• Be One With Water – The Healing Wonders of Water

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    Be One With Water – The Healing Wonders of Water

    Be One With Water – The Healing Wonders of Water

    Your mother has probably scolded you a hundred of times for you to drink more water. And she actually has a point. Water has many healing properties and benefits. It provides you with cleansing powers. Your body is made up of 70% water. Even our planet is made of ¾ water. Water gives life. Without water, we cannot survive. Water heals. There are so many wonderful benefits to water.

    I love drinking water. I have reaped many benefits from it and I want to share with you how water can help you literally be happy and healthy.

    Water Heals

    Water Heals

    Water Heals

    For many centuries, different cultures have used water in many different ways in order to heal the sick both of mind and body. Water basically purifies and takes away what is unnecessary. Water is both gentle and strong. It can change things and create things. With water, there is life and without it we die.

    Water has so many benefits. From survival to beauty, water can make life easier and healthier to live.

    Water Flushes Out Toxins – When you drink water, you clean out your body and remove all the toxic build up in your body. If you have a cold, you need to drink lots of water so you can easily get rid of the dead virus cells in your body and for you to get rid of all the stuffy nose build up that you may have. When you also drink water, you can get rid of migraines because water removes impurities in your cells that may lead to migraines. Drinking three liters of water a day will help you get rid of all the unwanted stuff in your body.

    Water Makes Your Skin Glow – Water is very important to keep aging and cell oxidation at bay. By drinking water you can be sure that your skin stays smooth and supple. Even if you lather on the most expensive creams to keep the lines away, if you don’t drink water you can count on wrinkles appearing on you face.

    Water can make you look and feel more vibrant.

    Water can make you look and feel more vibrant.

    Water Wards Off Bacteria and Viruses – Aside from external cleansing such as bathing that can keep you disease free, water helps your immune system fight sicknesses. You can get your temperature lower when you have a fever by drinking lots of water. Water also allows nutrients to get into your cells easier so you can fight pathogens better.

    Water Helps Your Digestion – Water is vital in order for you to break your food down easily. Without the proper amounts of water, you will feel constipated and will take longer to digest your food. Drinking other drinks like juices or soda does not equate to drinking water. This drinks are loaded with sugar which still needs to be broken down unlike water which is pure that helps you digest your food better.

    Water Can Make You Slimmer – By drinking enough water, you can be sure to have a good metabolic rate. You can digest your food better as mentioned in the previous point. When you drink more water, you can be sure that your metabolism can go as high as 22% more efficient. Water also makes you feel full and satisfied so you can avoid eating seconds and overeating.

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    Water Can Help You Sleep Better – When you sleep, your brain repairs itself. Our brains are made up of 85% water and thus by lacking water, our brains cannot function well and can be woken up easily during sleep or may have trouble falling asleep too. Since water detoxifies, it helps you sleep better because too much build up of certain hormones and toxins in your body can put you on the edge making you lose sleep. By drinking enough water, you can wash out these stuff. A good example is coffee. Coffee cans stay in the body for about 7-8 hours after drinking it so be sure to drink lots of water if you drink coffee after 5PM.

    Other Uses of Water (Besides Drinking It)

    Swimming is Good for Your Back and Joints

    Swimming is Good for Your Back and Joints

    Water has many uses besides just downing it as a refreshing drink. Water can also be a medium for fun activities or a method to clean and heal external body parts. Water can benefit your hair, your skin, your face and even you feet. Just being near a body of water can make you feel less stressed and more relaxed. Just imagine sitting on a boat on a clear sea; the water so clear you can see the very bottom.

    Water can help soften your feet – By soaking your feet in water, you can have softer smoother skin on your soles. Put water in a basin to the point that it can cover up to your ankle. Add some sea salt or baking soda (about a tea spoon). Then add some essential oil to make it smell better. You may also add some listerine to get rid of dead skin cells on your feet.

    Water can help you fight muscle pain and arthritis Aside from drinking lots of water to lubricate your joints to help you move better, you can also soak your aching feet to relieve leg and foot pain. Use hot water (as hot as ou can withstand). Mix it with essential oils and salt. Soak your feet for about 15-30minues and you will notice a big improvement on your leg pain.

    Steam Your Face to Get Ride of Pimples and Blackheads – Exposing one’s face to steam has been one of the oldest methods for beauty there. Even swanky salons and dermatologists apply steam on the face of a client to ready the pores for the treatment. Hot steam which is not scalding can help open your pores and remove impurities in it. This can help fight clogged bacteria and decrease pimples.

    Wet Your Face a Little Before Putting on Moisturizer – By wetting your face a little bit, it is much easier to glide the moisturizer on. This also allows your skin to absorb all the good benefits of the product. You can use a spritz bottle to do this or gently spritz water on your face by getting water from the tap on your hand and then spritzing it on your face.

    Taking Bubble Baths or Just Soaking in Water Can Reduce Stress – When you were in your mother’s womb, you floated in there and felt peace. The experience of just being in water helps you calm you mind and body. When you feel very stressed, treat yourself to a bubble bath for an instant boost.

    Swimming is Good for Your Back and Joints – Many doctors advise swimming for people with back injuries. Some doctors even give patients a choice between swimming or surgery. Swimming is a low impact exercise that does not hurt your joints and is great way to get your heart and lungs healthy as well as to stay fit and vibrant.

    Water Promotes Good Chi or Energy Chi or the Chinese word that means Life Energy is always represented as water. Many Asian cultures display water fountains in their houses to promote a good flow of Chi. With an abundant amount of Chi, you can be sure to have a higher amount of prosperity and good fortune in your home.

    The healing benefits of water are countless. Water is one of the most vital elements. It is the reason why Earth has life. We need to learn how to harness the power of water so that we can live harmoniously with nature and our bodies. Aside from just reaping the benefits of water, we should also promote protecting it since it is a limited resource. Water is life, without water we are nothing.

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