What Are Past Life Regression Readings?

Have you ever wondered who you were in the past? Have you had visions and dreams that you can’t seem to explain but you know are some sort of memories? Or have you ever felt connected to something or someone for some reason that you can’t explain? Well, maybe in your past life, you may…

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7 Simple Steps On How To Be A Telepath?

Telepaths are people who can communicate with others despite the distance and space between them. They have the ability to send messages to someone they want to talk to even if that person is far. At times, telepaths can even tap into the inner thoughts and feelings of others. What is Telepathy? Telepathy is the…

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What Questions Should I Ask In A Psychic Email Reading?

Benefits of psychic email readings

Getting a psychic email reading is great way to get insights about the future. However knowing the right questions to ask can help you get a reading that you would love. A psychic email reading is a wonderfully easy way to find answers and peace of mind. So now you’ve stumbled upon this site and…

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How to Read Tea Leaves

Tea Leaf Readings

Reading Tea Leaves is one of the easiest ways to look into the future. It requires tea leaves and a cup and keen eye for symbols and details. Tea leaf reading is one of oldest forms of divination. It dates back as early a the 17th century, when the Dutch brought tea to Europe from…

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How To See Aura Colors and Know Their Meanings

Energy and Aura

What is aura? Aura is the color and energy that surrounds a person, animal or thing. It is the energy that a certain being or matter has. Aura tells us the energy state a person or thing has. How To See Aura? Seeing a person’s is a very useful skill. It allows you to know…

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How to Get a Psychic Reading Without Being Scammed?

Fake Psychics

Getting a psychic reading, specially for the first time could be daunting. There are many good and helpful psychics. However there can also be frauds who are out there to take people’s money and make fools of people who consult them. Scammers and tricksters abound because they know that the gift of knowing the future…

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Are Lucky Numbers Real?

7, 888, 11:11, 3, 100. These are just some examples of lucky numbers. But are lucky numbers real? Do certain numbers hold power and meaning that they draw good fortune into your life? What Are Lucky Numbers? Lucky numbers are numbers that are said to hold special powers, meaning and good fortune in them. Many…

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How to Live Life as An Empath?

Being an empath means you can feel and sense what others feel. You have an affinity to sense how others around you feel. You can sense joy, love, anger, happiness, grief and even pain. However at times being an empath means you feel an unnecessary load of emotions. An emotional overload can hurt you not…

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The Art of Plan B

I have always heard saying and quotes about always living in the moment. I have seen memes that say that you should travel now and work out the money later. But in my head I have always thought about having a decent back up plan. A good PLAN B; something to back you up when…

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