Spend Time with Family and Be Happy


Family is forever

Do you still remember when you were a child and you went to McDonald’s with your mum and dad on a Sunday and you were so happy just eating your fries and burger? It was not anything special now but it was because you were able to just have fun and spend time with your family back then. Or do you still remember when you played with your siblings in the rain or the time your mom helped you with your homework? Do you ever feel like you miss you family and just want to spend time with them?

On the other hand, have you ever had any issues with your mother, father, brother or sister as you were growing up? Did you disagree a lot and screamed a lot at each other but in the end also made up? Or do you feel pain when you recall the past times with your family, but you still know that whatever happened in the past made you a stronger person now?

Family is Family

Family is family and family is forever. As many movies that show close knit families, family are the only people who know you inside out no matter what. They are the people you don’t need to built yourself up just for them to accept you. They know how you have cried, laughed and lived. Your family are like the roots of a tree, they may not always be seen but they hold you up and they helped you rise up to what you are now.

In the Western world many people value independence too much to the point that many throw away the concept of family. They forget their parents and just put them in retirement homes. They rarely meet their siblings and just drift away. But your family, now matter what has happened will always be the people you can run to.

Family is love!

Family is love!

Spend Time With Your Family

I know you may have other things you need to do and your own life to live now. I know you may be busy with a lot of things and so do your other family member. But when was the last time you saw them not because it was Christmas or Thanksgiving or Hanukah or Ramadan? When was the last time you actually called up your mum to say hi?

Spending time with your family can be therapeutic. They can help you get in touch with your past and your roots. Spending time with the people you love is never a waste of time, but rather a beautiful opportunity to live.

1. Spending Time With Your Family is a Cheap Form of Therapy

When was the last time you actually laughed about something pretty silly like your snot coming out of your nose? When was the last time you had someone listen to you even if your rant on and on about your problems? Seeing your family can help you cure loneliness.

There is always a part of us that is longing for that homey-feeling. The feeling you have when you need to run to your parents room when there is a thunderstorm. Your parents, no matter how much you have argued will always, always love you.

2. Spending Time With Your Family is a Way to Visit Memory Lane

I know how nostalgic you get when you talk about your elementary or highschool days. I know how it feels to talk about those fights you have had with your brothers and sisters. It feels good to just recall those memories. And it feels even much better when you do it someone who also experienced them.

Have you ever felt happy just be eating your favorite cereal with chocolate drizzled to it just like when you were a child? Or that smell you sniff from your mother’s shirt when you hugged her before. Those were good times in your life. People need more of these moments and people need not forget about them.

3. Your Family Accepts You for Who You Are

The world can turn its back on you, but your family will always be there for you. I know that your mum or dad may not know how computers work but they will understand how it is to struggle with work. They have faith in you no matter how many failures you think may have made. Your family may sometimes scold you but in the end they love you and you can count on them.

Your family will always be there no matter what.

Your family will always be there no matter what.

4. Your Parents Won’t Live Forever

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Don’t wait for them to pass away before you give them flowers and say nice things to them. When you spend time with your parents, you build good memories with them. These memories are the ones that would help you smile in tough times. These memories are the ones you will carry when your mum or dad are no longer around. When you spend time with your parents as an adult, you will learn their wisdom and knowledge.

5. Your Parents Are Wise Beyond Measure

Remember when you were a teen and you thought that your mom or dad was ridiculous? But remember when you finally realized that you really needed their advise on how to really do the laundry, balance your cheque books or pay your debts? Your parents may not be the smartest, the richest or the best people in the world, but they can offer you great advise. They can help you in though times. They can give you tips and help you survive.

Go Home to Your Family

I know you may already be a fully capable and functioning adult but spending time with family helps you fight stress and helps strengthen your mind and spirit. No matter how crazy your family is. They are the people who truly get you. Once in awhile visit them. You need it.

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