Harness the Healing Powers of the Universe into Your Life



Harness the Healing Powers of Nature iInto Your Life

Harness the Healing Powers of Nature iInto Your Life

Life is full of chaos. There are so many things around us that cause stress and imbalance. We often find ourselves searching for peace and longing to escape. But escape is not the answer. We have the power within us that built the universe; the same power that formed the stars and planets. We have the power to heal our souls.

When we were young our souls were pure and we saw what was important. However, as we grew older we became focused on things to help us survive. We forgot the importance of laughter, friendship, sunshine, food, flowers, running in mud and playing make believe. In order to harness healing into our lives we must first let our soul be one again with the universe.

How do I Harness the Healing Powers of the Universe into My Life

Cleanse – As we grow older we put in more things into our psyche. We put in memories, knowledge and emotions. We also put in fears, problems and troubles. We start to live under stress. In order to heal our body as well as our minds and souls we must cleanse ourselves. Cleansing involves both cleansing the body and mind. Nature has given us wonderful gifts like fruits, vegetables, meat and grains. Before everything became processed, all food used to be organic. Eating the right kinds of food would improve our wellbeing. If our body is healthy, then we can function well. A well-functioning person is less likely to succumb to problems and depression.

Eating in moderation is the key for cleansing the body. You will feel that you if you put in too much processed stuff in your belly, you become queasy; a bit imbalanced. We must also exercise not just in the sense of losing weight but also to give love to our energy and strength. You may think that you are not limber enough to do yoga, but you are. Gentle exercises such as walking or even Tai-Chi can help you decrease stress, commune with your psyche and help you maintain your weight. Dancing is a great way to enjoy exercise rather than detesting sweating and working out. The possibilities are endless.

To cleanse the mind, one must recognize that you are child of this universe and that you have place in it. You must learn how to let go and not hold on too tight on things. You must learn to free your mind; to empty your mind. Learn to listen to your breathing. You must also harness the power of creativity and imagination.

Plant seeds in the Garden of Life – Life is a beautiful garden. But most of us just walk through life without smelling the flowers. We tend to live day to day just hoping to survive and not get hurt. WE NEED TO PLANT BOTH LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY. We need to plant vegetables even in pots in our window sill. We need to plant more trees because the air we are breathing is becoming more and more polluted. We need to plant even herbs in small pots or cans. Eating fresh herbs or vegetables you have grown is not only nutritious and delicious it also mentally rewarding. On the other hand we must also plant seeds of good thoughts in our minds. We must always think of positive thoughts. If you plant negativity in your soul, you will reap negativity as well

Planting seeds of kindness and goodness in your heart will allow you not just to kind to other people but also be kind to yourself. Seeds of kindness are like bamboo, they start out small but once they grow, they can reach up into the sky. The bamboo is a strong and steadfast grass that can move even with the harshest storms. Planting life such as greens helps put in life into your house. It gives off oxygen to help you to detoxify your lungs as well as give positive energy to your house.

Grow – All things must grow. We too must grow in both mind and body. With age comes wisdom. As a great writer C.S, Lewis once said “You are never too old to dream a new dream”. You can start learning something new. Practice art again. Learn a new language. Open a new business venture. There are so many possibilities.

Learn and grow.

Learn and grow.

Do not stop in learning The moment you stop learning is the moment you “die and wither”. Read and explore. Play new games. Challenge yourself. You must constantly add things to your knowledge. Knitting is not just for women or older people! You can try it out too.

On the other hand, let your body grow too. As your body grows, it changes. You may see some wrinkles or smile lines. Fear not nature can help you heal those by using its arsenal such as anti-oxidants and phytonutrients. But do not focus too much on beautifying your face or body. One must learn to accept age. Aging is not a curse, but a gift; the gift of life allowing you to live longer. If you eat right, exercise and take care of your mind and body, then age would just be a number. No matter how you look like when you reach your senior years, you must learn to embrace the wisdom that comes with it.

Commune – Commune with the universe. Center yourself. Let go of the feelings of guilt and shame. Commune with your body. Learn how to enjoy your body. It is a wonderful gift. Commune with nature. Go for a walk. Run on the beach. Commune with old people, children and people who may have been neglected or forgotten. They have a story to tell that may truly change your life. Commune with your soul. Listen to your mind. Do you feel tired? Rest. Do you feel hungry? Eat. Do you feel joy? Laugh! Dance! Listen to your heart. As long as you take things into moderation listening to your hear would never go wrong.

The Power to Heal is WITHIN YOU.

The Power to Heal is WITHIN YOU.

Create – Creativity is us passing on the gift the universe has given us. We must create something so that we can heal our mind and body. By creating we put a part of our self into the thing we create. We leave a mark. For example instead of looking at cooking as a chore, you may see it as a wonderful creative process to make food. The food you cook will absolutely taste better if you take pride in making it. Your work in the office may be depressing you; but if you put love into it and feel that it is important, you may feel much more contented and happy.

Healing is a gift given to us the moment we were born. Healing is not just relieving sickness or pain or sorrow, healing also is allowing yourself to grow into a wonderful, beautiful person.



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