Overcoming Your Worst Fears

Overcoming Your Worst FearsHumans are born with the instinct of survival. Our need to survive is one our greatest assets because it drives most of our behaviours, thoughts and actions. The need to be able to live helps us to escape various dangers however it also brings about fear in our hearts. Fear is an innate human emotion but fear can also be crippling. It can prevent us from achieving our full potential. It can stop us from doing things we really want or hinder us from growing as full individuals.

The most innate form of fear is the fear of death. As creatures of survival we aim to live and survive for as long as possible. On the other hand, from this fear stems other forms of fear. We fear pain, we fear sorrow, we fear loss, we fear change and we even fear ourselves. There are many fears that lurk within the deep recesses of our hearts that enclose us and stop us or even change us. Worst of all is sometimes we even fear love.

Life is uncertain and with uncertainty comes fear. Fear has many effects that can change who we are and what we can have in our lives.

Effects of Fear


Fear stops you from achieving many things in life. It makes you feel uneasy and stressed out. It forces more blood into your veins and causes your heart to pump very hard. This may be necessary to escape danger, but it can cause health problems if it always happens.


Once fear grips you, you will feel like your heart dropping into your stomach. You cannot focus well. You feel anxious and agitated.


Insomnia is another effect of fear. You toss up and down in bed hardly getting any sleep. You feel the looming monster of fear stand beside your bed. You mind keeps on running and running on the worst case scenarios.

Missed Opportunities

Many people are unable to live full lives because they were too scared. They were very scared of getting hurt physically and emotionally. They fear death so much even if the fear is unreasonable. It stops them from living life to the fullest. It keeps them from having great experiences, traveling, having relationships and having successful careers.

Overcoming fears is can be daunting and very difficult, but once we do this, we can rise up and perform to our fullest potential. Each and every human is destined for greatness but we first unlock our talents, ambitions and dreams by letting go of things that holds us down specially fear.

How to Overcome Fear?

Fear is a natural human reaction. With enough mental strength and willpower we can dispose of this feeling and achieve anything we want. Sometimes we already know the answer to shunning fear but we refuse to do it because we are even afraid of how overcoming the fear and being a different person after.

Train your mind

Effects of FearOne of the most important things to do in order to combat fear is to control your mind. In the east monks and perform Kung Fu on a side of cliff without any fear because they have mastered their minds. Telling yourself that you can handle this situation and conquer the moment is a very good way to still you pounding heart.

Try focusing on how you feel and then centring on why you feel this way. Try to find out why you feel such. Is it rational? For example the fear of ghosts, riding roller coasters, spiders or going into a relationship. Try to also think about what would be the benefit if you let go of your fear. You can first start with visualizations of the things that you fear and try controlling your mind into feeling calm as you focus on the object causing fear. As you do this you will now learn to train your mind to avoid fear.

Stop Listening to Others

When you were an infant, you did not know fear but it was instilled in you. Adults taught you to fear insects, ghosts and even getting hurt. You knew about pain then, but you knew what to do to get of it. As a child you cried when you were hungry, smiled when you were happy. As you grew older, you learned to fear other things. For example to make you behave your parents will threaten you with punishment. Discipline may have been the goal, which we can say is good but it does instil fear and self-doubt.

When you want to be brave, you may want to listen to your own heart. You need to know what you are capable of and never let others set boundaries for you. Society tells us that we can only be so much, but if you feel that you can achieve so much more you need to close your ears and just do what you want to succeed.

Have a Vision

Once your mind is strong enough and when you have now focused on listening to your spirit, you must move towards your vision. Having a vision makes you very brave. Most of the time, you must decide which is more important, your dream or your fear. This vision can be as simple as going to the toilet at 2am but you are scared of the dark. So you have to focus that there is nothing to be afraid of and go downstairs. This can also be the dream of having a date with your crush. So are you really into him or her or are just going to sit there and be scared? You need to value your dreams and make them happen. Fear stops you from being great. You can be great, actually you are already great!

Breathe and just GO FOR IT! – Sometimes we become fearful because we overthink things. We picture many different scenarios which in the end creates a huge amount of fear that we freeze and stay stuck wherever we are. But if we only learn to breathe and just go for it, we can live life much, much more! Just scream as you jump from the bungee jump on the bridge. Let go, it is truly liberating.

Living Without Fear

Overcoming Your Worst FearsOnce you have mastered the art of controlling and avoiding fear, you are now on the way to succeeding in most of the goals in your life. You can now travel more, let go of the relationship that weighs you down or ride the rollercoaster and scream your lungs out. Once you let go of being afraid, you can taste life’s sweetness. Every day will be a brand new experience for you. You are no longer tied to money, emotions, people or anything or anybody that does not help you grow as a person.

Without fear you can help change the world. You will not be afraid about what other people will say about you. You will now learn which things are sensible enough to prepare for and the ones you do not need to fret. Being without fear means you can create plans and back-up plans but still enjoy life if things don’t go as you foresee them.

Be free, be without fear.

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