How Affirmations Can Help You Create The Life You Truly Deserve

Have you ever had a dream or an ambition that you felt was unreachable? Have you ever wanted something so bad that you would do anything to get it but you’re still doubting that you’ll ever get it and in the end dismiss that thought? Well, you should hold on to that dream, because it is possible to make it happen!

Affirmations are thoughts and words that you say to yourself or out loud that call out to the power of the Universe. The word affirmation itself comes from the verb “affirm” and the suffix “-tion”. To affirm means to proclaim or to declare something and the suffix “-tion” means the action of doing something.

So in essence affirmations allows you to make a declaration into action or make a statement actually happen.

What Are Affirmations

According to the English Dictionary, “affirmation” is defined as to “state something is true, or to confirm that something is real”.

Affirmations are statements that declare something and call out the power of the Universe to make those statements happen. They are normally positive statements or sentences that are used in relation to the Law of Attraction that send out energy into the cosmos to cause reality to shift into your favour.

The Law of Attraction states that like energies attract each other and thus positive energy or positive statements pull positive occurrences to happen.

By doing daily affirmations, you attract postive vibrations towards your person and create a life that is filled with joy and success.

How To Do Affirmations

Doing affirmations is quite easy. You can either make your own affirmations or you can browse the internet to find some.

Basically, an affirmation is a clear and short statement that you can repeat to yourself daily, several times a day. At times people have morning affirmation that they tell themselves in front of the mirror before their day begins or something they utter before they sleep at night

Effective affirmations are easy to remember and be said to oneself whereve, whenever. Being specific can also be helpful

Morning Affirmations

When you wake up, your body and soul have just started a new day. Every new day is a chance to change your life and destiny and thus doing affirmations in the morning can be very helpful.

To do morning affirmations, you must have a mantra to tell yourself as you look at yourself in the mirror, brush your teeth or even take a shower. You must consciously choose to think about this affirmation.

For example, you can tell yourself “I have a successful and happy career.” or “My life is full of abundance.”. These affirmations pull positive energy into your day and create optimistic energy in your psyche. Having a positive and happy psyche is the key to having a wonderful life.

Have at least three or four affirmations in the morning to set the mood of your day and also to give you energy and prowess to achieve the life you want. Your morning affirmations can dictate how your day would go.

Evening Affirmations

Before going to bed, you must also do affirmations. Affirmations, done before sleeping work much like prayers. But instead of asking another being to grant you something, it is you, yourself that is pulling in blessings from the cosmos.

Nightly affirmations before bed can very effective because when you are lying down to rest and your mind is relaxed, your soul and your subconscious is at it’s most relaxed and powerful. Aside from affirmations, you can also envision the things you want to manifest and dream of them as you sleep. When you are able to dream about your desires, they normally manifest much easier.

Examples of Affirmations

There are many kinds of affirmations out there. There are affirmations for love, happiness, abundance, health, career and so on.

Love affirmations are made to attract love. Abundance affirmations call out blessings and wealth. Career affirmations bring about career growth. Health affirmations help you with getting fit and healthy. Finally, happiness affirmations create a general pull of joy into your life.

In general, you should have a general affirmation about happiness and then also specific ones for the other areas in your life.

Happiness Affirmations:

1. I am happy and joyful.

2. I feel blessed and grateful.

3. Joy fills my life.

4. Life is beautiful for me.

5. I am always happy.

Love Affirmations

1. I am lovable.

2. I attract the love that I deserve.

3. My love life and relationship is full of joy.

4. I will meet my soulmate

5. I will have the love that I deserve

Career Affirmations

1. My job is fulfiling and wonderful.

2. My career is blossoming.

3. I am doing what I am passionate about

4. I am successful at work and with what I do.

5. I create possibilities for career growth and success.

Abundance Affirmations

1. I am blessed.

2. My life is full of abundance.

3. I am enriched by life.

4. I have everything I need in life

5. My life is bountiful and I have the wealth and finances to live happily.

Health Affirmations

1. My body is fit and healthy.

2. I am energetic and I can do what I want.

3. I am beautiful inside and out.

4. My health is good and I feel great.

5. I am fit and strong.

These are just a few of the affirmations you can say to yourself in order to harness the power of the Law of Attraction. You can even think of and make your own affirmations to suit your needs.

Destiny and Affirmations

Finding your destiny and fulfilling your dreams is the biggest and most important goal in your life. You seek the help of others like psychics and gurus to help you in your path, but ultimately, creating the life that you want is based on your ability to actively participate in the creation of your life path.

If you focus your energy and ask the Universe to bless you, then you can be able to achieve the destiny that is meant for you.

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