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Can You Ever Find Your Soulmate?

By StormJewel | Feb 25, 2017

Is my soul mate out there? If so where is he/she? Why haven’t I found him yet? Can I ever meet my soul mate? These are exact same words I have thought about a few years back. I think everybody at some point feels the longing to connect and find their soul mate. But is…

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From Instant Ramen to Steak to Instant Ramen

By StormJewel | Nov 30, 2016

I love instant ramen. It has helped me during my tough childhood when my parents were so broke. It has helped feel full when I was in college. But after graduating, I promised myself I’ll eat less of that. I promised myself that I will afford eating steaks in a restaurant one day. And I…

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Dare to Live

By StormJewel | Nov 14, 2016

I was born cautious. I always had a Plan B. I am scared of uncertainty but recently, this has made me workaholic and anxious. I realized each and everyone of us are only given one chance to live this life. So I decided to LIVE. And not just live as in be alive, but I…

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Feed Your Hungry Soul

By StormJewel | Jun 9, 2016

Have you ever sat in front of your computer, staring at it with super glassy eyes wondering what the hell you are doing with your life? Have you ever wanted to just stay in bed all day dreading the rest of the day as you open your eyes? Or are you the type of person…

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The 12 Laws of Karma That Can Truly Change Your Life

By StormJewel | May 23, 2016

Karma is a person’s deeds, actions, thoughts and works. It also relates to the cosmic balance of cause and effect, wherein the life of a person is influenced by his deeds. Karma basically is known as the cycle in which one reaps one sows. But aside from the Golden Rule where Karma is cause and…

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Gaining Courage and the Three Kinds of Courage You Need Through Life

By StormJewel | May 11, 2016

What is fear? Fear is the most basic of human emotions. When we first came into this planet, man was filled with fear. We were fearful because we wanted to survive. But what is courage? Courage is the direct opposite of fear. It is the ability to face any situation; whether death, pain or everyday…

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Is Social Media Stressing You Out?

By StormJewel | Apr 20, 2016

Social Media is one of the greatest and most popular and not to mention most useful inventions of our time. It is a tool where we can see and be seen by others. It is a simple and inexpensive way to connect to others even if they live miles and miles away. It is something…

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Spend Time with Family and Be Happy

By StormJewel | Apr 19, 2016

Do you still remember when you were a child and you went to McDonald’s with your mum and dad on a Sunday and you were so happy just eating your fries and burger? It was not anything special now but it was because you were able to just have fun and spend time with your…

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Live, Let Go and How to Become Less of a Control Freak

By StormJewel | Apr 18, 2016

By Marie.CC Are you a control freak? Do you get upset, stressed or agitated when things don’t go as planned? Have you ever tried to let go and just enjoyed the ride or are you too uptight to just let go? Good news, letting go can allow you to feel peace and happiness. Letting go…

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