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Reading for Sarah by StormJewel’s Psychics

Psychic Email Readings by RachelYour Question:  When and how will things improve for me?

Hello Sarah,

As I tune into your energies, I can feel that you have been struggling now for some time and that it feels as though nothing you do works out. This has led to painful emotions becoming trapped in your energy fields and I can feel that you have no outlet or expression for this, this has become locked into you and I can feel physical pain in your throat and heart chakras.

I feel that you are very interested in all things metaphysical, and though you have a strong connection, somehow again nothing works. The first thing now to address is the physical, for until we find flow physically nothing else can improve.  The relationship you have now with yourself is the longest you will have in this life, you are a spiritual being, yes, but you are definitely having a physical experience and it is time that you were able to enjoy life again.

Start to take more care of yourself, I feel that you have not been eating or sleeping properly for some time now, get out into the fresh air for a little everyday, no matter the weather and breathe in deeply. 

When we are very stressed we tend to breathe very shallowly and this creates more and more anxiety.  There are a lot of wonderful resources on to listen to for relieving stress and take some time out to watch something funny on the tv, indulge yourself, have a soak in the bath, all this will begin to soften your energy and allow things to start to flow again.

Another very powerful tool is the recognition that thoughts are very powerful.  Just take a little time to notice how your thoughts make you feel and this is an indicator of whether this is who you really are or not. 

We all have at times to deal with a very critical inner voice that does not support us, so just gently and easily start to notice and when thoughts are feeling bad, distract yourself, either by physically doing something else, or by speaking to yourself with much more kindness and compassion.

Take a little time each day to notice what does feel good, this again changes your energy and perspective and offers relief, there is always something to appreciate even in the darkest of times, even if it is something like, well it could be worse!

As you take these steps, I feel your enthusiasm and energy starting to lift again over the next little while, you will begin to remember more of who you really are and times in the past when you experienced success and joy.  As these memories start to play, you will start to feel much more able to take up life again.  Have a few phrases to say to yourself, I now choose to be happy.  This is going to be easier than I think.

There is a goal, ambition, idea you have had for sometime, lack of confidence is holding you back.  Daydream about it and allow yourself to suspend disbelief just for a little while, imagining how it feels as it starts to gently and easily realise.  This is the beginning of manifestation. 

Your Future

In a few months time I see you walking down the street towards a meeting, possibly an interview, and you remember this time, it feels far away, your step is lighter and you feel so much happier, and you deserve it.  You have prepared something to take in with you, and it is very much a meeting of the minds, ideals and intentions. 

This opens up to your connection and working with a group of like minded individuals who are in the position to work with you and enable you through their connections and resources to bring to birth the beginning of the fruition of this idea that you have had running in the background for some time. 

I see that you have a beautiful folder and notebook that you have already started to put together ideas and plans and research for this project, and that you have brought this with you, but also a file of presentation material which brings this all together.  This is very well met and in line with this group’s aims, and you work together very well.

As this starts to take form, life begins over the next few months to take on the experiences and qualities that are much more recognisable to you.  You will need to travel with this position and this is where I feel you meet someone that you feel very comfortable with and very attracted to.  There is no forcing this relationship, it unfolds very naturally, and you both are very involved in what you do and feeling satisfaction and reward on many levels. 

What is different about this relationship is that there is freedom to be who you are and also support and mutuality in thriving and enjoyment. 

You come from very different backgrounds and yet have many things in common, those you don’t add to the spice and interest of your development both as individuals and as a couple. 

I feel that you will travel together and that what you do brings great benefit to you both, but also that you have this mutual intention and are supported by the group who is backing and supporting you to enable others to live lives which are much fuller and more recognisable to them also.

There is great reward ahead for you I feel, emotionally, spiritually, physically and financially. 

You are finding that life is coming more into balance, you will be very busy, and the only words of caution are to ensure that you meet your physical needs for food and rest, for I do pick up that you will be very engaged and enthusiastic about this and you will be tempted to run on empty a little, make sure you keep yourself topped up, for you will need to be able to function at your best.

You will be delighted at how full your life has become and as I look forward to approximately a year ahead, this time will feel almost as though it is a strangers past, and you will have all kinds of new goals and aims, which you fully intend to realise and do so.

It has been a real pleasure to read for you.

Much love and blessings to you.

Rachel x

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