done them for so long I can now take my unique approach and strategy, and my intuitive way of asking questions around the issue, to provide you with deep insights by video call.

tarot by smartphone
With Love

I'm here to give you with honest, deep and insightful advice and you can now see me and the cards as I do it. I have read for people in person for many years and I do find it to be a wonderfully energising and exciting way to provide tarot guidance, for both myself and you.

I will use the meditative focus and spiritual connection that I tap into for email readings, and channel this into a more instantaneous connection by phone or video, giving your questions a ton of detail, consideration and attention.

I've lived a colourful life and advised people on many different situations and am totally non judgemental.  Your reading will be completely confidential as always.

If you want to know more about me and the way I will connect to you and read for you, or see some of my hundreds of great feedback, please check my email reading page.

To find out more about our readings and how we help people read this!

How to book

To get a video and phone consultation with me please press 'Book Now' to see my schedule and book a time.  

How does the call happen?

Before your reading begins you will receive a link by email to Google Meet, where you will be able to see me and the cards via video.  If you would like to share your video with me, that will be great as there is a wonderful thing about a face to face connection, but if you would rather not that is absolutely fine too!

tarot video call

You don't need any special software or experience to use google meet, simply click the link I'll send and it will all work fine.  If for any reason you can't use google meet simply let me know on the form and we will find another way!

its easy

One last thing: I have mild CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) and in my case this means that I can sometimes feel unwell without much warning.  I like to have a clear head when I read, in order to connect as well as I can, and so in the event that I do feel unwell when your reading is coming up, I will reschedule so I can do the best I can for you. I'll do my best to avoid this but sometimes it may happen.

Thanks for your understanding! <3


I'm currently offering video calls for £77 per hour.  Consider that the large sites that you see advertised often charge $900+ per hour! I'm keeping the price as affordable as I can to say thankyou for considering me as your psychic.  Know that I put a TON of heartfelt energy into bringing you the best possible readings that I can <3

thank you

I offer 1 hour readings as I feel that this amount of time is necessary for the majority of questions if we want to get deep and discover really great answers and empowering advice that will help you to take your life to the next level.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Love and Light! StormJewel

love and light

What happens if one of us has to cancel?

If something comes up or there are technical issues you can re-arrange your time with me.  After you book you will get a confirmation email that will allow you to reschedule. 

Do I have to share my video with you?

No! Whilst it is lovely to see you and helps to create a nice connection, if you would rather just see my video and me hear your voice, that is absolutely fine

Is this protected by your 100% money back guarantee?

Yes! Whilst I'm confident you will love your reading, there is a 100% no questions asked guarantee if you are not satisfied.  Simply drop me an email and I will refund you for your last reading.

Will you cut me off at exactly 1 hour like the big psychic sites do?

No! Unless I have another reading scheduled for straight after, I will always take the time to finish what I have to say, and make sure that everything important has been shared with you so that you feel clear and uplifted!