Should I Consult A Psychic Or A Medium?

psychics vs mediumsWhat is a psychic and what is a medium? A psychic is a person who sees the past or the future through intuition and or clairvoyance. A medium is a person who can communicate with spirits specially those who have passed on and get information from them about the past or the future.

A psychic can be a medium and a medium can be a psychic as well. Many times people who are given the gift of sight can see in many different ways. They can use different techniques to do readings.

However, psychics and mediums, depending on their specialization can also be very different.

What Is A Psychic?

A psychic is someone who can do psychic readings through one or more of the clair skills (clairvoyance, clairsentience, etc.).

He or she may use tools to do readings. He can use the tarot, tea leaves, playing cards, runes or he or she may use no tools at all.

Psychics are great for readings about career, love life and looking into the future.

What Is A Medium?

A medium is someone who can can communicate with spirits. They can communicate with spirits of both people who are alive or who have departed.

Mediums can also communicate with higher spirits. They can communicate with angels and other beings of these world.

At times, mediums can allow others spirits to posses their bodies so that a client can personally talk to their departed loved ones.

Mediums can also sometimes do astral projections and allow their spirits to travel to meet other spirits in other planes.

Mediums are great for readings about your departed loved ones and finding out truths given by those who passed away.

When Should I Consult A Psychic?

Psychics are best suited for readings that relate to your current state of being and how that will affect your future. Psychics normally see freewill as a factor that will affect how your life will turn out. This means that they will take into account the emotions and feelings that you and others around you may have.

Here are some questions best suited for a psychic reading

1. What will happen this year?
2. Will I meet my soulmate soon?
3. Is XXX for me?
4. Should I change jobs or stay in my current work?
5. Will I get married soon?
6. Where will I meet my future wife/ husband?
7. Should I choose _________ or ____________ as my romantic partner?
8. Will I be successful in my career?

When Should I Consult A Medium?

Mediums provide you a way to communicate with your department loved ones. You can also ask them about your angels and spirit guides. Most of the time, they are consulted when someones dies and you want to have peace of mind and know that they have found solace in the after life.

Also mediums are consulted to talk to deceased relatives and friends to ask them for forgiveness or even advise. At times you may want to ask your departed relative their opinion regarding your future marriage, career choices and or family situation.

They can also be consulted for questions about the spirits that surround your and your angels and what are telling you. Sometimes we have guides around us but we don’t know what they are saying. Asking a medium to intercede between us is a good way to communicate with the spirits.

Basically mediums give readings based on the information given by spirits of the departed, angels and your spirit guides.

Here are some questions best suited with a mediumship readings

1. Is ________ happy in the after life?
2. Does _______ feel I should marry ________?
3. Does _______ know about __(person)____?
4. Are angels watching over me?
5. I want to tell _______ that I’m sorry.
6. What would ________ do in this situation?
7. Does _______ have a message for me before he or she died?

Finding Help From Psychics and Mediums

Psychics and mediums are people who chose help others and give them answers to questions. Consulting psychics means you need help in your life but still recognize the power of your freewill to shape your life and destiny. Consulting mediums mean that you value those have departed and want to seek out their advice and communicate with them.

The most important thing in consulting psychics or mediums is the intent you have for communing with them. You need to know your purpose for the reading before you seek either one.

Once you know the reading for the reading, you can find either a psychic or a medium who will assist you in your queries.

The most important aspect to find in them is empathy. They should show you care and consideration for no matter what sort of question you ask. They should also be honest about all that they see and find.

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