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    Are you looking for psychic advice and guidance?  Perhaps you feel troubled, have an important decision to make, want some direction in life, or need to get inside someone’s head?  Well it’s time to smile as you’ve come to the right place :) – StormJewel’s Psychics.

    My caring psychics are here to give you insightful email and text readings.

    Prepare for the year ahead with my 12 Month Personalised Horoscope & Psychic Reading

    I have experts in all different kinds of divination & psychic methods, such as spirit guides and tarot, as well as love and relationship specialists, career and money psychics. My team is small ensuring that you get the highest quality psychics and a personal service

    This site is based in the UK and the text line is for UK residents but my email readings and astrology reports can be and are enjoyed by anyone from anywhere in the world, from the USA to Australia, South Korea and more!

    Why Choose StormJewel’s Psychic’s Readings?

    Hi I’m StormJewel!

    In order to have the best reading possible, I think it’s really important to get a good connection between you and your chosen clairvoyant. To help you with this I have provided detailed profile information about each of my email psychics.

    There’s lots of psychic and clairvoyant readings websites out there, so how do you know who is genuine?

    Look for a site (like this one!) written by someone who cares, with info on how to get the most from your reading, testimonials & spiritual and self help articles.

    I really do love to help people and I know from experience that getting a good reading is a great way to move forward with your life, or gain clarification on important issues such as love, money, relationships, career or general guidance.

    My readers are here to bring you this information, offer caring and inspiring psychic advice and revealing insights.

    Still not sure? Read my top 5 reasons to choose my psychics.

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    When you color, you allow your mind to go to a peaceful place. Art therapy such as finger painting, pottery and coloring are seen by psychologists as a means to lessen the burdens of modern life. These activities are associated with relief of depression, anxiety and even some psychological disorders.

    How Can Adult Coloring Books Help Me Heal My Soul?

    Coloring books nowadays are no longer just for kids any more. I can personally say that coloring books for adults rock! These marvelous books give you benefits that can help heal your mind and spirit, relieve stress and can allow ...
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    On the other hand, many psychics believe that if you are unable to sleep chances are someone is dreaming of you. When a person dreams, he or she digs deep into his or her subconscious. When this happens a strong force within his soul or even his third eye chakra sends out a message to the universe.

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    Many famous people have journal because it is a good way to remember what has happened and also to leave a legacy behind. It is also a great way to write your plans, hopes and dreams. When you write something down, you can actually attract good karma and vibrations and allow you to commune with the universe.

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    Buy Experiences and Not Material Things

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    How it Can Help YOU? - It has minimal side effects.
it is what Mother Nature intended.
It is cheaper.
It does not fund large scale pharma companies who make millions of money out people who are already sick
It can help you live longer!

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    Once we have discovered who we were in the past, it is much easier for us to connect to what we were before and what we are now

    Who are You in Your Past Life?

    By: Marie.CC StormJewel's Apprenctice Have you ever wondered who you were in the past? Have you ever felt that there is more to life than the present that you have? Or have you ever seen a place and felt that you ...
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