Art Therapy – How Can Art Make You Live a Happier Life

Art has always been an avenue for self expression and emotional release since the dawn of time. Artists, for many generations, have used art, music, painting, dance and sculpture to express emotions that no words can ever say. Nowadays, art therapy is widely used as a form of healing both the mind and soul as…

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12 Ways to Live a More Spiritual Life

How to Live a More Spiritual Life

Spirituality can be defined differently by all, as everyone has their own unique relationship with life, each other, their self and the divine. It is important that you have a good relationship with the with spirit (some people may call this god, the mother, energy, life force but ultimately its all the same!) Developing a…

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Meditating is Easy – How to do A Daily Meditation

How to do a Daily Meditation

What is Meditation? And Why Do People Do It? Practiced for centuries, meditation is an important part of numerous religious traditions and belief systems. Meditation is a well-known method of healing and is a way of expressing self-love. There are as many reasons why people meditate as there are styles of meditation. Although the umbrella…

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