30 Signs That You Are a Healer

Do yo feel like you have the calling or duty to heal others?

Do yo feel like you have the calling or duty to heal others?

By: Marie.CC

I was born a healer. As a child I knew that I had the duty to help and assist others even though I was born with a disability. I was born partially blind and I had to use my other senses to live well and access the world. From my childhood I knew was different from others. I had vivid dreams. I had healing hands. I also felt a strange pull from nature, animals, children and sick and disabled people.

But fully accepting and knowing that I was a healer was a different story. For many people who are born with healing gifts, they see signs of their call to heal. On the other hand, some of them may feel confused by life and signs that they do not act upon their gifts. Embracing that you are a healer will also help you heal your mind, body and soul.

Are You a Healer?

In the old times, healers are called shamans or witch doctors or reiki masters. These are people who are given special gifts to heal not just the body but also the mind and the spirit. They help those who have afflictions by using spiritual energies as well as gifts from Nature such as herbs, roots, insects and others. Shamans often project a different vibe than the other members of the tribe. They live in the outskirts of the village in houses protected by charms and talismans.

There are many signs that you may be a healer. People who are born with healing gifts normally gravitate towards assisting others and providing love and comfort. They are also keen on caring for life and nature.

Here are signs you are a healer:

People who are born with healing gifts normally gravitate towards assisting others and providing love and comfort.

People who are born with healing gifts normally gravitate towards assisting others and providing love and comfort.

1. You are an empath. You sense and feel the thoughts and feelings of others

2. You have healing hands. You can offer healing with your hands even if you never had formal training such giving massages, soothing sponge baths, dressing wounds and the like.

3. Spiritual beings such as animals and children are very drawn to you. Cats who are normally elusive want to be near you. Birds chirp around you and dogs try play with you even if they don’t really know you.

4. You have one or more fur-children. You don’t consider them as pets because you feel that these beings are your children and part of your family.

5. Large crowds overwhelm you. Sometimes you can hear so many thoughts or feel so emotions around you in large groups of people that it drains you.

6. You enjoy creating something. You want to help the world be a more beautiful place and promote peace in work of art such as paintings, writing and playing music, photography or writing stories.

7. You often think about life and it’s meaning.

8. You tend to have so many different emotions running through you. Sometimes you can’t explain why you are both sad and happy at the same time but in heart it makes perfect sense.

9. You believe that Nature has enough bounty to help us live and be healed.

10. You often find peace in being alone and contemplating about life’s mysteries.

11. You have found cures in nature such as from herbs like turmeric, garlic, ginger and use honey.

12. Helping others who are in need sits within your heart. You feel uncomfortable if you’re unable to help others.

13. Giving advise is natural for you.

14. Sometimes you get indecisive because you see many different outcomes of certain decisions.

15. Music makes you feel different and deep emotions. You feel that music can even heal your heart and mind.

16. You want to make a difference in the world. Even if it is a small act as lining up or putting your garbage in the proper place or giving change to a homeless person.

17. You notice everything around you; the sights, smells, feels and even tastes of things come into your psyche.

18. You often feel much pain and sorrow about life because you can sense pain in others.

19. You are a spiritual person. Everything you do is for a purpose.

20. You tend to be introverted but not really shy. You seem to want to observe and watch people.

21. You may have traveled other planes. You can either do this through your dreams or through astral projections.

22. You have special gifts that contribute to life. You may be able to cook well, make music, give good and sound advice, see into the future.

23. You maybe a psychic.

24. You can also have a green thumb. Flowers and plants grow wonderfully with your touch.

25. You like walking barefoot. You feel that it connects you to the world.

26. You are highly creative but sometimes your mind wanders. You often feel the pull of the Universe calling out to you.

27. You always try to consider the welfare of others. Even if they are not treating you well you still want to help and honor them.

28. You are not an angry person. It takes time before you flare up. You try to be calm and collected most of the time.

29. You are into the healing arts. You want to engage in activities that unite the mind and body such Yoga, Qigong, Tai-Chi, Reiki, acupuncture, massage and aromatherapy.

30. You know that you have purpose in this world and that purpose is to help heal the world and to spread kindness even in small and little ways.

Help others with your gifts.

Help others with your gifts.

There may be many more signs that you were born to cosmically bring about healing and purity into this world. You know that in your heart of hearts, that in your spirit you are called to serve animals, plants, people and the world. In order for you to reach your full potential as a healer, you must first learn to love and value your self. This involves healing your mind and body. After this you need to use your healing gifts to create a better space for all creatures of this planet. It does not have to be something big, it just has be SOMETHING MEANINGFUL.

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