7 Simple Ways to Cleanse Your 7 Chakras

7 Simple Ways to Cleanse Your 7 Chakras

7 Simple Ways to Cleanse Your 7 Chakras

We have seven chakras in our bodies lined up from the base of our spine to the top of our heads. These seven chakras are seven fields of energy that govern our mind and body. When a chakra is blocked it causes imbalance, diseases and pain. By cleansing the chakras, we invite a smooth flow in our overall psyche and restore the harmony in our bodies.

Once the seven chakras attain balance and cleansing, they become fully functional. Much like a glowing light inside of you, they shine well once they are purified. On the other hand, because of stress, anxiety and different life occurrences, many times in our lives our chakras get blocked. Many times people suffer from chronic pain and illnesses without even knowing that the cause of these issues are blocked chakras.

Chakra cleansing

A well functioning chakra is much like an open lotus flower. It radiates energy and positivity to the body of it’s owner. Many times life can be hard and thus causing the lotus flowers along the chakra points to be polluted or even be blocked or closed. This causes energy not to flow properly. When we cleanse our chakras, we can feel a deep sense of relief and healing.

I myself have had suffered from having blocked chakra points. I had severe back pain and anxiety. Through my life, there are times that I forget that I need to align and put my energy points in sync. But I always go back to cleansing them in order to attain a sound mind and body. Being aware that a chakra point is blocked or needs cleansing is the key.

harmony-and the root chakra

harmony-and the root chakra

1. The Root Chakra

The root chakra seats at the base of your spine or at your tailbone. This chakra point is related to your feelings of survival, stability, high needs of prosperty as well as your ability to trust. When this chakra is blocked or lacks energy, the person normally becomes restless, anxious, has back pain and can even feel the need to control everything to the point of paranoia.

Other symptoms that a blockage of the root chakra would be pain in the limbs similar to arthritis or sciatic nerve pain, fearfulness and agitation. In cleansing all chakras meditation and chanting of Mudras is needed.

Mantra or Meditation Word: LAM.

Chanting Lam in the lotus position can help you open the vibrations in your root chakra.

Simple of way of cleansing:

Acupressure or getting a massage targeting the root chakra. A lot of times the root chakra gets stressed out and blocked due to overworking since there is a feeling of instability. When we feel like everything is falling apart, our root chakra is also blocked out.

I encourage you having a massage or personally putting some pressure on your root chakra area. This will help alleviate body pain like rheumatism and arthritis, clear your mind and improve your meditations. Since the root chakra is at the base of all the chakras, making sure that it is not blocked helps you attain a good well being. Once in a while you may also get an acupuncture to help release the muscles in that area.

2. Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra governs our creativity, sensuality and intimacy. The sacral charka seats just about two inches below your belly button. This chakra point is either normally overly active or very inactive. Both have ill effect on mentality, sexuality and emotional states.

When the sacral chakra is blocked, it becomes less active. This leads to lethargy, impotence, disinterest in life, apathy, inability to be creative and feeling depressed. A person who also has an imbalanced sacral point may also feel severe feelings of guilt.

On the other hand, if the sacral chakra becomes too active the person may become too vain and aggressive. He or she may have severe sexual addiction and also may feel clingy to his or her partner.

Mantra or Meditation Word: VAM.

Reciting Vam as you let this word vibrate from your sacral point going up to your crown chakra and then down again to your root chakra can help increase vibrations in that area.

Simple way of cleansing:

Submerging your lower body in warm water with healing salts can help clear the energy in your sacral area. Water therapy has been one of the oldest ways to clear blockages in this area. A good example is water birth. Because a baby comes out into the world via the sacral region into a fluid space.

Water reduces friction. Buoyancy also helps move the muscle with no tension and thus promotes good movement. Warm water helps reduce pain and also warms the body. It helps you feel calm and relaxed.

The sacral energy is all about fluidity, passion and cheerfulness. If your sacral point is balanced, you will exhibit a good amount of creative energy. You can also have a healthy desire for sex and enjoy it as a part of a good life.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra

3. Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus or the Stomach chakra is located right at the middle of your abdominal area. This part of your body regulates your energy, metabolism, will power, self esteem, social identity and happiness. When this chakra is blocked you may feel stomach pains, gas, indigestion and bloating on the physical side. On the mental and emotional side, you may feel feelings of low self esteem, low energy, inability to decide for yourself and being weak and fearful.

Mantra or Meditation Word: Ram.

With the strong “R” sound, Ram is recited in order to producing a rumbling sound in your stomach. This promotes more energy and easy digestion.

Simple way of cleansing:

The solar plexus chakra is often blocked because of food. Unhealthy food is normally a culprit of this blockage. Another thing is emotional eating. Certain types of food indicate a particular need or longing a person has. People who always like to eat too much sweets are often depressed. Too salty food indicate a need for excitement and motivation. In cleansing the solar plexus, one must cleanse the palate, the stomach and the colon.

Eating food that does not have a lot of taste for about three days can help to cleanse the palate. Green smoothy detox is one of the best ways to cleanse your solar plexus chakra. This will remove impurities inside the body. It will also cleanse all the undigested food and blockages in your colon. After the detox is done. You may need to switch to whole grain food with less meat and more fruits and vegetables.

4. The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra is the center of all chakras. Being placed in the middle it plays a vital role in balancing all the other chakras. The heart chakra governs the emotion of love and as well as hate. Ever pulsating in the middle of our chests, the heart chakra sends vital energies in our body to drive us in our daily lives.

The heart chakra is the root of kindness, compassion, trust, hope, balance and forgiveness. When this chakra is blocked. We become abusive and manipulative. We also tend to feel chest pain and breathing problems if this chakra point encounters problems.

Mantra or Meditation Word: YAM.

Yam has a soft healing sound that brightens our moods. As you recite it, try smiling in order to put in more of it’s energy in.

Simple way of cleansing:

The heart chakra needs air in order for it to beat well. Proper circulation and breathing helps cleanse and clear the energies in the heart chakra. Breathing exercises such as Yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong can help promote a better circulation. Through Yoga, the body is aligned in a way that the breath flows beautifully around the body. This helps balance the mind and body so they are balanced with each other. Tai Chi believes that all energies flow in a certain way and a good flow of Chi or energy in the body makes it more alive.

Using Yoga and Tai Chi has personally helped me deal with my physical and mental issues which were caused by blockages in my heart chakra. It has helped me realize that I need to live a simpler, more compassionate life.

5. Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is seated right in your throat area in your neck. It is responsible for your communicative capabilities, resonance, creativity and socialization. Physical manifestations of blockages include sore throats, mouth problems like cancer sores and mouth and nasal issues. On the other hand, spiritual blockages on this chakra means that a person is unable to communicate well with others. He or she may become overly shy in expressing his or her ideas.

People who are unable to have balance in their throat chakra are also tend to stutter in public, may lie to cover the truth and may also experience inability to listen because of talking too much. By clearing this chakra you invite good vibrations that would allow you to resonate well with others and speak clearly and passionately.

Mantra or Meditative Word: HAM.

Much like the humming sound you make when you are humming to yourself, “Ham” can help clear the throat chakra.

Simple way of cleansing:

Meditative singing. Singing is one of the oldest practices of prayer and praise. It does not matter if you sing well or not. Singing or chanting can help you acquire good vibrations. Scientists have also performed tests to check a person’s brain as he or she sings it and it has been seen that anxiety, happiness and serenity increases as one sings.

Singing, dancing and celebrating life and expressing yourself well can help you clear your throat chakra. Attaining balance in this area allows you be more sociable and friendly. It also helps you feel more at ease in social interactions.

6. The Third Eye Chakra

As the name goes, the third eye chakra is involved with our mind and soul’s visualization and perception. Much like a real eye, the third eye chakra sees vibrations in time, space and sometimes can help you see the future through your dreams and by meditation. When this chakra is blocked, you may experience headaches, difficulty in concentrating, nightmares, a poor memory and even hallucinations.

Overly active, the third eye chakra causes a person to loose sleep and feel irritable and anxious. He or she may have nightmares and experiences severe visions. On the other hand, if a person has an under active third eye chakra will likely be unable to think well, has inability to focus and work well and may likely to feel sleepy all the time. Attaining proper balance in this chakra is needed to be able to function well and have a good night’s rest.

Mantra or Meditative Word: AUM.

Aum is the most commonly recited mantra and there is a reason why. A lot of people nowadays have heavily blocked third eye chakras. Aum is recited starting with the root chakra and allowing it to vibrate up to the crown chakra and back down to the third eye chakra letting it vibrate there.

Simple way of cleansing:

A proper amount of sleep and relaxation can help heal and cleanse this chakra. With the rise of technology and usage of gadgets that emit blue light, our third eye chakra becomes blocked more and more. I know that attaining a good amount of sleep is difficult but there are a few steps you must do in order to attain it.

First is trying to sleep between the times of 10pm to 4am, ideally not later than 2am. Because at this time, our bodies are at it’s weakest and needs to repair it self. This is also the time that the pineal gland or the third eye chakra consolidates its visions and vibrations. By sleeping at this time you can recharge your third eye chakra. Waking up before 9am is also ideal in order to soak up morning sunshine into your third eye chakra. You should also stay away from your phone and gadgets at least an hour before bedtime. This is to reduce the blue light and help you sleep more.

If you are able to sleep better your third eye chakra can help you get beautiful dreams. It also helps you manage anxiety and fears. When this chakra is balanced you will observe a good concentration and focus at work. When you are sleepy in the day, try not to take too much coffee, because sleepiness is a signal that your body and mind needs rest.

7. The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra sits on the very top of your head and is within your cerebral cortex. It governs your spiritual life and connectivity. When fully functional a person becomes understanding, is full of wisdom and can sometimes sense others well such being an empath or have telepathy. On the other hand if this part is over or under active a person may suffer. An over active crown chakra will cause confusion, over intellectuality to the point of severe doubt and severe spirituality. If it is underactive, then it will cause a person to feel too much attachment. He will then be apathetic, skeptical and be materialistic.

People who have blockages in their Crown Chakra will experience psychological imbalances and may also have headaches and psychosomatic pains. He or she may also be severely fearful of diseases. Clearing this chakra will allow your spirit to feel light and at ease.

Mantra or Meditative Word: ANG.

Ang when chanted releases tension in your crown chakra. The vibrations from this meditation should be felt on the top your head and flow down to your spine.

Simple way of cleansing:

Meditation and prayer is highly needed to cleanse your crown chakra. Many people nowadays forget to spare sometime in their busy days to talk to the universe and pray as well as listen to it and meditate. When we forget to meditate our minds becomes confused with so many thoughts all running at the same time.

You must find time to pray. Praying means you let your intentions be heard by the Universe. On the other hand meditation has to be done in the morning and at night. During the time of cleansing a lot about twenty minutes in the morning and about thirty minutes to an hour at night. During meditation, sit in the lotus position and imagine your crown chakra as a white lotus flower opening on the top of your head. Try to see that flower growing and enveloping you fully. Then see your self being cocooned by this flower as you are surrounded by the universe. Listen to the Universe and ask what IT WANTS TO TELL YOU. In the succeeding days just allow the Universe to just flow into you.

The Throat Charka

The Throat Charka

When you meditate on a daily basis, you can observe that you become kinder and softer but stronger in the ordeals of life. I, myself have used daily meditation to manage my feelings and my thoughts. The quietness it brings has helped me become aware of life and live happily.

Once All the Chakras are Unblocked…]

Once all the chakras are unblocked, you will experience a light happy feeling with a blissful spirit. This will allow you to face any situation with strength and wisdom. Try clearing your chakras every three to six months. You need to do this if you lead a busy and stressful life.

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