15 Sure Fire Ways to Boost Your Energy Instantly and Brighten Your Day

So how do you get instantly energized?

So how do you get instantly energized?

Being full of energy allows you to live life to the fullest. But sometimes you feel like a drained out cell phone, weak and dreary. What you need is an instant lift in order to wake up your senses and perform better.

But downing energy drinks on a daily basis can lead to health problems so here are some healthy alternatives to fueling up and avoiding dozing off before the end of the day.

Instant Boosters

Studies have shown that there are many ways for you to get invigorated without drinking three cups of coffee straight down. Personally, I do love coffee and tea but there are also other ways to revitalize your sense. Get a quick dose of energy from these tips.

1. Take a 10-Minute Power Nap

Naps are good for you.

A Power nap can do you wonders! It can instantly make you feel better and improve your mood.

Isn’t obvious that when we feel sleepy, we need to sleep. I know that you think that 10-minutes is not enough but trust me it can make a whole lot of difference. When your brain is so tired, it gets packed with the nucleotide adenosine which acts like a sleeping pill. In order to lower the levels of adenosine, a quick nap can help you.

Taking a power nap is a quick and sure fire way to boost your energy and mental clarity. Try to take after lunch or during your 15-minute afternoon break. You will really feel it’s benefits.

2. Hydrate

Dehydration can cause sluggishness and low levels of energy. By drinking water, you can boost your mental activity and feel more energized. Plus the act of drinking water itself can make you feel refreshed and activated.

3. Go for a quick laugh

It may be time to look at one funny cat video online when your head starts nodding off. Studies have shown that a 5-10 minute laugh can have the same effects as cup or two of coffee. Laughing increases the hormone dopamine and endorphins in your body that gives you more energy. It also makes your heart beat faster. The best part about laughing is you will really feel good afterwards.

4. Step Outside

A change of scenery can really help boost your spirits. If your office has a small garden or there are some greens in that are, try to go there. Seeing a different spot besides your desk can help you feel less sleepy. Plus the walk going out can energize you too!

5. Eat an Apple

Many people offer the advice of downing an apple instead of drinking coffee in order to wake you up. Apples may not contain a drop caffeine the way your latte does but it does have slow releasing fructose which is a sugar that can help you wake up. Also the act of chewing a crunchy apple activates the part of your brain into being more alert. So, yeah bite that apple; it’s good for you.

6. Take a Really Cold Shower

Nothing can ever wake you up more than cold water hitting your face and well the rest of your body. Cold water activates your senses and also allows you to produce alert hormones that can make you ready for anything. You may have noticed how a hot bath or shower makes you sleepy, right? So a cold shower is the opposite. Try it. It’s good for your brain!

7. Listen to Some High Pumpin Music

You know that feeling when you like the beat of song and you just can’t help but tap your feet to it? Well that is an instant wake-me-upper there for you. Have something fun playing in your background. Scientists found out that people who work in mundane tasks but listened to music were able to perform better than those who didn’t. Bonus tip: DO A QUICK DANCE PARTY AT YOUR DESK! This will really get you going.

8. Exercise

Yoga can help you feel more energized because oxygen flows more into your blood making you feel alive and alert.

Yoga can help you feel more energized because oxygen flows more into your blood making you feel alive and alert.

Going for a quick walk or even a simple stretch can help you feel more energized. If you can even hit the gym during lunch break, try it out. Studies have shown that exercise is linked to higher brain activity. When you move you body, you will feel less sleepy. Try running two flights of steps or just walking around the office floor for a little bit.

9. Have Some Chocolate

Chocolates are good and tasty way to wake up your senses. They contain phenylethylamine, a neurotransmitter linked to feelings of love and happiness. This chemical causes your brain to produce more dopamine and norepinephrine, the hormones that cause pleasure and alertness. Chocolates are also high in fat which gives you energy.

Just the mere smell of chocolates can boost your mental powers and help you be more alert. You can either have it in the form of a chocolate bar or a hot cup, but chocolate can really help you get going.

10. Have Some Lemons

Vitamin C is a sure fire way to release more energy into your system because it promotes energy synthesis. Not only downing lemonade can boost your energy, just smelling some lemons can make you feel more alive. Aromatherapy has been proven to affect you mood and energy. Lemon as well as Cinnamon makes you feel awake while Lavender and Jasmine makes you feel sleepy and relaxed.

11. Sing Your Heart Out

I know you may sound terrible but singing is a very good way to wake you up. When you sing you increase the amount of oxygen in your brain because it needs breath control. Also singing helps banish stress hormones like cortisol from your system and replaces it with dopamine. So go ahead and sing a full song when you feel drowsy.

12. Eat Some Nuts

Nuts like almonds, walnuts and peanuts are high in magnesium which helps you release more energy into your body. Nuts are also high in folic acid which is good for brain activity.

13. Do Some Quick Yoga at Your Desk

Yoga involves breathing properly and stretching. The combination of these two actions can help wake you up because of higher amounts of oxygen and of course exercise. Yoga is also linked to mental clarity so doing so can really give you some much needed energy. Try googling some yoga moves that you can do in your office cubicle.

14. Chew Some Gum Or Candy

Personally I am not a fan of gum so I prefer gummy bears instead! The chewing action alerts your brain and makes you less sleepy. So the next time you are going to have to sit in a long meeting, try bringing some gum or candy with you. The quick sugar fix can also help you wake up, but don’t overdo the sugary snacks because too much can cause you to crash easily.

15. Have Something Red to Look At

Red makes you feel more alert and alive. Studies have shown that the color red makes your brain more active and thus helps ward off sleepiness. Try giving your desk some overhaul by using some red wallpaper or even gift wrapper or cork board a spin. You can also opt for some red flowers to help your mood. Just think how awake the bull is when it is looking at the color red.

So try out these instant boosters so that you can get rid of that sleepy feeling that you have in the middle of a busy day. But remember that enough rest and sleep has no equal when it comes to providing you adequate energy throughout your day. I hope I was able to help you get more energized!

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