The Power of Daydreaming

Our Daydreams make us feel happy and relaxed

Our Daydreams make us feel happy and relaxed

Do you remember when you were a child and you get lost in your make believe world. You’d spend hours playing with your make believe friends. You would go on fun adventures without leaving your house? Do you remember your celebrity crush when you were a teen and how you daydreamed about him or her as your prom date? But do you also remember when you told yourself to stop daydreaming and start being an adult?

Well daydreaming is one of the most powerful ways we can use to create a positive energy around us. Daydreaming has extremely powerful and nourishing effects to our soul. It allows us to let go and be free and to imagine a world which is beautiful and free.

Why Did We Ever Stop Daydreaming

When you were a child everybody allowed you to see the world as a magical place. Unicorns, mermaids and fairies were real. And then one day someone tells you Santa Claus is not real. You stop waiting for the tooth fairy. You don’t believe in monsters anymore. And then as the years past you found fantasy silly. You became an adult.

As an adult, you still daydreamed at times. You thought about what it would be like to be working, being married, having children or being rich. But every time you catch your mind wandering off, you give yourself a slap on the wrist because you realized that daydreaming was a waste of time.

Daydreaming can be both destructive and constructive. It can both make you work and do better or it can also make you unrealistic and vain. The key here is finding the right kind of daydreaming in order for you to grow.

Benefits of Daydreaming

Daydreaming basically allows your mind to wander and be free.

Types of Daydreaming

Positive Constructive Daydreaming – This type of daydreaming is linked to creativity, reinforcement of good behavior, reflection and mental growth. In this type of daydreaming you get to learn new ideas, create solutions to problems, relieve anxiety and reflect about life.

Guilty and Dysphoric Daydreaming – This kind of daydreaming basically goes into the guilt and anxiety driven phase. It involves also thoughts of harming others and one’s self. This is the pathological sort of daydreaming.

Poor Attention Control Daydreaming – This sort of daydreaming comes with losing focus when an important task at hand is in front of you. It is like a defense mechanism in order for your brain to relax in times of anxiety and stress. The Poor Attention Control Daydreaming is not totally bad though, it just needs proper timing and placement. This is signal that your brain maybe feeling a bit overloaded and that you need to relax more.

The Benefits of Daydreaming

I believe that daydreaming is a good way to release stress and is a meditative way to increase creativity. Many geniuses such as Aristotle, Einstein, Van Gogh, Newton, Da Vinci, J.K. Rowling were daydreamers. They allowed their minds to wander and explore new ideas. They discovered new truths by connecting the dots in their mind and learning possibilities.

1. Relieves Anxiety

Daydreaming basically allows your mind to wander and be free. Sometimes overly controlling your mind to focus and work can be stressful and disruptive. Allowing your mind to just be free and go explore new thoughts, ideas, fantasies and scenes can help you fight stress.

Life’s daily grind normally forces you to concentrate on something. You have to focus on your work, focus you how you balance your salary, focus on your chores; you are forced to focus too much. This in turn makes you feel agitated and sometimes even creates feelings of anger and confusion.

When you daydream, you allow your mind to go to a blissful place. Whether you are thinking about going to the beach, that sexy moment you will be having or that nice bed you will lying in, daydreaming can offer you instant bliss. You can zone out and think about something totally relaxing. You can either think about happy memories in the past or create visualizations of the future. You can even make small spaces of just made up thoughts like what if you win the lottery and the like.

2. Daydreaming Helps You Reinforce a Thought, a Behavior or a Drive

When you are aiming for something, just thinking about the results and picturing yourself at the finish line helps you feel motivated. Daydreaming also help you put your thoughts into perspective. It is meditative moment where you just listen to what your heart, mind and soul is telling you. You can hear yourself better when you just let go. You can hear the thoughts about how you can be more focused on other times, be more loving and caring to your family and friends, spend more time outdoors and just think about all the good things that you want to be or should be doing.

In the moments of contemplations and wide awake dreaming, your mind is free to feel good about the decisions you have made and the actions you need to do. When you daydream you allow your mind to combine thought, focus and pleasure into a certain behavior, attitude and drive. For example, you want to be more helpful. And so you envision yourself helping others. You feel good about reaching out. This helps you in the times when your are actually faced with moments that you need to helpful

3. Daydreaming Improves Creativity

If you daydream everyday, you can expect to live a more peaceful and stress free life. You can feel more contented and enjoy little things.

If you daydream everyday, you can expect to live a more peaceful and stress free life. You can feel more contented and enjoy little things.

Whether your mind gets a bit lost as you drink your cup of coffee or tea in the morning or your thoughts just wander off as you walk home or commute to work, daydreaming can help you be more creative. Those light bulb moments just pop up when you let your mind wander and be free. Sometimes you come up with solutions to day to day issues like how to folder your clothes better or how you need to repaint your room or sometimes a completely cool idea comes up.

I am a daydreamer. A lot of the good things that has happened to me recently are because of daydreaming. Those moments that I should be writing and suddenly my mind wanders allowed me to come up of good ideas. I got into changing my life, doing yoga, learning how to swim, becoming a writer, quoting my old job, learning how to surf, went to cooking school all because of those quick thoughts that ran into my head. All I needed was to realize those dreams and bring them to life.

Studies have shown that daydreamers are able to score higher in creativity tests more. They were able to construct, draw and create things with their mind, hands, eyes and heart. This in turn allowed them to be happier and feel more fulfilled. Following up a creative daydream with action is also needed in order to live a fulfilled life.

You Should Daydream Everyday

Daydreaming has endless benefits. It is not just an act of lazy people. Daydreamers create ideas, things and actions that help them to grow happier. When you daydream, you relieve anxiety and pain. You try to make sense of things. You also incorporate reality with magic. Daydreaming is you allowing the Universe to talk to you. It is allowing the stars and the clouds form shapes in your mind and then your heart and finally if you are brave enough, with your own hands.

If you daydream everyday, you can expect to live a more peaceful and stress free life. You can feel more contented and enjoy little things. Daydreaming also allows you to search your soul and finally know what is really important to you. Allow you mind some freedom, go ahead and daydream.

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