12 Ways to Live a More Spiritual Life

How to Live a More Spiritual Life

Notice the beauty of your world and the many fractals in nature

Spirituality can be defined differently by all, as everyone has their own unique relationship with life, each other, their self and the divine.

It is important that you have a good relationship with the with spirit (some people may call this god, the mother, energy, life force but ultimately its all the same!)

Developing a bond and relationship with spirit is easier than you may think. Whether you desire to live a spiritual life but do not know where to start or you want to invite more spirit into your heart, this list is sure to inspire. So let’s begin!

12 Ways to Improve your spiritual life and happiness

Become a more spiritual person with this handy guide and tips…

1. Let kindness and love guide you in your everyday choices and thoughts.

Be kind to yourself and treat people the way you would like to be treated … even if they do not return the kind gesture. Remember this rule, as it is indeed golden.

2. Embrace the experience of life.

Explore life with great wonder and curiosity. Enjoy and love the world around you. Become an explorer of life. Ask questions and watch life unfold the answers to you. Love life and celebrate it as much as possible. Search for new reasons to be grateful to be a part of it.

3. Practice mindfulness. Be present as much as possible … fully alive in the moment.

Notice scents, colors, feelings – both internal emotional feelings and sensations of the body. Remember, the past is gone and the future has not yet happened. Being 100% in the present allows you to truly live life.

4. Try to let go of habits that no longer serve you…

…your spirit or your highest and best any longer. Let go of judgments and hatred, grudges and negative thinking. Practice forgiveness, acceptance, love, caring, sharing and gratitude.

5. Live from your heart, rather than living from your ego.

Try to make decisions from love as much as possible, while suspending fear-based action from ruling your life. As you look deeply into your heart, you will find the real you, the one that has been pushed beneath your outward fears and insecurities. Let your soul shine. It wants to.

6. Trust in life to bring you what you need.

This can feel difficult when times are low, I know, but have faith. Life is filled with mystery, magic and miracles. There is something good in all experiences. Darkness is merely an absence of light. Remember that you are never alone. If you need help, just ask for it.

7. Meditate

Set aside ten to twenty minutes a day and be silent. Focus on your breath. Be sure to keep your posture nice and straight. This will improve your happiness no end – just try it for a week or two and see the difference!

8. Do something kind for someone without them knowing and without expecting anything in return.

Pay attention to the way this makes you feel.

9. Find the opportunities in your life by converting the negative to positive in all situations.

Be playful and enjoy every experience that life throws your way. We attract the challenges of life to us, because of the gifts attached. Every experience in life, ever moment of the day has tremendous opportunity for spiritual growth. Face problems and difficulties with ease and life will become a dance you are glad to participate in. Let life become fun … it will, if you let it!

10. Spend time with nature

Even if that means bringing more plants into your home and purchasing a hamster or other animal you enjoy as a pet. Spend time and develop a relationship with animals, trees, plants and bees.

11. Love and respect yourself.

You are a child of Spirit. Self-love is necessary to love others. Take good care of yourself by eating healthy foods, drinking enough pure water, getting enough rest, etc.

12. Read many spiritual books.

Try to read a little everyday, keeping yourself refreshed by having a regular healthy dose of spiritual wisdom.


There are many ways to live a more spiritual life. You already are more spiritual by having the intention to do so. Now think of a few other ways for you to connect with spirit … with the divine. Cherish life and it will cherish you! Be prepared for life to become rich with meaning and as deep as an eternal sea of love!

Love, light & miracles!


StormJewel Says: Thanks Nadia, I know  I need to pay attention to some of these things a bit more particularly the looking after myself, eating well and getting enough rest!  

Do you practice these things in your life? What ways can you think of to lead a more spiritual life?  Comment below with your thoughts!

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