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Unfortunately Rachel is not able to read for us for the foreseeable future, sorry for that. Please take a look at my other excellent psychics Maria and Evie who will be very  happy to help you.

Hi, I’m Rachel thanks for visiting!

I have been practicing and developing my psychic ability for about 20 years now but I first saw angels and spirit when I was a very young child.

I am a natural empath (I can easily tap into the thoughts and feelings of others), my intuitive powers are very strong (allowing me to predict the future or reveal insights about current situations) and I am also a healer (I can channel healing energy into your readings if needed, and use my healing skills to give you the best guidance on achieving wellbeing and happiness).

I connect naturally with my clients through the energies of love within this universe for my readings. I also work with many wonderful tools and energies including angels, candles, crystals and tarot.

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about me and my journey

Healing Email Readings by RachelI am a typical Aquarian, but with Virgo rising so I have the lovely mixture of air and earth, enabling me to be practical and grounded but also open minded and adventurous.

I am non judgmental, kind, positive and uplifting and really believe that everyone should and does have the power to live full happy fulfilling lives.

I have always been very sensitive to energy but I really became aware of this about 20 years ago, when I took a holistic massage class and really understood chi (life force energy), and knew then that I had psychic and healing abilities.

My favourite way of reading is email, as I attune to your energies, focusing on your questions and then through automatic writing allowing the guidance to flow for you, and I am constantly delighted by the wonderful responses I have back from my clients.

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how my readings can help you

I constantly am studying and expanding my heart and mind, both as a passion and way of life and also to improve my readings for my clients. I use my psychic talents and skills to provide you with an empowering reading, drawing upon psychic communication, magick and manifestation and law of attraction.

All within this universe is energy, especially thoughts and feelings, and when we master this we can create the life we truly desire.

It is my motivation to empower and assist you with just this, to bring you more clarity, enjoyment, success, and the realisation that we are not victims of fate that we have no power over, but rather the creators of our lives that can and will feel very good indeed.

I love seeing how by combining our energies with the loving, wise and supportive energies of the universe how healing and empowerment takes place with my clients, and I would love very much to read for you to assist you in taking steps to magnetise and create the life you truly want.



psychic email readings by Rachel

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Please note that due to being so busy recently, we are now allowing up to 4 days to receive your email.  If it is particularly urgent please mention it in the request and we will do our best to do it quickly. Readings ordered after 5.30pm GMT on Friday may take slightly longer.

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Unfortunately Rachel is not able to read for us for the foreseeable future, sorry for that. Please take a look at my other excellent psychics Maria and Evie who will be very  happy to help you.

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Feedback on Rachel’s psychic email readings

Hi Rachel

Thanks so much for taking the time to put together such a detailed and amazing reading. It was informative, enlightening, comforting and your advice and guidance is really appreciated 🙂

I will definitely take on board and follow your recommendations. I look forward to the next few months 🙂

Thank you very much and have a wonderful and blessed week.
Saneeta xx


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Rachel’s reading.  It was exactly what I needed to hear and confirmed my own instincts beautifully.

Thank you so much.  I will definitely be coming back for more insight in the future.



Wow thanks Rachel you have described this women so well and all the other stuff you mentioned was accurate as well thank you.


Louisa!!! Thank you so much for your email! You can practice your spanish with me any time hehe.

I received the reading as well.

Very motivating and loved it!!

Thank you again and hope to write you again when needing some guidance/clues from your talented psychics!

Blessings and hugs!!

Vanne (Spain)


Thanks Louisa,

No problem, I have received it now. I have read through it and found it very insightful.

Thanks a lot.


Julia I been getting readings [from other psychics] since 2009 and half of them didn’t even hit it on the nail, all of them I told the whole story to, I didn’t tell Rachel anything,

I am sending Rachel the info and I have to more questions to ask…………

Emila (USA)

Dear Rachel,

Thank you for taking the time to conduct an e-mail reading for me. You were completely correct as to my feelings and the way I have been dealing with the situation. You picked up on several things and I can only hope that with your advice I can resolve the problems and receive the desired outcome. I will let you know how things pan out. Thank you for a lovely,honest reading.

Kindest wishes, Franceen xxx


Hi there could you please thank Rachel for her very clear and accurate reading with good advice included. Very impressed, thank you so much xx Jane C


I would just like to say thank you for the email reading that Rachel done for me. I am going to try what Rachel suggested and I hope it will bring positive results. I will definitely have another reading done in the future. Love and blessings Geraldine xx


Hi Louisa, got my reading, i am very happy with it, in fact i would like to have some more readings done with Rachel. Could you please tell me if she does Messenger  or phone readings as well and how can i order one , please?

Thank you so much again, you have been amazing 🙂

Love and Light,

Thank you very much for you help and guidance i will try and do as you suggest and hope that he is receptive to me. Thank you once again x Carol


Hello 🙂

Thanks for the reading,it was lovely.You were right I had someone in my mind.but the description you gave doesn’t really match with him..So I think I haven’t met or noticed this person yet 🙂 english is not my first language and I’m living in England so I think it is really likely that we won’t share the same mother language x) and yay Indie is my favourite as well lol !  xD
Overall thanks for this reading,I seriously can’t wait to meet this person ! =)))

Many blessings,






Mere words can’t possibly convey what your reading means to me. I am so happy with every single thing in your wonderfully inspiring, intelligent and deeply insightful extraordinary reading!

Such depth and empathy alongside unconditional love and compassion.

Your encouragement, guidance has given me a new lease of life and above all HOPE for great things to emerge and actualize.


You certainly have me to a T. Thanks again for another great reading and I’m sure I’ll have more from you in the future.


I wanted to write to you to thank you for the reading you did for me last week.

I almost can’t explain how helpful it was, as there just aren’t words enough. I was in tears to read some of it – to have someone who does not know me, who I’ve not told how I feel – to write to me in a reading of how frustrated and restrained I feel right now…. well, it really touched me – to get that acknowledgement.

I’ve taken your suggestions to heart and have begun to implement them in my daily life…. To get some of this mirrored back to me in a reading has given me some hope back that there is more……..

thank you so much Rachel



thank you for such an uplifting reading!


Many thanks indeed for this lovely reading which has given me such hope!


Thank you so much for the lovely email reading with Rachel. It was very informative, interesting and very warm. It put a smile on my face, which is actually still going on haha 🙂

Steven, UK


Thanks. The reading was great. Thanks for the horoscope. Dean, USA

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