Always Be Kind – Kindness Begets Kindness

Be kind to others; one day you will be thankful that you were kind.

Be kind to others; one day you will be thankful that you were kind.

The world is cruel and hard but you can change it! You can change the world with a drop of kindness here and there. I have always heard in fairy tales the line saying “Always be kind”. I have often believed this as a child but as I grew older, I had my doubts but recently I have come to realize that being kind always is the best thing you can do for yourself and for others.

What is Kindness?

Kindness is the one of the most beautiful things that stems from the human heart. Aside from love, kindness is the most wonderful gift a person can give the world and others. Kindness begets joy. When one is kind to others, one feels happiness after sharing his or herself. Of course the person who receives kindness is also filled with gratitude and happiness.

Kindness comes in many forms. It does not have to be loud or showy, it only needs sincerity. Kindness that is pure is like water in the hot dessert sun. It changes things and softens hearts.

  • A bright smile to a stranger or someone who looks lonely.

  • Sharing an umbrella with others when it is raining hard outside.

  • Paying for coffee for a homeless person (There are pay-it-forward cafes now)

  • Giving food to stray dogs and cats.

  • Kind words to someone sitting in the hospital.

  • Helping out in soup kitchens.

  • Taking time off from work to spend time with family

  • Talking to elderly people; they have many stories to share.

  • Donating old clothes to charity.

  • Volunteering.

  • Helping a stressed classmate or colleague.

  • Being patient with others.

  • Giving your seat in the bus or train.

There are literally hundreds of different ways to show kindness to others. And you would notice that once you do share kindness, you feel good as well.

But the World is Cruel, Why Should I Be Kind?

Show kindness to everyone.

Show kindness to everyone.

Because you can change the world. Kindness does not mean weakness, rather it means a whole lot of strength. When you are kind, you control your anger and anxiety and only generate positive energy to the world. As the rule of Karma goes, what you sow you shall rip. If you put negativity, you get negativity. WHEN YOU SOW KINDNESS AND POSITIVITY, THAT IS WHAT YOU WILL GET AS WELL.

When people are angry or cruel to you, be kind still. They may be going through a very rough time themselves and only need a kind heart for them to change their predicament. Sometimes, just a kind smile can melt the coldest heart.

When people attack you or try to destroy you, be strong and firm but also be kind. You do not need to counter anger with anger; for that is how war begins. Rather when people try to diminish you, check your spirit. How can you turn things around with your pure heart? Do you need to speak to them? Do you need another person to help you? Or do you need to just keep still and be peaceful?

Kindness Begets Kindness

Sometimes you feel that you need to just be cruel and lash out, but do not do so. Kindness is still the answer. When we are hurt badly, our first instinct is to seek revenge. But we need to think twice about this.

I have often experience the benefit of sowing kindness. If I was in a dreary situation, something good comes up because I showed kindness. Many times my loving heart saved me. I always try to be honest and not defensive.

Kindness also gives you many friends and allows you to connect to many people. This would help you expand your horizons. By doing so, you can create better opportunities for you. This will help you grow emotionally, spiritually and even financially.

When you become kind even to those who are of low stature like the homeless and the needy, people will eventually see your pure heart and would like to be close to you. This would also attract good karma to come your way. Good karma transcends life and goes down into generations.

Kindness is Beautiful

Compassion can save lives.

Compassion can save lives.

Life may be difficult. It can be filled with strife and problems but with a sprinkling of bright smiles and kind words it can be bearable. Many people out there suffer quietly in sadness, grief or depression. They need someone like you to show them that there is still hope in this world.

Life is still beautiful even though there is poverty, hunger and war. Life is filled with hope from people who are willing to share themselves to others. People like you who can be beacons of hope.

Have you ever seen an angry and depressed person get a real and loving hug? Yes, that is the beauty of kindness. Sometimes you will also feel angry too, and by sowing kindness, life will reward you with kindness. It may not be in that very moment, but it will come.

Parting Words

For me, kindness is an action word. It is a movement that we must all do together. We need more souls who are willing to show that the world is still happy place to live in. I want to spread smiles in the places I go to. I may not be rich, but I know I can help others. I can give my time, my effort or even just my smile.

You can do it to. You can pay it forward. You can spread the love in the world and make life more beautiful with lots of beautiful kindness..

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