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The Power of Daydreaming

By StormJewel | Apr 13, 2016

Do you remember when you were a child and you get lost in your make believe world. You’d spend hours playing with your make believe friends. You would go on fun adventures without leaving your house? Do you remember your celebrity crush when you were a teen and how you daydreamed about him or her…

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The Art of Plan B

By StormJewel | Apr 11, 2016

I have always heard saying and quotes about always living in the moment. I have seen memes that say that you should travel now and work out the money later. But in my head I have always thought about having a decent back up plan. A good PLAN B; something to back you up when…

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7 Simple Ways to Cleanse Your 7 Chakras

By StormJewel | Apr 11, 2016

We have seven chakras in our bodies lined up from the base of our spine to the top of our heads. These seven chakras are seven fields of energy that govern our mind and body. When a chakra is blocked it causes imbalance, diseases and pain. By cleansing the chakras, we invite a smooth flow…

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Art Therapy – How Can Art Make You Live a Happier Life

By StormJewel | Mar 17, 2016

Art has always been an avenue for self expression and emotional release since the dawn of time. Artists, for many generations, have used art, music, painting, dance and sculpture to express emotions that no words can ever say. Nowadays, art therapy is widely used as a form of healing both the mind and soul as…

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Always Be Kind – Kindness Begets Kindness

By StormJewel | Mar 15, 2016

The world is cruel and hard but you can change it! You can change the world with a drop of kindness here and there. I have always heard in fairy tales the line saying “Always be kind”. I have often believed this as a child but as I grew older, I had my doubts but…

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How to Enjoy Life Even with Little Money

By StormJewel | Feb 24, 2016

Money makes the world go round or so would many people say. But money is not everything. I know everybody would like to have good fortune and abundance in his or her life but there are times that life does not bless us financially but blesses us with happiness from the people around us. Having…

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15 Sure Fire Ways to Boost Your Energy Instantly and Brighten Your Day

By StormJewel | Feb 22, 2016

Being full of energy allows you to live life to the fullest. But sometimes you feel like a drained out cell phone, weak and dreary. What you need is an instant lift in order to wake up your senses and perform better. But downing energy drinks on a daily basis can lead to health problems…

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Do yo feel like you have the calling or duty to heal others?

30 Signs That You Are a Healer

By StormJewel | Feb 21, 2016

By: Marie.CC I was born a healer. As a child I knew that I had the duty to help and assist others even though I was born with a disability. I was born partially blind and I had to use my other senses to live well and access the world. From my childhood I knew…

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I’m Fat and I’m Happy – Being Positively Jolly In Whatever Size You Are!

By StormJewel | Feb 19, 2016

Have you ever felt fat and ugly? Or have you ever felt too skinny? Have you ever felt that you have to change yourself in order for the world to accept and love you? Well you are not alone. Thousands or even millions of men and women have gone through self loathing, starvation, depression, anxiety…

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