What Questions Should I Ask In A Psychic Email Reading?

Benefits of psychic email readingsGetting a psychic email reading is great way to get insights about the future. However knowing the right questions to ask can help you get a reading that you would love. A psychic email reading is a wonderfully easy way to find answers and peace of mind.

So now you’ve stumbled upon this site and you are probably thinking about getting a psychic email reading from either Maria, Evie or StormJewel herself. However you’re not sure what questions you should ask.

You’re thinking about what problems and issues you may need help on. You are also probably thinking why you should get a psychic email reading.

Let me enlighten you about psychic email readings and the questions you can ask in them.

What Are Psychic Email Readings?

Psychic email readings are readings done by a psychic remotely and sent in via email. These readings are normally well thought of and are given ample time to be meditated on. Psychics who do email readings normally take a few days to answer them and give the questions some thought and concentration before sending the reading back to the client.

Psychic email readings are basically similar to any other reading because there is a psychic whom you ask questions from.

But what makes an email reading different? Well, it’s the time. A lot of times when we get a reading by phone or face to face, the psychic doesn’t have ample time to think and meditate. This is specially true for phone readings where in the guest is charged by the minute.

Psychic email readings takes a few days to be sent back to you because psychics need some time to meditate, focus and center on your being and your questions.

Phone Readings VS. Email Readings

With technology comes change. So from crystal balls and musty candle lit rooms to internet pages and phone listings, psychics have come a long way.

At first psychics innovated by offering phone readings.

Then came chat readings and email readings.

But what’s the difference between phone readings and email readings? Well for starters phone readings are charged by the minute, whereas email readings are charged by the length of the reading.

Both phone readings and email readings have their own pros and cons.

Pros of Phone Readings

1. Instantaneous – You can get your questions answered right away

2. You can hear the voice of your psychic – This will help you know if you have a connection with the psychic

3. You can ask follow up questions right away.

4. Accessible – It is very easy to contact phone psychics and many times they are available 24/7

Cons of A Phone Readings

1. It can be nerve wracking – You can get all nervous and tongue tied as the reading goes on. You can even easily get too nervous that you forget what your questions

2. You may forget what the psychic says – Unless the phone reading comes with an mp3 recording, you may forget what you have talked about on the phone reading.

3. You tend to feel rushed at times – Since phone readings are charged by the minute, you may try to hurry the reading so you don’t get charged more.

4. Psychics can pry for information and use that to give you a reading.

On the other hand you opt to get readings through email. Email readings tend to take a bit longer to get than phone readings. But most of the time they are well thought of and carefully given.

Pros of Email Readings

1. They’re well thought of – Most psychics who give email readings take some time and effort before sending in their readings to their clients.

2. You can back read on them – Being able to go back and read what the psychic has said is very, very useful.

3. They are mediated on – A good reading requires meditation. When a psychic is given the time to meditate and focus on you, he or she can connect to your psyche and your questions better.

4. They are normally cheaper – With the amount of detail you get from a psychic email reading as compared to a phone reading, email readings technically cost much less.

You get much more information for a smaller fee compared to phone readings.

5. You readings are never rushed – You may never feel that your readings are rushed or that you are just being given information you already know.

Cons of Email Readings

1. Cold readings – You can get templated answers when you are not careful.

2. They take a few days – If you want answers right away, then email readings may not be for you.

3. You may not feel a direct sense of connection – Though many times psychics who do email readings can connect to their customers well, however some don’t.

Honestly, both phone readings and email readings have their own benefits. Personally me and my team chose to provide email readings because we wanted to be able to give the readings the focus that they deserve.

Questions You Can Ask Your Psychics

questions psychic email readings

Psychics may specialize in different fields. Some are love psychics and specialize in matters of the heart. Others focus on career and finances. While others look into the future.

But many psychics have multiple areas of specialization. They may also opt to use tools in a reading such as the tarot, tea leaves, playing cards, runes, crystal balls and many others.

So what should you ask a psychic? Well most psychics can answer almost any kind of question but of course they may have limitations. For example health and pregnancy can be limitation because psychics recognize the importance of seeing health practitioners.

But of course you can ask psychics for insights on many different topics.


Love is the most common reason to get a reading. Many people seek out psychics to relieve confusion and help them find their way through matters of the heart.

You can ask love related questions such as:

1. Does he or she love me?

2. Is our relationship going to go further?

3. Is my ex coming back to me?

4. Will I be better off with X or with Y?

5. Will my relationship with X ever get better?

6. Is X my soulmate?

7. Why did we break up?

Asking a psychic about love can be very helpful and enlightening. It can help put your mind at ease regarding the matters of your heart.


You may ask a psychic about your career and the future of your passion in life.

Often times, we may feel that our current jobs is not our calling or we can feel confused if we should stay in a job or not. In this cases, a psychic can help you find answers.

You may ask a psychic career questions such as:

1. Am I in the right path?

2. Should I change jobs?

3. Is there a promotion in store for me?

4. What does the future of current job look like?

5. Is my boss happy with my performance?

6. Will I find happiness at work?

7. Should I start a business instead of working in the office?

Of course your freewill will still be the most important part of your future and your career. Psychics can provide you insights about your job and your path, but ultimately you are in charge of your life.

The Future

You can consult psychics to look into a few months or even years ahead. They can help you by providing knowledge about how a year will turn out. You can also ask them for advice on big life decisions.

1. What does the future hold for me?

2. Will this year give me love?

3. Will I be successful in my career or do you see me in another path?

This are just a few examples of questions you can ask about the future with psychics.


It may be uncommon for people to get readings about their pets, however pets are sentient beings too that have feelings and souls.

Psychics can tap into your pet’s psyche and know how he or she feels. He or she can connect with your pet to know if your dog, cat, hamster, rabbit or any other pet is happy, sad, longing or even upset.

You can ask questions such as:

1. Is my pet happy?

2. Should I get another pet?

3. What is my pet feeling?

Missing Things

When you are out of your wits looking for something missing, you can ask a psychic to help you with that. They can help you find missing items by using their clairvoyant abilities.

Maria, specializes on finding missing things. She can visualize and see where the missing item has been placed at.

Why Should You Consult A Psychics

Your peace of mind is of the out most importance. And nothing ruins peace of mind more than obsessing about the future.

Worry makes you unhappy and uneasy and ANXIOUS.

But if you can get answers about the future NOW, then you will feel more at ease. Getting insights from a psychic can help you find not only answers but also peace of mind.

So getting a psychic reading can help you feel calm and happy.


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