How To Reveal Hidden Messages with Automatic Writing

What is Automatic Writing?

Automatic WritingAutomatic writing is a powerful psychic tool. Some psychics use it to connect with spirits, others use it to allow their psychic insights from their subconscious to become visible (much like the way people use tarot cards, runes and crystal balls). Some psychics and mediums go into a trance when doing it, and don’t remember anything afterwards, whilst others are aware they are writing but just don’t know what!

The great thing about automatic writing is anyone can do it, and you can have a try right now!

The most important thing is to not try and control what you write or draw, give up all mental control! a quick meditation before hand will do wonders!

How to do Automatic Writing

  • Get a pen and paper, preferably a nice big blank sheet.
  • Take some deep breaths from your stomach
  • Imagine your mind opening up and white light flowing into it, until you are a channel of energy
  • Put the pen to paper and write or draw – you will probably find it easier to close your eyes, that way you won’t be tempted to control or edit what comes out.
  • Look at the paper for any messages or drawing

You will most likely see things that represent hidden thoughts and feelings within yourself, but you may tap into guides or psychic insights. You can also use this technique whilst thinking about others, or a particular situation that needs clarification, and reveal insights about them you didn’t know you knew! Learning to accurately interpret your drawings may take time and but the key is to use your intuition to receive the messages.

Automatic Writing is used by my psychic Rachel in her distance healing and psychic reading in which she connects to spirit guides and angels to answer your questions and send you healing.  Find out more about Rachel’s healing readings.

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