How to Read Tea Leaves

Tea Leaf ReadingsReading Tea Leaves is one of the easiest ways to look into the future. It requires tea leaves and a cup and keen eye for symbols and details.

Tea leaf reading is one of oldest forms of divination. It dates back as early a the 17th century, when the Dutch brought tea to Europe from China.

Tea leaf reading is also known as Tasseography. “Tassa” is the French word for cup and “graphy” is derived from the Greek suffix that means to study. Tasseography is the art and divination related to tea leaf reading as well as reading coffee or wine sediments.

Tools for Reading Tea Leaves

When reading tea leaves, you will need tea of course, tea leaves, a tea cup, a saucer and a tea pot. You would also need your intuition and an eye for interpreting symbols to understand what the tea leaves represent

Loose Tea Leaves – Loose tea leaves are the most suited type of tea leaves that you can use. Tea in tea-bags are too ground up and normally click in the bottom of cup. Tea also from tea-bags tend to be drank up as you drink your tea and so no patterns are formed from them.

Green tea, black tea or oolong are commonly used for tea leaf readings. However you may opt to use Jasmine or Chamomile as well or even other types of tea leaves.

Tea Cup and Saucer – A tea cup which is white is color is suitable enough for readings. Don’t use mugs or glasses.

You may opt for tea cups with some designs in them as well. There are actually tea cups designed specifically for tea leaf readings. Many times, these cups are included when you buy tea leaves in bulk. You may also find them online or in divination stores.

  • Symbol Cups – Symbol cups have symbols on them. They normally come with a reference guide to tell you what each symbol means.
  • Zodiac cups – Zodiac cups combine astrology and tasseography. These normally have planetary symbols on the cup while there are astrological designs on the saucer.
  • Playing Cards ups – These are used to combine cartomancy and tasseography. They normally show the 53 cards of the deck including the Joker.

Tea Pot – The tea pot may not be seen when tea leaf readings are done, but they do play an important role. At times, tea is brewed directly on the tea pot, while in other times, tea leaves are placed in them before hot water is poured in.

Tea pots play an important role because they are the vessels in which the tea leaves are placed before the actual readings are done. Ceramic or porcelain tea pots are preferable over metallic ones.

Basic Steps of Tea Leaf Reading Ritual

Reading tea leaves requires an open mind and imagination. The symbols you will see in the patterns formed by the tea leaves should have a personal meaning rather than a meaning derived from a book.

1. Make some tea – Make some tea by pouring hot water in a tea pot with tea leaves. Just like with making ordinary tea, allow the tea to steep first before pouring it into the tea cup

2. Drink up – Drink what is in your cup and leave a little bit of liquid in it. This liquid will be used to swirl the tea leaves.

3. Swirl the leaves – Hold the tea cup in your left hand. You may now as your question. Swirl the tea three times in a counter clockwise manner.

4. Invert your cup into a saucer – Put your cup on the saucer to drain away the liquid. Give it a minute or two to let all the liquid drain. Now get your tea cup and begin the reading.

How To Read The Tea Leaves

Once you have performed the tea leaf ritual, you may now proceed with reading the leaves in the tea cup. Interpreting the symbols in the cup is the most important step. Symbols should have a personal meaning to you. For example seeing a snake may often be a bad omen for others but it may be a good omen for you.

1. Notice the handle – You will begin the reading by looking at the symbols near the handle. Move counter clockwise from the rim of the cup towards the bottom of the cup.

2. Notice the symbols and shapes that you see – Give importance the to symbols that strike you the most, then interpret them.

3. Symbols on the rim – These are the things that are going to happen very soon. They will occur or have occurred recently and are related to your client or your present situation.

4. The bottom of the cup – The very bottom of the cup refers to the distant things or things that are to come. These are signs related to the future.

5. Left side relates to the past – Generally, the left of the cup relates to the past and the symbols show what has happened before. These things may be known or unknown to you or your querent. These symbols may also be related to things that will no longer be a part one’s life.

6. Ride side relates to the future – The ride side of the cup shows the future and the things that are to come. The symbols shown on the right side may also indicate things that a person will have or receive.

The Art of Tea Leaf Reading

Learning tea leaf reading is a fun and great way to connect with your psyche. It is a way to see the future through symbols.

Studying tea leaf reading may require practice, patience and a lot of meditation. On the other hand, being an expert in this art will allow you to divine better and connect with your third eye chakra more.

This article is but a brief and basic guide to tea leaf reading. You may further learn more about it by doing research or consulting psychics.

Try tea leaf reading. It is an exciting way to look into the future.


  1. Tim Oxford on 08/06/2020 at 4:47 pm

    My Dad shared My Great Grandmother on my dad’s side was very successful and popular in reading tea leafs. And Dad share when she became a Christian or something like that she gave it up. Due to my having a Blood line tie could I have inherited this gift? Until now could not find any where to show me how it is done. I have worked with card and pendulum but not hardly much or with people.

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