How to Deal With Emotional Melt-Downs

Have you ever have had an emotional melt down. The one you are just ok at one point and then suddenly you become a crazy psycho. Have you ever had crying fits for no apparent reason. Or have you ever felt irriated and ready to blow at small things that come along? Well you are not alone. Many women and men suffer from emotional melt downs.

Emotional melt downs can be caused by a number of things. It can be caused by PMS, hormonal change, stress, anxiety, fatigue or sickness. When you suffer or go through such an episode, you can be like an onion, you can be very sensitive and can easily cry. You crave food and sweets. You want to down a whole bucket of chicken and will fight if someone touches your fries.

But fear not, emotional melt downs can be cured. You can get your zing back and be happy.

Know the Reason

If you are going through a blah day or a blah week or month, you’ve got to find out why. At times we may feel that there is no apparent reason why we feel so down. But if you look further, you can find out why. I used to take this pill. I did not realize that it made me super emotional and crazy. So I went back to the OB and got a different one and felt saner!

You need to find out what is causing you to feel low. It can be too much stress. It can be a non productive relationship with a toxic person. It can be spiralling hormones. And it can even be the sort of food that you are eating.

1. Stress – Stress is a big factor that can cause you to feel low. If you feel your job is too demanding or your family is taking your happiness away then you need to chill for a bit. Stress can have long term effects such as high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, cancer and even weight gain.

2. Toxic people – Well obviously toxic people are like negative ions, they cause you to go down. You need a positive vibe to stay chippy and if people around you are negatrons, even if not directly at you, you can suffer.

3. Fatigue – Juggling work, relationships, your health and your hobbies can take a toll on your emotions. You can feel burned out if you try to be productive 24/7. Take a chill pill and let your hair down. You need to sleep. You need to jump in that tub and take that relaxing bath.

4. Lack of exercise – If you don’t exercise, chances are you will feel low. Exercise causes endorphins to pump high in to your veins. Plus our bodies are designed for movement. Keeping still does not only cause issues with your back, it also causes problems with your sanity. Keep moving. Dance in the shower. Walk instead of riding. Try something simple like climbing the stairs. I swear your body will thank you for it.

5. Food – The lack of certain vitamins, minerals and proteins can wreak havoc on your emotions. For example eating too much sugars can cause you to crash after going high on sugar. If you lack tryptophan (bananas, eggs, etc) you may not be able to sleep well can feel reallys stressed out. Too much coffee can make you feel agitated. Lack of protein can make you feel sad but too much of it can make you feel sluggish.

6. Hormones – We all have hormones. Male and females get affected by their hormones. Men who lack testosterone feel low and also feel tired. Too much progesterone and estrogen can drive you nuts. Know you body. Get yourself checked. A lot of times our hormones get neglected but it pays to know how our bodies are balancing them to get into the happy state.

Say Goodbye to Your Blues

Banishing the Blues away may be daunting but who doesn’t want to be happy? You need to take your sanity into consideration and stop wallowing. You need to cheer up and be happy.

But getting your A game back is not easy right? Well it can be. If you know the reason why you are feeling down and blue then you can address the issue.

1. Wake up early – Studies have shown that people who get up as the sun rises are more cheerful than those who sleep in late. The sun can be energizing and help you get into the right mood.

2. Eat fish and take fish oil – Omega-3 Fatty Acids can do wonders for your mood. It can give you better sleep, make you feel energized and help you fight stress and sadness.

3. Exercise – A light amount of stretching or a good round of dancing can help you to feel happier and more cheerful. Don’t think exercise as punishment or something you need to do, think of it as play. Do it because it is fun. Find a kind of exerice you enjoy and start moving your bottom.

4. Your your hormones balanced – Consult a doctor about your hormones. Are you going through your second puberty (early thirties) or menopause/andropause? Are you not sleeping enough causing your hormones to go hay wire? By balancing your hormones, you can expect lesser melt downs.

5. Meditate – Meditation is not just for yogis. It is for everyone. Meditation gives you a quiet place to consolidate your thoughts and feelings. It helps you banish your sadness and helps you become more resilient.

Finding Support

If you have been constantly down and you feel that this is not just a mere emotional melt down, consult a profesional. You might be suffering from depression, bi polar disorder or other psychological issues. Many people suffer quietly because they fear consulting a doctor, but there is no need to fear. Professionals are there to help you gain your life back.

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