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By Evie Smith at StormJewel’s Psychics

Question: Will my current situation change for the better?Psychic Evie


Hello Rose,

Thank you for choosing me as your reader. I will do my best to help guide you, tell you all the information I am picking-up intuitively and give you any messages from Spirit that might come in for you.  Today I am using the tarot to help me focus. I will also draw some runes for you after I am finished with the cards. Let’s get started.

Already I’m feeling the energy both from you and from the situation. I’m feeling this is a love or romantic situation but I’m also picking up some other issues such as health or perhaps your mental state over this situation. I normally don’t answer health questions of any kind, but this is a case of this being tied up with your question concerning your situation. Also, Spirit allows me to see what is necessary or for the greatest good of the client, and in this case I can understand why I am seeing this. I’m leaning toward this being your mental state. I’m sensing a lot of anxiety involved with this. This feels as if it is not only from you but also from the other person.

Now, I have drawn two cards for you. The Ace of Cups and the Three of Cups.  What I was feeling before I drew the cards was mostly positive energy regarding this relationship, though I can see or “feel” there are some issues. One issue I am feeling is some impatience involved but this should resolve itself too, in time.  No need to worry however because I can see that things will work out and possibly even better than you might currently believe.  Make sure you give it the time it needs. The Ace of Cups represents the relationship and I’m seeing a lot of mutual love & respect within this relationship. As long as you have great communication between the two of you, (and I am feeling you have this) then I feel everything will work out fine. This looks to be a long lasting union and I can feel the happiness that is there for you both, as well as the connection there.

The Three of Cups represents a celebration. Generally this can mean the celebration of something specific but can also indicate things going so well that there is a general feeling of joy and happiness with the outcome.

Now, I’m not saying that I don’t see any bumps in the road. This is the thing called life, and we can’t seem to escape some minor issues from time to time. Some issues might appear bigger than they actually are, so try not to blow things out of proportion at any given time, as I can see this could be an issue for both of you at times. This will be the case within this union that there will be a few problems but overall I see the joy with the connection and a deeply strong bond that the two of you have. I see this bond growing even stronger as time goes by and the love you have deepening as well.  So do try to remember this when things feel negative, or when the relationship seems to be hitting one of those “bumps in the road.” Everyone is human after all, even the two of you. No matter how super strong and capable the both of you may feel you are.  Actually, what I’m feeling on that is the two of you are a bit like yin/yang. This can be positive and you complement each other with your differences. So it might be that one of you feels this “super strong, we can take on the world” attitude, while the other feels “not so much” J Or at least, this is how it might be at times. The beauty of this is that you are both right.

Now we come to the Runes part of your reading. These are the runes I have drawn for you. First up we have JERA. This is the rune of harvest. Because with any harvest, there must first be work done to plant the seeds, this indicates that any issues you might currently be having can be overcome after the work has been done. Also it does take time for events to come to fruition. The crops take time to grow.

Next we see KENAZ. This rune symbolizes the element of fire. This is not the fire that is out of control, burns, and destroys, but a controlled flame of the friendly variety which warms. KENAZ indicates the importance of a positive attitude and suggests here this may have been lacking. I see this restored though, and it will do much to mend and heal anything that might need it within the relationship. KENAZ can also represent protection, and sometimes appears in a reading as a sign that whatever is troubling you, will soon work itself out, signifying an end to one’s worries. There may be a time of opening up in your life too. Good things coming your way.

Your final rune is ANSUZ. This is the rune of the spoken word. It indicates gaining wisdom. When it is upright (which it is here) it can represent the ability to sail through whatever problems might arise. There is also or may be the need for careful thought. I feel this rune means that you are guided more by Spirit than you might realize. You are not powerless, and Spirit does want you to know that you have all the strength, and ability within you to cope with any issues, and succeed both within this relationship and in life. Now is the time to smile, and look forward to your future.

Ok, my dear, I do hope this has helped. You have much to look forward to.

Love & light,







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