How to Find Yourself Again

Sometimes, you feel lost and you just want to find yourself again.

Sometimes, you feel lost and you just want to find yourself again.

Sometimes life sucks us in. Our jobs, our relationships, our goals turn us into robots and we forget who we are. We forget that we were once amazingly wonderful interesting individuals. We lose the spark that once had been a bright fire that can light up the whole sky.

Many people lose who they are in a slow and unintended process. We become adults and forget the essence of life. We start to drone through the days and dread waking up in the morning. We drink expensive coffee as if it matters. We lean on social media and post pictures and stuff to feel cool about ourselves, but deep down inside we feel like we are crumbling and shedding into bits. We all want to be happy, fabulous and great but in the process of achieving all that we tend to lose who we are.

The Path of Finding One’s Self

In order for you to find yourself again, you must first acknowledge that you are lost. There is nothing wrong with being a bit lost or even totally lost. Everybody at some point in their lives feels this way. After this we will embark on journey to wake up the sleeping you.  First is a few steps into finding your self again

Step 1. Do something that will wake up your soul.

Sometimes, all you need to do is just to kick-start your heart again.

Sometimes, all you need to do is just to kick-start your heart again.

Once we graduate from college and start working we are so excited with our new jobs or when we first met that wonderfully sexy man or woman we feel all giddy and happy; but as time goes by we forget all the shiny moments. Time to kick start your heart and you may literally need to do that. You might need something that wakes up your adrenaline and jolts your heart. It may be a bungee jump or it may be taking a new class or maybe having an all new mind-blowing sex escapade with your partner. You must literally make your heart feel excited to live again.

Step 2. Talk to your heart.

The next step involves you keeping that spark in your heart. Every morning talk to your heart. Make it feel excited. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile. You should be glad to see your wonderful self.

Step 3. Live each day according to your soul and self.

Now since you have that spark now and you are now your own coach, you can now start living each day according to how you see your life. I know your job may not pay so much or it may be a sucky one but put your heart and passion into it. If it really kills you and you feel that you can jump the ship, then do so. But on the other hand if you feel that you need this job, try falling in love with it. It may be menial and boring but it is attitude that changes that. If you feel your relationship is not all bright and sunny try to be the positive one in the duo. Every bit of energy that you put in into life will bounce back to you; if you put negativity, then it will give you sour lemons, but if you put happiness to it then you will be blessed with chocolate covered strawberries.

Step 4. Evaluate, Write down and Reevaluate.

You get lost when you just drone on in life. You must be mindful and conscious in the things that you do. Write in a journal. Write down how you felt and reacted. As Socrates once said “Know thy self”. You must know everything that makes you tick. Try to change the bad things and continue doing the good things. Do this process over and over again but see it in a good light, you are an interesting person so knowing yourself more should be interesting, right?

Step 5. Remove toxicity.

Now you must start weeding out toxic things that no longer cannot be fixed. Are you working in a job that does not value your talents? Or are you sleeping too late because you watch too much reruns till 2am? Live healthy; both emotionally and physically. In order to find yourself again, you must know what you deserve. Don’t be a stuck up narcissist though, you can remove that bit too.

Step 6. Fall in love with yourself.

Finally it is time to fall in love with the person you are. Make yourself interesting not for other people but for you. I mean, if you met yourself, would want to be friends with yourself? Do something to improve yourself. You have to continuously grow. Don’t be afraid of changes. Sometimes life feels like a washing machine churning and tumbling us on and on but you have to realize that all these challenges are there to make us better.

So here is a quick guide you can also use:

Sometimes, all you need is a bit for fresh perspective.

Sometimes, all you need is a bit for fresh perspective.

  • Find something that brings the spark in you like learning new things or even riding a rollercoaster.
  • Travel once a year.
  • Do something that you have always wanted to do but kept putting off because you always said you have not had the time for it.
  • Eat, pray and love; just like the movie of Julia Roberts.
  • Find a kindred spirit. Find a friend, a lover, a pet or even a plant to bond with.

Finding yourself can be difficult at times but you are not alone. Many have taken this journey. Be brave. Take a deep breath and take a leap for faith. Now LIVE!

By: Marie – Marie is a graduate of Behavioral Science and she volunteers for soup kitchens and orphanages. She is an animal rights advocate and loves her four cats dearly. She also studied Culinary Arts years after graduating from college to pursue her dream of cooking. She believes that we can never stop growing and learning. She currently works as a writer and a teacher.

StormJewel says: Thanks Marie for the empowering article. I hope this has helped you find yourself again. Please let us know your journey in life and the things you do to make it bright and colorful or even the challenges you have faced so far in the Comments Section below. Or you may sign up to our Newsletter for more empowering stories and articles.



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