How to Detox Your Life From Negative and Hurtful People?

People detox is basically the process of cleansing your life from negative and hurtful people that just make your life miserable.

People detox is basically the process of cleansing your life from negative and hurtful people that just make your life miserable.

You may have heard of all sorts of detox. From juicing to water therapy to soup diets but have you ever heard of people detox? People detox is basically the process of cleansing your life from negative and hurtful people that just make your life miserable.

Ridding your life of people who drag you down and make you feel low is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It will help heal both your mind and body. But doing this may not be easy for some. Most of the time the people who we find negativity from are the ones who are closely related to our day to day lives.

Why Purify?

When you hear the word “detox” you often associate it with removing toxins and irritants from one’s body. This is the same process you need to undertake when you detoxify yourself from evil and hurtful people. You weed out the people that stunt your grow and prevent you from achieving your dreams.

Negative people have negative auras that can hurt or damage your aura and energy.

Negative people have negative auras that can hurt or damage your aura and energy.

Reasons to Purify:

1. You are constantly feeling stressed around these people.

2. They always make you feel so little of yourself.

3. They have negative auras.

4. They make you dread waking up the next day.

5. These people give you difficulty breathing and an erratic heart rate.

6. They make you doubt yourself and your capabilities.

7. You become an angry and negative person because of them.

The process of purification removes those who are of impure heart and spirit that causes blockage in your chakras and aura. They destroy your inner peace and make you a hateful and angry person. Once they are gone or purified, you will experience renewal and growth.

Who Do I Need to Detox From?

Negative people come in all forms, shapes and sizes.

Negative people come in all forms, shapes and sizes.

Well the answer to this lies in your heart. There are many people who seem to be vital to us and that we can’t live without but in truth, they are the ones causing our pain and misery. This person can be anyone in your life. Detoxing from them does not mean totally cutting them off, but rather not allowing them to infect you with negativity any more.

They can be anyone in your life

  • They can be you nagging parent who always doubts you.

  • They can be your negative spouse or partner who is too controlling.

  • Your boss can be someone who never listens to you and takes all the credit for your efforts.

  • They can be your friends who promote negative habits such as hating others, gossiping, over spending. They can be friends who treat you badly.

  • Your co-workers who seem to be always angry at you.

  • They can even be your children who disregard you and treat you like garbage.

There are so many people out there who are full of aggression and who have angry souls. They may also been victims themselves of others who have treated them badly and negatively.

How to Detox From Negative People?

Practice a healing mantra

Practice a healing mantra. Protect your energy from negativity.

To get rid of negative energies from others, you must first learn to love yoursel. Imagine that your love and your respect for yourself is like a cocoon that wraps around you with a soft gossamer thread. This protects you from any attacks that others may throw at you.

Now the other hand you may already have suffered from attacks and destruction thrown by others. In this case we need to remove the negative energy they bring in your life.

1. Practice a healing mantra – When others try to inflict pain into your spirit, you need to be strong to withstand it. By meditation, you can ward off emotional and spiritual attacks. Bolster your mind by having a mantra that tells you how strong you are.

2. Determine why they are attacking you – By understanding their reasons, it is easier for you to relieve your anxiety when these people are near by. You need to know why they are hurtful and resentful to others. Once you know what is in their hearts their attacks will not get to you as much.

3. Know if you really need to interact with them – Sometimes, you do have the option of just cutting people out thoroughly out of your life. Is staying in your job worth it enough to endure a megalomaniac-control-freak-from-hell boss? Do you really need to be friends with shallow men or women who just want to know who’s the best in your group. If the answer is “No.” then by all means cut them out of your circle.

On the other hand, what if they need to be in your life or are part and parcel of it. Say your mother or children or wife or husband? Do you think you can still patch things up with them? Is it possible to take down your and their pride to live happily and peacefully together? If it is then you may just need a shift in attitude. Gentleness, patience and communication are solutions you need.

4. Try being honest – People abuse you because at times, they don’t know that they are hurting you already. But once they realize that they are inflicting pain, then they may change. Try talking to them nicely and state that you have been hurt. Be open about their feelings too; you may realize that you have hurt them as well.

5. Check yourself – Are you letting people push you around and trample you and even use and abuse you? Do you really love them or do you just need them to fill the void in your life? Sometimes we are so afraid to be alone that we end up clinging to negative relationships. There are times too, that our personality calls out to people that we are just toys and play things. I don’t mean for you to be a macho-wancho-man who is ready to brawl. What I mean is be someone whose head is held high and is happy and complete even without other people around him.

6. Be ALWAYS gentle to others  – By sending out positive vibes, you are likely to reap positive vibes too. We get what we sow. If you are radiating joy and love, it is more likely that people will treat you well. And if you are good, kind, respectful and honest and they still treat you badly then you don’t need them.

7. Finally, try to help those people who hurt you – Instead of getting back at them, why not try reaching out to them. They may have been going through a rough patch and have been taking out on you. Let them know that you are a someone who will not judge or attack them. Be ready though, because at times they may not be ready for others’ help. Just be open to them. Be yourself and BE KIND.

Sometimes we need to remove negativity not just from our bodies but also from our lives and relationships. When you detox your life from people who fill it with negativity, you make room for growth and love. When you learn to let go of those who put you down, then you give yourself the chance to fly.

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