Who Are You?

“Who am I” is a question that has plagued a man[‘s psyche since the dawn of time. Man has always searched for his place in this planet and the reason for his birth. Seeking the answers to this this question has taken man from peering into the skies, looking into pools of water and searching in his soul for the meaning of who he truly is.

Finding who you are is truly essential in order for you to grow as person. Without knowing who you are and what makes you, you, you’ll be like leaf being blown by the wind. You’ll fly around and around the place but never ever having control of where you are going to. Knowing what makes you, you will help you achieve your dreams and attain happiness.

Know Thyself

As the wise words written on the walls of the Temple of Apollo in Delphi as well as those always uttered by Socrates, man should know himself. He needs to go into a path of self-discovery. Self discovery starts at the time you ask the reason why you are born and why you are here. Many us begin this path at an early age. Wondering why we were pushed out into this world. However many do not find the answers or take a long time to know their purpose for being here.

Knowing yourself will help you create the path towards achieving happiness and fulfillment. It will allow you to create meaningful relationships, have a career you want and live a happy life.

But how do you know yourself? The first step to knowing yourself is accepting that you hare HERE. You are not an accident. You are born into this world for a reason. And no matter how you perceive yourself to be, you have part to play in life that would help shape this world into a better place

Here are some steps in order for you to know who you are.

1. Self Acceptance

As we’ve talked about, you need to accept your place in this world. You need to know that you are important and that you are not an insignificant leaf floating in the wind. You need to accept your talents, but you also need to accept your flaws. Recognize that you are unique and that that is your gift.

No one else is like you and no one else can be you.

2. Self Discovery

Discovering who you are takes years and years of self examination. But you can make this easier. You just need to first list down the things you are good at. Then list down the things that you have difficulty doing like for example can you cook? Ride a bike? Yes? No? This will help you narrow down your strengths and weaknesses. After know the things that you value and love. List them down. Making these lists will help you see you are visually.

The act of writing things down will help you put you thoughts into this physical plane and thus will allow you to make a more solid self examination

3. Know What Makes You Happy

The next step into knowing yourself is embracing the things that you love. Once you have made your “happy list”, you have to ask yourself if you have been doing those lately. If not, then you are not being true to yourself.

Have you been doing yoga? No, why coz you’re too busy? Have you been traveling? No? Because you don’t have the time or money? You need to make the things that you love happen in your life. Only you can make them happen!

It doesn’t matter what circumstances you have right now, you can push to chase happiness and do the things you love. You are not born to pay bills and die, You are born to live!

4. Know Your Fears and Overcome Them

Knowing about your fears will help you know what are the things that hold you back. Aside from this knowing your fears would also teach you your values. Are you afraid of losing your family? Are you afraid of failure? Write those down. Because when you write things down, you get to acknowledge them but also you get to know how you can resolve them.

If you fear losing your family, then you must show them love all the time so that even if they are gone, you have had spent a wonderful time with them. If you fear failure, know that just trying to do things already means that you a fighter and not a failure. And also that you are human, you are bound to make mistakes

5. Know Your Dreams

Some times life happens to us and then we stop dreaming. We stop wishing for something better and we just settle for what we have because we’re afraid to see what the future holds for us. But dreams are like rainbows, they give us hope even after the darkest days.

You need to write down what you want. It doesn’t matter if it sounds absurd, because it doesn’t. You are capable of making things happen just like any other human being out there.

Knowing your dreams and goals will inspire you to live a better life in pursuit of your dreams.

6. Keep a Journal

The written word hold power. When you write things down, you transfer your thoughts into a physical manifestation. This is something I have learned from a video I’ve watched on Facebook, but has applied to my life ever since. And writing things down has created a big impact in my life.

I know most people prefer to use computers or their phones, but I urge to go get that notebook and write your thoughts and your self examination in a notebook or a diary. Doing so is like telling this physical realm what you want, who you are and making things real and not just thoughts that float in your head.

Write down your feelings. You don’t need to spend ages doing it. You can just drop a line or two. Write your dreams. Write what makes you happy. Just write it down.

Writing is one of the most important things you can do in order to find the person that you are and make that person a better being in this Universe.

I Think, Therefore I am\

Now that you know who you are, it is now time to shape your life. As the wise Rene Descartes has said, “I think, therefore I am”. You have to power to materialize your visions and your dreams. You can put your thoughts into reality. Forget what is stopping you, but embrace the things that allow you to chase your dreams and your place in this world.

You are capable. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re too old, young, fat, skinny, poor, disabled and undeserving because none of that matters. Even if you are 89, you can still go and travel the world. Even if you just fifteen and wish to be a chef you can do it. You just need to put your heart into that dream.

Aside from your dreams your thoughts about yourself shape who you are! If you see yourself as old at 89, then you are old. But if you see yourself as someone young at heart, but has the wisdom of the years and has the eagerness for life then you are that! If you see yourself as the victim, then you become a victim. But if you see yourself as a warrior then you become the warrior.

YOU ARE WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE. If you always tell yourself that you are kind, then you become kind. If you say to yourself that you will fight others, then you become a person who is bitter and argumentative.

Your thoughts about who you are shape your life.

Be Yourself, But Be a Good Version of Yourself

Now that you know who you are and what your purpose in life is and your place in this existence, then it’s time for you to take the path towards becoming the best version of yourself. And no this is not some ad on TV or the internet that pushes you to lose weight or change your face. This are the words that will help you be successful and happy.

Be the best version of yourself. Be that person who your younger self will be proud of meeting. Do this because you deserve it. Remember YOU ARE A GOOD PERSON. You deserve to be here. You deserve to be happy and most of all, YOU DESERVE TO BE YOU!

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