Are Lucky Numbers Real?

Lucky Numbers

What’s your lucky number?

7, 888, 11:11, 3, 100. These are just some examples of lucky numbers. But are lucky numbers real? Do certain numbers hold power and meaning that they draw good fortune into your life?

What Are Lucky Numbers?

Lucky numbers are numbers that are said to hold special powers, meaning and good fortune in them. Many of the ancient cultures believed that numbers hold meaning and that they can attract good or bad luck. The ancients also believed that numbers can predict the future and thus they have tied destiny to them.

Some numbers which are believed to be lucky are the numbers 7, 888, 11:11, 3, 10, 100 and so on.


The number 7 is lucky because it holds special meaning in the Bible and in Judaism. It is said that God has made the world in seven days and thus is connected to completion and perfection. Seven is also a prime number and thus can only be divided by number 1 and itself.


Another lucky number is the number 888 or just the number 8. 8 is a very lucky number for the Chinese. 8 is lucky for the Chinese because of their word for luck or fortune which is “Fa” sounds much like “Ba” the numeric 8 in their language.

The number 8 is also lucky because it is also looks similar to the infinity symbol. It is lucky because it means forever. Many say that being married on the 8th day of a month, specially on August (8th month of the year) is very auspicious.


3 is also a lucky number because it is the number of the related to being many and bountiful. For the Chinese, specially Confucius, 3 symbolized many and completeness. It is likened to being the numeric form of “many”.

In Christianity, the number 3 is also the number of completeness. It said that there are three personas of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and thus the number 3 holds great power because of the holy trinity. Even in paganism, three holds power due to the three personas of Goddess; the Mother, the Maiden and the Crone. The pagan symbol of the triquetra is normally a knot used to embellish jewelry for marriage such as pendants and rings because it symbolizes completeness


11:11 is also a very, very lucky and controversial number. It is often referred to as Angel numbers. They say that if you see this number, Angels are nearby. It is also known that 11:11 is the number of Universal Masters such as Jesus, Buddha, Quan Yin and so forth. It is the number associated to when they create a shift in energy and give abundance into this world.

If you would observe, the numbers 11:11 repeats the number one several times. Seeing this time on the clock often means you are in luck. Some people also makes wishes when seeing the time 11:11 on the clock.

11:11 is not only related to time but also dates. November 11th is very auspicious. Aside from this the days in between the 11th of November to the 11th of January are Divine Trinity months. These months are months of change, good fortune and self reinvention.

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10 is lucky number because in numerology, 10 signifies fullness, completeness and unending potential. 10 also denotes self sufficiency and the ability to be independent and stand on one’s own two feet. It is also a combination of 1 and 0 which are two numbers used to create the binary codes. It is the number of creation and moving forward.


100 is the number of perfection. Is often noted as the magic number. The number of being full and complete and being perfect. 100 is often the number of celebration and is seen across cultures as holding power and meaning.

Are Lucky Numbers Real?

Everything in life is energy, and energy vibrates. Numbers correspond to certain vibrations and thus carry energy with them. Science and math both use numbers to determine the truth and authenticity of certain phenomena. Numbers measure the movement of space and time. Numbers dictate prices, value and even life itself.

Great minds often use numbers to push evidence into facts and show the reality of things. In the ancient times, numbers where used to mark days, time, harvests, seasons, livestock and many more.

Yes, lucky numbers are real. Certain numbers hold certain power and vibrations that give a positive pull towards fortune and luck into one’s life.

Numerology has shown us that we are all given life path numbers and that numbers can influence our future and our energy.

Our birthdays hold meaning to us. Our license plate determine our car’s identity. Our social security number makes us belong to society. With this, we need to learn the power of numbers and harness them towards create luck and abundance into our lives.

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