Are You Psychic? Easy Divination Methods

Are You Psychic?My psychic readers have had years of practice and can quickly and easily give you excellent advice, but why not start learning to read your own future?

Firstly you may want to know if you are psychic, clairvoyant or have ESP (extra sensory perception)?

Well almost certainly the answer is yes as we all have psychic or intuitive skills, its just a question of tapping in to them and being able to understand the messages that come from your subconscious.

For me I tried different methods, and due to my visual nature and love of stories I quickly realised the tarot was best for me.

Here you can find out about various methods of using and testing your powers such as Zener cards, psychic circles and other forms of divination such as tarot cards, crystal balls, and the differences between them and where to find them.

Confused about the different types of psychic ability?  Read my handy guide.

Zener Cards

Zener CardsZener Cards aren’t actually intended for divination, but instead were invented by scientists as a way of testing people’s ability to predict what is going to happen (rather than being able to say what has already happened, although with a bit of imagination you can use them for this too!)

Zener cards consist of 5 different symbols, a star, a box, wavy lines, a triangle and a circle (They used them in ghost busters!). There are 25 cards and each one symbol on it (5 of each).

You shuffle the deck and before you choose a card make a guess at what symbol you will pick, doing this until the deck is finished before you check the answers. If you can successfully predict more than 5 correct answers in a deck this is significantly above the odds and therefore shows that you have some kind of psychic ability, the higher the number, the better and more powerful your ability is.

If you do use Zener cards and don’t guess more than 5 correctly out of the pack, don’t despair – this does not mean you do not have psychic ability, just that this method does not work for you!

All in all: Zener cards are fun and easy to use but only test a limited amount of intuitive powers and don’t work for everyone!


Tarot Cards & Oracle Cards

Tarot cards are my favourite type of divination tools and anyone can use them. Oracle cards are similar to the tarot but often are used in a slightly different way to provide relevant food for thought.

You can use them to predict the future, for advice on what to do in a particular situation and to help understand what someone is thinking, or more about a person. If you predict something with tarot cards, this does not mean that the future is fixed, only that what you have predicted will be the outcome if you continue acting in the way you have been. If you want to change the story you can, by changing what you do in your life, that is why the tarot is great for advice.

If you like stories or have a good imagination you will do well with the tarot cards as a good reading is created by using your intuition, imagination and putting together a story from the cards to give more in depth readings. Tarot cards are also good for those with a visual nature as you have the pictures to inspire you.

If you have a particular affinity with something for instance dragons, mermaids, the forest, ancient Egypt, fairies, you can find a deck with beautiful and relevant imagery that will inspire you to give really good insightful psychic reading and will be very enjoyable for you!

Want to learn a few tips and tricks for the tarot?  See my tarot tips post at the blog of StormJewel’s Gifts

All in all: A powerful divination tool most people will find easy to get started with and be successful – ideal for those with creative, visual and tactile nature. As well as telling your fortune it can give you or others advice and guidance. Buy tarot cards at my shop.


Crystal Balls, Scrying Pools and Mirrors

Crystal BallCrystal balls are ideal for those with a visual nature and/or a lot of patience and are popular with clairvoyant readers.

Crystal Balls and scrying pools and mirrors are believed to be one of the oldest commonly known types of divination (though people around the world have been using all manner of things such as bones, tea leaves or whatever is around – the point is the psychic ability is within you!)

The way to use a crystal ball is to sit in a darkened room, meditate on the subject you wish to find out more about, whilst staring at the ball. With a bit of practice, you will sink into a trance and a colour should appear in the ball or mirror, sometimes appearing as a smoky film. Different colours signify different things and this points you in the right direction.

With (a lot) of practice you will find that an image appears (usually in your head although some mediums say they see it in the ball). Eventually you will quickly be able to conjure up images into your head. Some people don’t remember what they say when in psychic trance and so recording your voice can be very useful.

All in all: difficult to master method of divination but worth the effort especially for those with a visual nature!

Buy a crystal ball from here.


Rose Quartz Silver Wand PendulumPendulums can be used for many things, and this is called dowsing. By seeing the direction or movement of the pendulum you can find out if it is saying yes or no and get directions to whatever you seek.

People originally began dowsing or divining for underground water sources, but pendulums can be used for so much more and are great for finding all kinds of lost or hidden things. Through dowsing you can trace ley lines (magnetic lines of energy in the earth that are often marked by the building of sacred sites and churches. – Where two or more ley lines cross the energy becomes intensified, for instance in Stone Henge or Glastonbury Tor in England).

Sacred sites can be an excellent place to practice divination, magick or perform spells as the natural energy will enhance the effectiveness.

Pendulums can also be used for practical things such as answering questions, with yes and no answers, and with practice you will be able to ask for advice eg Should I take that new job or am I following the correct path in life? Using your psychic abilities with pendulums is easy to learn with the right book, and within a week you can be getting accurate answers, and within a month you can learn to use pendulums for all kinds of unexpected applications.

They can also be used for healing, particularly in detecting illness and blockages of energy.

I’ve started using the pendulum recently and find it to be a fun, different and quick method to get answers.

All in all: A very versatile and easy to use method of divination! Buy a Pendulum from StormJewel’s Gifts – I have a great inexpensive kit for beginners!


Oujia Boards or Magick Message Boards

Original ouija boardOujia Boards are a a controversial method of divination due to the fact that you are potentially contacting unknown spirits and forces. Ouija and magic message boards are strictly not toys and should be taken seriously, however if used properly can be an interesting way of finding out answers to questions that would otherwise be hidden. Do bear in mind that some people believe ouija boards actually channel messages from your subconscious rather than spirits, similar to automatic writing.

For those a little nervous of oujia boards, a message board can be the best choice, many have details of protection rituals to ensure you keep yourself safe. Even if using a Ouija board consider doing a prayer or protection ritual, what ever feels right to you but make sure to say that you will not accept any negative energies.

These boards work by two to four people holding a type of token called a planchette together, and then the spirits (hopefully not your mischievous friend!) guide you to the letters or symbols and spell out the answer to your questions. Don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answer to like when am I going to die, whether you get a true or fake answer it will freak you out! The ouija board or magick message board can be very interesting but if you’re new to divination you should think about trying one of the other methods first.

All in all: Not for everyone and should be taken seriously but can be a powerful tool for answering questions


Psychic Readings By Phone - QueerkittenUltimately there are many ways to test and use your intuitive or psychic ability, and the more you practice the better you will become at understanding and recognising them, whether you use a pendulum, tarot cards, ouija boards, a crystal balls or zener cards.

There are also many ways to hone your psychic abilities especially by meditating (especially on your third eye in the centre of your head) and lighting a scented candle before you use any of these tools.

Have patience and have fun and in no time you’ll be on your way to interesting and exciting journey!

Why not try a psychic reading by text or by email – I have tarot readers, crystal ball users, clairvoyants, mediums and more who are very gifted, and once you see what good results you can get, you’ll be all the more motivated to learn for yourself!

You can also ask questions about your psychic development and how to further it.



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