How to Get a Psychic Reading Without Being Scammed?

Fake PsychicsGetting a psychic reading, specially for the first time could be daunting. There are many good and helpful psychics. However there can also be frauds who are out there to take people’s money and make fools of people who consult them.

Scammers and tricksters abound because they know that the gift of knowing the future is priceless. They know many would pay to get a glimpse of what’s to come.

But you can get AUTHENTIC READINGS and veer away from fraudulent psychics. You can spot fakes by learning what they are like.

Trusted Psychics

There may be a lot of skepticism behind psychics and their abilities. Many people think that no one can ever look into the future and that psychics are but a load of lies.

However there has been many predictions that have been fulfilled. The death of JFK, the 9-11 bombing and many more. Many people who have sought the helps of psychics can also attest that there is a lot of truth behind tarot card readings, mediumship readings, dowsing and many other forms of psychic consultation.

Many psychics offer their insights and help to others because it is their CALLING to assist others. Most psychics know that it is their duty to assist those who are burned and they help find answers to pressing questions.

TRUSTED PSYCHICS ARE THOSE WHO ARE GENUINELY INTERESTED IN HELPING THEIR CLIENTS. They charge reasonable amounts and they only take on a decent number of readings. They are the ones who honest, sincere and straightforward with the truth.

There are many trustworthy psychics. All you need to do is find them.

Signs of A Good Psychic

You should know a few key indicators that a psychic is trustworthy.

1. Reputation – A good psychic has a good reputation. He or she will have testimonials of how he or she has helped previous clients.

He or she will also be highly recommended. Good psychics normally show both positive and negative feedback to show authenticity. If all the feedback is positive, then be wary. It may be that these feedback are fake.

2. Concern – A real psychic will show concern to his or her clients. He will not be brash or uncouth. He will show empathy and concern.

The goal of psychic readings is to provide answers and not insults or judgement.

3. Honesty – Psychics have to be honest with what they see no matter what. They should provide real insights to a client’s questions and not sugarcoat what is to come just to gain favor with the person seeking his or her advice. He should be straightforward and deliver the truth, even though it may cause pain or even if it s not what the customer wants to hear.

4. Money-back guarantee – A true psychic is confident enough to return or refund a person’s money if the client is not satisfied with the reading. This allows the customer to gain trust that the psychic will not run off with his or her money.

Spotting Fakes

In order to get a trustworthy reading, you must first know that the person you are dealing with is not a fake. There are tell-tale signs that a person is a fake.

Here are the signs of a fake psychic:

1. Curses – In the past, there were so called psychics who got arrested for fooling customers. They would say that one is cursed and would ask money to lift the curse.

In the late 18th century to the early 60s many got arrested because of this scheme.

Be wary of psychics asking you for money to lift curse. They are mostly frauds trying to take your money.

2. All good reputation – If the psychic only has good reputation and you never hear any bit of bad feedback about them, then it maybe a bit suspicious. They may have made up all those testimonials.

3. Asking for a large amount of money – One of the biggest sign of a fraudulent psychic is a person seeking a ton of money. The rates of a psychic should be reasonable.

You should check around to find the going rate. If the psychic gives a generalized reading and asks for a lot of money then that is a big sign that this reading is a fake.

4. Cold Readings – What are cold readings? Cold readings are templated readings that are thrown at you and they are too general to be apt to your questions or situation.

5. Asking you for too much information – If a psychic asks too much info and uses that same info to make up a story, then be wary, it maybe that he or she is just fishing for information and then will use it to craft a readings

6. You feel funny around them – One of the best indications that a psychic is not for you is when you feel suspicion around them. You yourself are given some gift to sense scams and whatnot. If you feel that a psychic is a fake, then trust your gut.

So, Should I Still Trust Psychic Readings?

Definitely YES! There are many psychics who are real and true. Many of them have been given the gift of intuition, insight and wisdom to know and see what is to come.

Psychics are there to help you gain some peace of mind. They can help you make wise decisions and avoid guessing what is to come.

Getting psychic readings can help you feel calm and avoid anxiety. The key here is to find a trustworthy psychic.

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